Acer Swift 3 vs Asus Vivobook S14 2020

This Acer Swift 3 vs Asus Vivobook S14 2020 comparison will help you to decide which laptop is the best for you.

The Acer Swift 3 and Asus Vivobook S14 2020 are the two most popular laptops. These two are one of the top choices among buyers.

Both Acer and Asus launched their respective laptops last year in 2020. It means Swift 3 and Vivobook S14 are new to the market.

It’s good to know that the previous model of both of these laptops were featured in the list of best laptops under 50000.

But how does the latest 2020 model stand? Are they as good as the previous models?

Here is the Acer Swift 3 vs Asus Vivobook S14 2020 comparison that will help you to know the same.

Acer Swift 3 vs Asus Vivobook S14 2020: Specifications

Before moving to the real-life comparison, let’s take a look at the main specifications of both of these laptops.

Display13 inch FHD
• 1920 x 1080
• 60Hz
• Anti-glare
14 inch FHD
• 1920 x 1080
• 60Hz
• Anti-glare
• sRGB: 100%
ProcessorIntel Core i5 11th Gen- 1135G7
• 10 nm SuperFin
• Base Freq: 2.4 GHz
• Max Freq: 4.20 GHz
Intel Core i5 11th Gen- 1135G7
• 10 nm SuperFin
• Base Freq: 2.4 GHz
• Max Freq: 4.20 GHz
• 4 Cores
• 8 Threads
• 4 Cores
• 8 Threads
Storage512GB NMVe SSD512GB NVMe SSD
(Expandable Storage)
• 32GB Optane memory
OSWindows 10 HomeWindows 10 Home
Graphics CardIntegrated Intel IRIS XeIntegrated Intel IRIS Xe
Ports1 HDMI,
2 USB 3.0,
Type-C Thunderbolt 4,
Audio-combo jack
2 USB 3.0,
1 USB 3.2,
Type-C Thunderbolt 4 with Power Delivery,
Micro SD card reader,
Audio-combo jack
Battery45 Watt Hours Li-ion50 Watt Hours Li-ion
ConnectivityWifi 6,
HD Webcam
Wifi 6,
Bluetooth 5.0,
HD Webcam
Warranty1 year International Travelers warranty1 year manufacturer warranty
Others82.73% screen-to-body ratio,
Fingerprint scanner,
Backlight keyboard,
Fast charging
DTS Audio
85% screen-to-body ratio,
Fingerprint scanner,
Backlight keyboard,
Fast charging,
Harman/kardon Audio,
MS Office Home and Student 2019
Weight1 kg 190 g1 kg 400 g
PriceCheck Latest PriceCheck Latest Price

It seems like there is very tough competition between these two.

For the price, both the laptops are absolutely top-notch in the specifications department, and both are a looker.

But wait, 

You can’t buy both of these. You have to pick only one laptop.

To make it easier for you, here is the full Acer Swift 3 vs Asus Vivobook S14 2020 comparison.

Acer Swift 3 vs Asus Vivobook S14 2020

Now we aren’t going to only talk about the specs because we have already done that. What we are going to talk about is the real-life experience, and how these laptops perform in daily life.

Design & Build Quality

Acer Swift 3 vs Asus Vivobook S14 2020 Design
Acer Swift 3Asus Vivobook S14
• When you see the Swift 3 for the first time, you will be amazed to see the thin side bezels. The laptop looks so stylish and futuristic.• The Vivobook S14 also looks gorgeous. The bezels are slimmer, but the top bezel is not as slim as Swift 3.
• The moment you pick up the Swift 3, you will feel how light it is. It truly has the characteristics of an Ultrabook.• Vivobook S14 isn’t far behind. Yes, it is 210 grams heavier, but the weight is well spread, and you will feel how good it is to hold.  
• The solid Aluminium build gives it an assuring feel. The laptop feels expensive, and the overall build is solid.• The same can be said here. Vivobook S14 is also made of solid Aluminium, giving it a premium feel.
• However, the trackpad is made of Aluminum with a matte finish on it. Glass trackpad gives a more premium feel, to be honest.• The trackpad on Vivobook S14 is made of glass, and hence, it feels more premium to touch.
• The fingerprint scanner is located on the right side, below the keyboard.• Here, the fingerprint scanner is located in the top-right corner of the trackpad itself.

In terms of design and build quality, both the laptops are neck-to-neck. It’s really hard to pick a winner here. But, Vivobook S14 has a glass trackpad which gives a slight edge.

Winner: Asus Vivobook S14


Acer Swift 3 vs Asus Vivobook S14 2020 Display
Acer Swift 3Asus Vivobook S14
• The display is something that we interact with the most. Swift 3’s 13-inch display looks good because of the thin bezels.• Vivobook S14’s display also looks great because it also has thinner bezels.
• Now coming to the display quality, when you look at the display for the first time, the colors might seem a little washed out.• S14’s display quality is great by default. It may not be perfectly color accurate, but it’s better than the competition.
• Once you slightly tweak the display in the settings, you’re looking at a great punchy display now.• Because this display is mostly color accurate, you don’t need to play the settings.
• The 300 nits of peak brightness makes this display easily usable outdoors.• At 250 nits, the S14’s display isn’t as bright as Swift 3, but it’s not bad either. It’s great indoors and usable outdoors.

For a general user, both the displays are pleasing. Watching movies, consuming content, writing, and reading is great on both.

But, if you are a professional who needs a perfect color-accurate display, then you might need to look somewhere else.

Winner: Tie

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Acer Swift 3 vs Asus Vivobook S14 2020 Performace
Acer Swift 3Asus Vivobook S14
• The intel i5 11th Gen processor is significantly faster than the 10th Gen.• Even the S14 also comes with the latest i5 11th Gen processor.
• The 8GB RAM combined with 512GB SSD makes this laptop blazing fast.8GB RAM and 512GB SSD are common at this price. It’s one of the fastest combinations.
• You can’t upgrade the RAM which is definitely a con. You can’t upgrade RAM in the future.• On Vivobook S14, you can upgrade the RAM, which makes S14 future-proof.
• This time around, Intel offers a much powerful Integrated graphics card. The Intel IRIS Xe graphics card is way more capable than the previous gen.• The same Intel IRIS Xe graphics card is available here. The light graphics-intensive tasks are no longer a pain on Intel.
• If you want the Ryzen variant, then you may need to look for another Acer laptop, but the laptop specs might get changed.• If you want the exact same model with a Ryzen processor, then you have that option here. S14 comes with a Ryzen 7 4700U processor. This is even more powerful than Intel i5 11th Gen.

The integrated graphics card is used to the weakest point of Intel processors. But this time, Intel has integrated a powerful GPU.

The processor itself is significantly faster than the previous 10th gen. Both the laptops perform great on day-to-day tasks.

Winner: Tie

Connectivity and I/O Ports

Acer Swift 3 vs Asus Vivobook S14 2020 Ports
Acer Swift 3Asus Vivobook S14
• The Latest Wi-Fi 6 is three times faster than the Wi-Fi 5. The Bluetooth 5.0 can connect multiple devices at the same time.• Both the Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth 5.0 are also available on S14. You can connect your multiple Bluetooth earphones to this laptop.
• The most important port is the Type-C Thunderbolt 4. This port can transfer the data at a whopping speed of 40Gb/s.• S14 also has the same port, which means you can connect two 4k displays, one 8k display to this laptop.
• All the useful ports are available on Swift 3.• Vivobook S14 has even more I/O ports. It means S14 offers more convenience to users.
• The lack of an SD card reader makes you rely on data cables.• Because of the Micro SD card reader on S14, you can simply transfer the data without any cable.
• The ports are less on Swift 3, and you can’t charge the laptop using the Type-C port.• There is no lack of ports on Vivobook S14. You can even charge the laptop using the Type-C port because it comes with power delivery.

Swift 3 comes with all the necessary ports, but the Vivobook S14 offers more I/O ports makes it an easy to use laptop.

Winner: Asus Vivobook S14


Acer Swift 3Asus Vivobook S14
• The 45 Whr battery is claimed to last for 12 hours.• The 50 Whr battery on Vivobook S14 is claimed to last for 12 hours.
• In real life, you can expect this battery to last for 6-7 hours on regular use. But if you do graphics-intensive tasks, you can expect it to last for 4-5 hours.• 7-8 hours of regular usage can be easily achieved here. On heavy usage, you can expect this laptop to last for 5-6 hours.
• It’s a full day laptop, but on very heavy use, you might need to charge it twice a day.• S14 is also a full day laptop, either it’s on medium use or heavy.
• There is no information available about the fast charging on Swift 3.• S14 comes with fast charging. 60% of the battery can be filled in 49 minutes.

No matter how many features a laptop comes with. If it doesn’t last long on a single charge, then what’s the point of offering those features.

Both the laptops offer good battery life, but Vivobook S14 is ahead of the Swift 3. It also has the advantage of fast charging.

Winner: Asus Vivobook S14


Acer Swift 3Asus Vivobook S14
• DTS audio is supposed to give a better audio experience.• The Vivobook S14 comes with Harman/Kardon speakers.
• But to be honest, the speakers on Swift 3 are average. These speakers are adequately loud, but not as loud as S14.• These speakers are loud and full of bass. Overall, S14 sounds way better than Swift 3.
• These speakers are loud enough in a single room, but the volume might need to be full all the time.• You will be more than satisfied with the volume at 80%.

Laptop audio plays an important role because you can’t use external audio devices all the time.

But to be honest, most of the laptops don’t sound better, even the expensive ones also. The same can be said here. But overall, S14 speakers are better than Swift 3.   

Winner: Asus Vivobook S14

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Value For Money

So far, we have covered almost all the features. You can’t deny that both Acer Swift 3 and Asus Vivobook S14 2020 are feature-packed laptops.

But, what about the value of money? Do these laptops justify the price tag they come with?

The answer is Yes, both the laptops are value for money.


Asus Vivobook 14 has some advantages over the Swift 3. RAM is upgradeable, the design is a tad better, and the battery life is also more.

In our testing, the Asus Vivobook offers more value for the asking price.

Winner: Asus Vivobook S14

Pros and Cons

No laptop is perfect, and Swift 3 and Vivobook S14 are no different. So here are the pros and cons of both of these laptops.

Pros and Cons of Acer Swift 3 2020

  • Great Design
  • Excellent Build Quality
  • Lightweight
  • Faster SSD
  • Nice Display
  • Latest and Powerful Processor
  • Thunderbolt 4
  • The Sound quality could have been better
  • Battery life could have been improved

Pros and Cons of Asus Vivobook S14 2020

  • Eye-Catching Design
  • Solid Build Quality
  • Lightweight
  • Decent RAM and Fast Storage
  • Color accurate Display
  • Latest and Powerful Processor
  • Good Battery life
  • Thunderbolt 4
  • Decent Sound Quality
  • Upgradeable RAM and Storage
  • Pre-Installed MS-Office 2019
  • Great Value For Money
  • Top and bottom bezels are a bit larger

Final Winner: Acer Swift 3 vs Asus Vivobook S14 2020

No doubt both the laptops are great, and both offer great value.

But, if we had to pick one, we would have gone for the Asus Vivobook S14. It’s an absolute bang for your bucks laptop.

On the other hand,

Acer Swift 3 is also one of the best in this segment, but it can’t beat the Asus Vivobook S14.

The final winner of this tough comparison is the Asus Vivobook S14.

Now the choice is yours.

So this was the Acer Swift 3 vs Asus Vivobook S14 2020 comparison. 

We hope this comparison helped you to choose the right laptop for you.

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If you still have any questions, feel free to ask us. We would love to help you choose the right laptop.

At last, if you have found this information helpful, then consider sharing it with others.

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