Are Bluetooth Speakers Worth It in India

Have you ever noticed that wired speakers are losing popularity and Bluetooth speakers are replacing them?

Yes, wired speakers are easily available even today, but with time, more and more people are shifting to wireless speakers.

One might think there is a signal loss in Bluetooth, which deteriorates the audio quality. But is it true?

Are Bluetooth speakers worth it? Do they sound as good as wired ones? Let’s find it out.

Are portable speakers and Bluetooth speakers the same?

In general, Bluetooth speakers are portable speakers that anyone can carry easily. So you can say that both are the same.

However, you should know that not every Bluetooth speaker is portable.

For example, a wireless home theater system is also a Bluetooth speaker, but you can’t carry it around. A wireless party speaker is also a Bluetooth speaker, but you can hold it in your hands and go for a walk.

So when we use the term “Bluetooth speaker,” that means we are talking about a portable Bluetooth speaker. You can use exact names like wireless home theater, soundbar, or party speaker, to end the confusion.

Do Bluetooth speakers sound as good as wired?

Bluetooth vs Wired Speakers

When your phone is connected to a speaker using Bluetooth, the data converts into waves on your phone, and then these waves are converted back into data on the speaker.

This conversion of data results in signal loss. But how much?

Usually, the signal loss is minimal, but it also depends on the quality of the Bluetooth decoder used by brands. An inferior decoder means reduced audio quality.

That’s the reason why some Bluetooth speakers sound louder and fuller with AUX cable and are noticeably inferior on Bluetooth.

But don’t worry. Nowadays, most well-known brands use good quality components on all speakers, no matter how inexpensive the speakers are.

So the signal loss is minimum, and you will hardly notice any loss in quality. Based on that, Bluetooth speakers have gotten better with time, and now, we can say that Bluetooth speakers are as good as wired ones.

Are Bluetooth speakers worth it?

If you know what you are buying, then there is no doubt that Bluetooth speakers are worth it.

Let’s assume you have a budget of Rs 3000. Now you want a speaker you can carry anywhere by holding it in your hands or putting it in a bag. What will you buy? Obviously, a portable Bluetooth speaker.

However, if you want a speaker for your home that you can connect to a TV, phone, or laptop, then what would you buy? Surely a home theater system, tower speaker, or soundbar.

Those who prefer home theater always think portable Bluetooth speakers are a waste of money because these speakers don’t sound as loud as home theaters. Also, the bass is earth-shattering on home theater, whereas it’s just decent on portable speakers.

We admit that portable speakers have small drivers, and they can’t beat home theaters in the bass, but the person who buys a portable BT speaker knows his needs well.

He knows well what to expect from a Bluetooth speaker and what not.

So as long as you know your needs and have the right expectations, the portable Bluetooth speakers are absolutely worth it.

And don’t worry about the audio quality. If you choose wisely, a Bluetooth speaker will leave you impressed with the sound quality. You can check these Bluetooth speakers under 1500 as they sound really good.

Are expensive Bluetooth speakers worth it?

Are expensive Bluetooth speakers worth it

Now, this could be a question of debate. If a BT speaker is worth buying, that doesn’t mean you should spend 50000 on such speakers.

If you are a casual listener, and all you care about is enjoying the music, then don’t spend more than 5000 on a portable Bluetooth speaker. By the way, these JBL Bluetooth speakers are the best under 5000.

However, if you are an audiophile and deeply care about every frequency, only then you should get expensive BT speakers.

Do expensive Bluetooth speakers sound good? Absolutely yes. Speakers like Harman Kardon Onyx 7 and JBL Xtreme 2 sound amazing. These are the best Bluetooth speakers under 20000 that deliver premium sound quality.

So yes, the expensive Bluetooth speakers are also worth it if you are fond of crystal clear and detailed audio quality.

How much to spend on a Bluetooth speaker?

It totally depends on your needs and how much you are willing to pay.

For a portable BT speaker, you should spend at least Rs 1000, and your budget can go as high as 20000 or even more. Premium speakers like JBL BoomBox cost around 30k. But it depends on you whether you need to spend that much money.

For a good quality party speaker, you should spend anywhere between 7000 to 15000. Which party speaker should you buy in this price range? You can check these options.

For a tower speaker, you can spend Rs 3000-10000. In this price range, you will get a tower speaker with impressive bass and clear sound quality. You can also check these tower speakers.

Do people still use wired speakers?

Yes, a lot of people use wired speakers, and there is nothing wrong with that.

Bluetooth speakers have become as good as wired ones, but still, wired speakers have an upper hand because of the lossless audio.

For a proper Hi-Fi audio experience, no Bluetooth speaker can beat the wired speaker.

So if you are also interested in wired speakers, you can go for that without worrying.

Do Bluetooth speakers lose sound quality?

Yes, Bluetooth speakers lose sound quality, but if a brand has used a good-quality Bluetooth decoder, then the signal loss will be minimal, and most users won’t even notice the difference.

Companies offer audio codecs like SBC, AAC, or even LDAC. Although companies claim these codecs to be lossless, they are not entirely. There is still some audio loss.

But should you worry about it?

No. Nothing is alarming about it, as most companies use good quality Bluetooth components on their products. So most users won’t be able to tell the difference.

You can also check the Soundbar vs Home Theater comparison.

What are the qualities of a good Bluetooth speaker?

Qualities of a Good Bluetooth speaker
  • A Bluetooth speaker should last at least 5 hours on a single charge so you can use it outside.
  • It should have an IP rating that can protect it from rain, shower, or accidental splashes.
  • The build quality should be sturdy enough to withstand accidental drops.
  • If Bluetooth doesn’t work for any reason, then an AUX port or SD card slot can save the game. So the BT speaker should have these ports or at least an AUX port.
  • The sound quality depends on the speaker you buy and the money spent, but it should support all major codecs.
  • If you care about portability, then the design of these speakers should be small enough to carry anywhere.

These are the most important qualities of a good Bluetooth speaker that you should look at before making any purchase.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Bluetooth speakers

Whenever you buy a Bluetooth speaker, keep a few things in mind.

  • These speakers are easy to carry and operate.
  • These are perfect for a picnic or outdoor parties.
  • Multiple speakers can be paired wirelessly for an enhanced audio experience.
  • Most speakers have an IP rating, and you can use them in a shower or rain.
  • These can be paired with any gadget.
  • You have to charge them every other day.
  • These are expensive compared to wired speakers.
  • Although it’s minimal, there is still signal loss.

Final Verdict

Now you know if a Bluetooth speaker is worth buying or not. Just make sure to buy the right speaker. Otherwise, you may disagree that these speakers are worth buying.

Good Bluetooth speakers are available at every price segment, no matter if your budget is 1000 or 20000. So, choose wisely.

Or you can ask us if you need any help.

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