Best Mechanical Gaming Keyboards under 2000

Mechanical keyboards significantly enhance the typing and gaming experience.

The feedback you get from these keyboards is way more satisfying than a membrane keyboard.

So if you are looking for the best mechanical gaming keyboards under 2000, then here are the best options.

Our Top Recommendations

RankingBest KeyboardsTop Features
1.Cosmic Byte CB-GK-27Metal body, Great Tactile Feedback, RGB Lights
2.HP GK320Blue Switch, RGB, Great for Gaming and Typing
3.Ant Esports MK1200Red Switches, Compact Design, Lightweight
4.Cosmic Byte CB-GK-26Red Switches, Mid-size Design, Great for Typing
5.ZEBRONICS Zeb-Nitro 1Blue Switches, No RGB, Full size Design

These are our top recommended mechanical gaming keyboards under 2000. But how do these keyboards perform in real life? Read further, as we have covered all these keyboards in detail.

Will you get a proper mechanical keyboard under 2000?

In mechanical keyboards, every key has a dedicated switch (Red, Blue, or Brown). Every switch has a structure, which is responsible for the feedback you get.

For a better typing experience, a proper mechanical keyboard uses a complex structure, which eventually increases the cost.

In order to keep the cost as low as possible, companies use simple switches.

So, under 2000, you will get proper mechanical keyboards with Red or Blue switches, but the feedback from these won’t be as satisfactory as expensive keyboards.

However, compared to membrane keyboards, you will get way better tactile feedback.

So don’t worry. You will enjoy typing and gaming on mechanical keyboards under 2000.

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Best Mechanical Gaming Keyboards under 2000

1. Cosmic Byte CB-GK-27

Cosmic Byte CB-GK-27, Best Mechanical Gaming Keyboards under 2000

Main Highlights

⦿ Full Size Keyboard with numeric pad
⦿ Plug & Play (No software required)
⦿ Rainbow RGB Lights, 20 Backlit Effects
⦿ Compatible with Windows & Mac
⦿ Red and Blue Switches, Aluminum body, Double-shot Color Keycaps, 6 keys anti ghost, Swappable keys
⦿ 670 gram, 1 year warranty
⦿ Check Best Price

Cosmic Byte has launched so many mechanical gaming keyboards under 2000, but we think CB-GK-27 is the best all-rounder keyboard.

How? Here are a few reasons.

  • First, it’s a full-size keyboard (104 Keys) with a number pad and multimedia keys. So if you need a full-size keyboard, this is a great option to consider.
  • CB-GK-27 is available in both Red and Blue switches. You can pick the Red switches to get good tactile feedback with no sound or the Blue switches to get good feedback with clicky sound. So the choice is yours.
  • This keyboard comes with 20 backlit effects and 8 game modes.

Along with these features, there are a few more things that make this keyboard interesting.

In the box, you get a key puller and a switch puller. These can be used to pull not only the key but also switches.

It means you can entirely change the keys from Blue to Red or vice versa.

Now coming to the typing experience, this is where the CB-GK-27 shines.

The keys require a little extra force to press compared to a membrane keyboard, and you get satisfying feedback in return.

You also get a satisfying tactile sound from the Blue switches, and the Red switches are mostly quiet.

For your reference, Red switches are quiet and good for faster typing. So if you type a lot, then you can prefer Red switches.

But overall, the typing experience is great on both Red and Blue switches.

For gaming, you get a 6-key anti-ghosting and 1000Hz polling rate. So this keyboard is ideal for gaming, too.

The build quality is impressive, as the whole body is made of metal. The keyboard has some heft which gives it a premium feel.

Verdict: For the price, the Cosmic Byte CB-GK-27 delivers a lot. It’s a great mechanical keyboard for gaming and typing.

Pros and Cons

  • Excellent build quality
  • Full-size keyboard
  • Good feedback from keys
  • Good for typing and gaming
  • Great looking RGB lights
  • Offer a good set of features
  • Swappable keys
  • You can’t change RGB lights, as they are fixed
  • In a few units, some keys are not glowing

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2. HP GK320

HP GK320

Main Highlights

⦿ Full Size Keyboard with numeric pad
⦿ Plug & Play (No software required)
⦿ Rainbow RGB Lights
⦿ Compatible with Windows & Mac
⦿ Blue Switches, Plastic body, Double Injection Keycaps, 6 keys anti ghost
⦿ 870 gram, 3 years warranty
⦿ Check Best Price

If you have a tight budget and want a good mechanical keyboard from a reputed brand, the HP GK320 could be the best option.

It’s a great keyboard overall but misses out on some features here and there.

However, there is a lot to like about this keyboard.

First, it’s a bezel-less keyboard. The keys go all the way to the corners and look attractive.

Some users might not like this design because there is no wrist pad to rest your hand. But in general, you will find the keys easily accessible.

Gaming on this keyboard is a joyful experience. The given Blue switches give the right amount of feedback on key presses.

As expected from Blue Switches, you get that satisfying typing sound. Anyone coming from a membrane keyboard might not like this sound at first, but with time, he will start liking it.

Overall, it’s an ideal keyboard for both typing and gaming.

For better gaming, the keyboard comes with the N key and 6 keys anti-ghost.

One area where this keyboard slightly lacks behind is the build quality.

Don’t get it wrong. The build quality is good, but it’s not as sturdy as the competition because the whole body is made of plastic.

But the added heft goes in favor of the keyboard, and the keyboard doesn’t feel cheap.

The RGB lights look great, but the rainbow lights are fixed. You get different RGB effects, but you can change the backlit of keys.

Verdict: The HP GK320 is a value-for-money keyboard. If you don’t want to spend much, then it’s a great mechanical gaming keyboard for around 1500.

Pros and Cons

  • Good build quality
  • Attractive design
  • Full-size keyboard
  • Great typing and gaming experience
  • Great looking RGB lights
  • A value for money keyboard
  • Fixed RGB lights

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3. Ant Esports MK1200 Mini

Ant Esports MK1200

Main Highlights

⦿ Compact Size (60%) Keyboard without numeric pad
⦿ Plug & Play (No software required), Wired
⦿ Rainbow RGB Lights with 17 Backlit modes and 4 brightness levels
⦿ Compatible with Windows & Mac, Xbox, PlayStation
⦿ Red Switches, Plastic body, Full ghosting, USB to Type-C braided cable
⦿ 390 gram, 1 year warranty
⦿ Check Best Price

Why should you buy the Ant Esports MK1200 Mini?

  • It’s a compact 60% keyboard. So if you have limited space, this keyboard will fit perfectly. However, you have to compromise on the number pad.
  • It’s a Red Switch Keyboard, which is ideal for those who type a lot and don’t like that clicky sound. It’s mostly quiet and increases typing speed.
  • This keyboard is super lightweight and weighs only 390 grams. So if you ever need to carry it, you can do so.

These are the primary reasons to get Ant Esports MK1200 Mini, but there is more you will get.

Typing on this keyboard is a joyful experience. Note that the keys don’t require a lot of force to press. It means you can type fast and comfortably.

However, the space key rattles and makes a springy sound, which is a sign of being a budget mechanical keyboard.

Note that the cable provided in the box is a detachable USB Type-C, but you need to keep it connected all the time, as it’s not a wireless keyboard.

The rainbow effect of RGB lights looks appealing, especially in the dark. There are 17 backlit modes along with 4 brightness levels.

But the backlit is fixed, and you can’t change the backlit color of the keys.

The keyboard is made of plastic but feels good and sturdy.

As said earlier, it’s one of the lightest keyboards, which makes it portable.

Verdict: If you prefer a compact-size keyboard, then the Ant Esports MK1200 Mini is an excellent keyboard on a budget. It delivers very satisfactory feedback while typing and gaming.

Pros and Cons

  • Good build quality
  • Professional looking design
  • Compact keyboard
  • Gives tactile feedback while typing and gaming
  • Great looking RGB lights
  • Offer a good set of features
  • Braided Type-C cable
  • You can’t change backlit colors

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4. Cosmic Byte CB-GK-26

Cosmic Byte CB-GK-26

Main Highlights

⦿ 70% Keyboard layout without numeric pad
⦿ Plug & Play (No software required), Wired
⦿ Rainbow RGB Lights with 20 Backlit effects and 8 Game modes
⦿ Compatible with Windows and Mac OS
⦿ Red Key Switches, Plastic body, All key anti-ghosting, 1000Hz Polling rate
⦿ 565 gram, 1 year warranty
⦿ Check Best Price

The Cosmic Byte CB-GK-26 is our favorite mechanical keyboard under 2000. You can get it for around Rs 1600, which makes it an even better deal.

What’s so special about this keyboard?

  • First, it’s a 70% keyboard, which means it has a dedicated arrow and page up/down keys. It’s a mid-size keyboard that fits perfectly on the table.
  • It has Red Switches, which are extremely comfortable for typing. These keys are genuinely silent and don’t make much noise.
  • The keys and switches are swappable. But note that the switches are only compatible with Outemu switches.

Along with these features, you get a lot of other stuff.

For instance, the RGB looks great, and there are 20 backlit effects with 8 gaming modes.

You also get all key anti-ghosting and 1000Hz polling rates for a better gaming experience.

Typing on this keyboard is a joyful experience.

You can’t compare it to premium keyboards, but for the price, you will get a good experience.

You won’t need to press the keys hard, and you get very satisfying feedback from them.

As this keyboard has Red Switches, the keys sound is minimal and won’t bother you while typing or gaming. It’s safe to say that the keys are mostly silent.

Overall, you get a satisfying experience in both typing and gaming.

Verdict: The Cosmic Byte CB-GK-26 is a value-for-money keyboard. Its typing and gaming experience makes it one of the best mechanical gaming keyboards under 2000.

Pros and Cons

  • Solid build quality
  • Mid-size keyboard
  • Great typing and gaming experience
  • Ideal for silent typing
  • RGB lights look great
  • Swappable keys
  • A value for money keyboard
  • Here too, you can’t change the backlit colors of keys

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5. ZEBRONICS Zeb-Nitro 1


Main Highlights

⦿ Full-size Keyboard with numeric pad
⦿ Plug & Play (No software required), Wired
⦿ Blue Key Switches, N-Key Rollover
⦿ Compatible with Windows and Mac OS
⦿ Plastic body, 1000Hz Polling rate
⦿ 1 kg, 1 year warranty
⦿ Check Best Price

Every mechanical gaming keyboard doesn’t have to have RGB lights. Some users find RGB lights nonsense.

For those users, the ZEBRONICS Zeb-Nitro 1 is a great option.

Using this keyboard in the dark will be difficult, as there are no lights, but if you use your laptop or PC in good lighting conditions, there is no need to worry.

The one who will buy this keyboard should already know his working lighting conditions.

Talking about working, you get tactile feedback with a clicky sound, which is expected from Blue switches keys.

The key’s feedback is not as good as the one you get on premium keyboards, but considering the price, it’s just perfect.

You will like playing games and typing on this keyboard.

One area where this keyboard could have done better is the build quality.

The whole body is made of plastic, which doesn’t feel that premium. We were not expecting this from ZEBRONICS because their budget gaming keyboards under 1000 do offer metal build.

For gaming, this keyboard has N-Key Rollover, which can detect each key correctly when multiple keys are pressed together.

This feature comes in handy when you play games and need to press multiple keys together.

Other than that, there is no such gaming feature on this keyboard.

One thing we would like to mention is that it has a wrist pad attached to it. You can rest your wrist while typing, and it will increase your typing speed.

Verdict: The ZEBRONICS Zeb-Nitro 1 might not have the best build quality or RGB lights, but its typing experience is so satisfying that we couldn’t resist recommending this keyboard for under 2000.

Pros and Cons

  • Good design
  • Full-size keyboard
  • Great for typing and gaming
  • Satisfying feedback from keys
  • Braided cable
  • A value for money keyboard
  • You can’t use it in the dark, as there are no RGB lights
  • The build quality is just decent

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Honorable Mention

We would also like to mention the Cosmic Byte CB-GK-21. Its price might exceed Rs 2000 mark, but when it’s available for under 2000, then get it.

It’s a proper RGB keyboard that comes with a lot of customization through software.

Not only the RGB lights but the typing and gaming experience is also a delightful experience, all thanks to Outemu Blue Switches.

It’s a compact keyboard that will fit on any desk easily.

Overall, if you want a very customizable keyboard with great tactile feedback and sound, then you can simply go for the Cosmic Byte CB-GK-21.

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Final Verdict

These are the best mechanical gaming keyboards under 2000, but which one should you buy?

To be honest, you can buy any of the mentioned keyboards, as they are all great and worth buying.

Still, if we had to recommend one, then we would suggest the Cosmic Byte CB-GK-27. It’s an excellent keyboard for gaming and typing and has all the features.

Our second recommendation would be the Cosmic Byte CB-GK-26. It’s also as good as the GK-27 but has a slightly smaller design.

These are the best options, but you can’t overlook other keyboards.

All are worth buying and you can buy anyone you like.

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So, which are the best gaming keyboards under 2000? We are sure you know the answer now.

If you still have any doubts, feel free to ask us.

Do you agree or disagree with this list? Do share your thoughts.

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