Best mic under 1000

Audio is the soul of any video or podcast. If it isn’t clear and properly audible, it becomes impossible to retain users.

Even if you want to sing, you need a good-quality mic to deliver your best performance.

As anyone getting started, he can’t spend a hefty amount on a mic. So if you are also tight on budget, here are the best mic under 1000 that deliver clear audio output for the price.

You can use these mics for YouTube videos or singing.

Our Top Recommendations

RankingBest MicTop Features
1.Boya BY-M1Omni-directional, 74dB Noise, Loud and clear audio output
2.JBL Commercial CSLM20BOmni-directional, Ideal for Voice over/Dubbing, Recording
3.MAONO AU-100Omni-directional, -32dB+/-3dB, Louder audio output
4.BLACKPOOL K8Wireless mic, Good for outdoor recording
5.AHUJA Aud54Wired Karaoke mic, Best for singing

These are our top recommended mics under 1000. But how do these mics perform while recording videos or singing? Read further, as we have covered all these mics in detail.

Types of Mic under 1000

We are not talking about omnidirectional, single-channel, or dual-channel mics. We are talking about the mics dedicated to serving a particular purpose, like singing, Vlogging, or podcasting.

  • Collar mics are wired ones and are very common. To start recording, you need to connect the mic to your phone/camera/laptop and attach the mic to your collar.
  • Handheld mics are commonly used for singing at family parties or small gatherings. These are Karaoke-ready mics that work with external speakers.
  • Wireless mics are similar to collar mics but without a wire. It comes with two units, a mic, and a receiver. To use it, you have to connect the receiver to your phone and attach the mic to your collar or shirt.

These are the common types of mics you will get under 1000.

What kind of audio output should you expect?

For Rs 1000, you will get entry-level mics. So you should not expect a crystal clear audio output.

A mic under 1000 delivers a decent audio output. The depth and bass from the audio will be missing, but still, you can record noise-free audio.

As most mics are omnidirectional, they pick up sound from every direction. So outdoor audio recording will pick up traffic or wind noise.

If you use it in a silent environment, then these mics can record surprisingly good voice quality.

After testing various mics, we have found that the wired collar mics record the best audio.

Best Mic under 1000

1. Boya BY-M1

Boya-BYM1-Mic, Best Mic under 1000

Main Highlights

⦿ Omni-directional Polar Pattern
⦿ 65Hz-18KHz Frequency Response
⦿ 74dB or more Signal/Noise
⦿ 1000Ω or less Output Impedance
⦿ LR44 Battery Required
⦿ 6 meter (19.68 Feet) cable
⦿ Microphone: 2.5g, Power Module: 18g
⦿ Best for Video Recording, Podcast, Audio Recording, Presentations
⦿ Check Best Price

We have been using the BOYA BY M1 for more than a year, and we have to say that it’s the best mic under 1000.

It’s compatible with smartphones, laptops, tablets, PC, or camcorders.

The good thing is that you don’t have to install a battery when using it with a smartphone or laptop. Batteries are required with DSLR or camcorder only.

The audio output is great for the price. Yes, it picks up surround noise to some extent, but the final output turns out to be louder and more audible.

We highly recommend you go through the Boya BY-M1 review to check the audio samples of this mic.

In our review, we used this mic in semi-noisy conditions, and you can hear the traffic noise there. We advise you to keep the mic closer to the source when recording in a noisy environment.

But as long as you move to a quiet environment, this mic does a pretty good job of recording audio. The noise gets reduced to the minimum, and the vocals of your voice get clear and enhanced. So it’s recommended to use this mic indoors.

It comes with a 6-meter-long wire, which makes it accessible from anywhere in the room. But managing such a long wire is not that easy. Also, the wire quality is average.

Now, who should get this mic?

  • It’s for you if you record YouTube videos.
  • It’s an ideal option for interviewing anyone.
  • If you want to record your voice while singing, then you can go for this. Note that we are not talking about Karaoke here.

Verdict: BOYA BY M1 delivers incredible value. Considering its price, we don’t have much to complain about. It’s the best mic under 1000. 

Pros and Cons

  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Easy to use with any device
  • Excellent audio recording for the price
  • Clear audio output
  • Compatible with most devices
  • 6 meter long cable comes in handy in many situations
  • Cable quality is above average
  • The mic picks up noise in a very noisy environment

2. JBL Commercial CSLM20B

JBL Commercial CSLM20B, Best Mic under 1000

Main Highlights

⦿ Omni-directional Polar Pattern
⦿ 60Hz-18KHz Frequency Response
⦿ -30dB±3dB Sensitivity, 2.2 K Ohms Output Impedance
⦿ LR44 Battery Required
⦿ 6 meter (19.68 Feet) cable
⦿ Best for Video Recording, Podcast, Audio Recording, Dubbing
⦿ Check Best Price

Boya BY-M1 has been the number one contender for years, and to compete with this mic, JBL has launched the Commercial CSLM20B.

First, JBL Commercial CSLM20B is around 100 to 150 Rupees more expensive than the Boya M1.

So what do you get for that extra money?

To be honest, nothing much. JBL CSLM20B looks and feels exactly like the Boya M1. Even if you take a closer look, you won’t be able to find any noticeable difference between the two.

However, the wire quality is slightly better on the JBL mic, but the difference is not significant.

In all the remaining parts, both these mics are similar, even in the audio quality.

When analyzing the audio output, we noticed that the JBL mic also records good-quality audio. In a harsh environment, it captures noise, but in a silent environment, it captures clear vocals.

Like Boya M1, the depth and bass are missing, but the vocals are clear. We advise you to place this mic near the audio source to capture clear and louder audio.

Overall, we are satisfied with the audio output. You can’t compare it to expensive mics, but for the price, it does a good job.

It’s ideal for YT videos, audio recording, vlogging, and podcasts.

Now you might wonder why you should buy this if it’s similar to the Boya M1.

Well, slightly better build quality is the only reason to go with the JBL mic. Other than that, there is nothing that separates these mics.

Like JBL, Boya is also a reputed brand, especially in audio mics. But we can’t deny that JBL offers better after-sales service.

Verdict: JBL CSLM20B is a very good mic that captures clear vocals. When used indoors, it can deliver impressive audio output.

Pros and Cons

  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Compatible with any device
  • Great audio recording for the price
  • Clear audio output
  • Good build quality
  • 6 meter long cable comes in handy in many situations
  • The mic picks up noise in a very noisy environment

3. MAONO AU-100


Main Highlights

⦿ Omni-directional Polar Pattern
⦿ 15Hz-18KHz Frequency Response
⦿ -30dB±3dB Sensitivity, 1000 Ohms Output Impedance
⦿ LR44 Battery Required
⦿ 6 meter (19.68 Feet) cable
⦿ Best for Video Recording, Podcast, Audio Recording, Dubbing
⦿ Check Best Price

MAONO AU-100 is another great budget mic under 1000.

Although the working is similar to other lavalier mics, there are some differences here and there.

Starting with the box content, you get two batteries and two clips, whereas the Boya M1 comes with only one clip and one battery.

The rest of the box contents are the same, which include a mic, battery, foam windscreen, 1/4″ adapter, a user manual with a warranty card, and a carrying case.

The design is slightly different here. The main power module is slightly smaller and has a plain design.

What’s worth mentioning is the design of the mic. On Boya M1, the mic vents are upwards only. But on MAONO AU-100, the mic vents are on the top as well as on the side.

It makes a difference in the audio output.

When comparing the audio, we found that MAONO AU-100 captures a slightly louder voice but with more noise. It seems like side vents capture more surround sound, resulting in slightly noisy output.

On the other hand, the Boya M1 slightly compresses the vocals in order to reduce the noise.

You might not notice it until you test these mics side wise.

So overall, the MAONO AU-100 produces good audio output, but the Boya M1 is slightly better.

In other regards like build quality, functioning, connecting, and recording, the MAONO AU-100 is similar to other mics.

Verdict: The MAONO AU-100 is a good mic for sure. The extra clip and battery save some money. Also, the audio output is goodt for the price.

Pros and Cons

  • Lightweight and simple design
  • Compatible with all devices
  • Good audio recording for the price
  • Louder audio output
  • Good build quality
  • Extra battery and clip
  • The mic picks up slightly more noise


BLACKPOOL K8, Best Wireless Mic under 1000

Main Highlights

⦿ Wireless mic
⦿ 44Hz-48KHz Frequency Response
⦿ No Battery Required, Plug and Play
⦿ 20 meter wireless range
⦿ Best for Outdoor Video Recording, Audio Recording
⦿ Check Best Price

Managing a 6-meter wire is not an easy task. It gets even more difficult when shooting outdoors.

That’s why a lot of new content creators want a budget wireless mic. For them, the BLACKPOOL K8 could be a good option.

In the box, you will get:

  • A wireless mic.
  • Type-C to lightning port convertor (for iPhone).
  • A USB type-C receiver.
  • Type-C charging cable to charge the mic. 
  • One Clip.
  • Windproof Net and User Manual.

To start using this mic, you need to plug in the receiver with your phone and press the start button on the mic.

Now, both the mic and receiver will connect automatically, and you can start shooting video or recording audio.

Note that the in build audio or video recorder app in your phone should support an external mic. If it doesn’t, then the mic won’t work, and you have to install a third-party app like Open Camera.

Up on testing the audio output, we noticed that this mic does a pretty good job of canceling the noise. It should do it because it’s made for outdoor usage.

However, the noise reduction is so aggressive that it compresses the overall voice clarity. But as the noise is reduced, the voice turns out to be more audible.

You can’t compare the audio output to other wired mics on this list, but the K8 does a pretty good job.

We advise you to buy this mic if you are planning to shoot outdoors. If you shoot indoors, then other wired mics make more sense.

The K8 comes with 20 meters wireless range, and to our surprise, it remains connected up to 18 meters. No one shoots from such a distance, but still, you have the option. 

Lastly, you have to charge the mic using the Type C cable, and the receiver starts charging automatically when you connect it to the phone.

Verdict: In audio quality, the BLACKPOOL K8 might not compete with other wired mics, but considering it is a wireless mic, it does a good job of recording noise-free audio. It’s an easy recommendation for outdoor usage.

Pros and Cons

  • Lightweight and small design
  • Compatible with all devices, including iPhone
  • Decent audio recording
  • Noise-free audio output
  • Solid wireless range
  • The vocal audio feels compressed
  • The audio clarity is not as good as wired mics

5. AHUJA Aud54

AHUJA Aud54, Best Singing Mic under 1000

Main Highlights

⦿ Handheld Karaoke mic
⦿ 15Hz-15KHz Frequency Response
⦿ 600 Ohms Output Impedance
⦿ No Battery Required
⦿ 3 meter cable
⦿ Best for Karaoke, Singing
⦿ Check Best Price

If you want a mic for recording video or audio, then the aforementioned mics are the best under 1000, and you don’t need to read further.

However, if you are looking for a mic that you can use to sing songs or for karaoke, then the AHUJA Aud54 is a good option for you.

This unit comes with a mic, a 3-meter cable, and a user manual.

Note that this mic works with portable or party speakers having a 6.5mm mic port. To make it work with your phone, you need a 6.5mm to 3.5mm jack converter.

But again, if you want to use it to record audio on your phone, then the other mics make more sense. This one is specially made for singing.

So how does it perform?

Well, the audio quality is above average. When you sing a song using this mic, your voice will feel compressed and have a slight hollow effect.

Your vocals will be clear and audible to others, but the voice will feel a little different from your actual voice.

It’s fine, as the mic costs under 700 INR. For that price, you can’t expect much.

The build quality of the mic and wire is also decent. It also has an On/Off button.

Verdict: If you are looking for the best singing mic under 1000, then the AHUJA Aud54 is a good option. It’s not perfect, but still better than the competition.

Pros and Cons

  • Decent build quality
  • Long wire is useful
  • Decent audio output
  • Audiable vocals
  • Best singing mic under 1000
  • The voice gets changed a little

Final Verdict

So these are the best mics under 1000 for YouTube, singing, or audio recording.

But which one should you buy out of these?

All the mics mentioned here are worth buying, but if you are looking for a lavalier mic under 1000, the Boya BY-M1 is the best option.

It is now aged but is a solid contender that is hard to beat even today. It delivers the best audio output.

If you are looking for the best singing mic, then AHUJA Aud54 is a decent option.

Lastly, if you are planning to record video outdoors and must need a wireless mic, then the BLACKPOOL K8 is the best option to choose for under 1000.

You might also like these best monitors under 15000.

These are the best mics under 1000 for different purposes. If you still have any doubts, then feel free to ask us in the comment section.

Do you agree or disagree with this list, feel free to share your thoughts.

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