Best Monitor under 20000

Do you want to take your work or gaming experience to the next level? You will need a quality monitor for that.

A good quality monitor not only enhances the visual experience but makes you enjoy your work, be it office work, coding, or gaming.

That’s why it’s essential to have a good-quality monitor.

So, to save you time and money, we have listed the best monitors under 20000 for every use.

Our Top Recommendations

RankingBest MonitorsTop Features
1.LG-27QN600QHD 2K HDR10 Display, 75Hz, Amazing Quality
2.Philips 276E9FHD, 124% sRGB, Dual Speakers, Great Colors
3.Lenovo L24Q-35QHD 2K Display, 75Hz, Super Sharp Quality
4.LG Ultragear 69FHD, 144Hz, HDR 10, 99% sRGB, Great For Gaming
5.BenQ MOBIUZFHD, 165Hz, HDR 10, 99% sRGB, Excellent For Gaming and Office
6.Acer Nitro VG270 S0.5ms, 165Hz, HDR 10, 98% sRGB, Ideal For Gaming

These are our top recommended monitors under 20000 for work and gaming. But how do these monitors perform in real life? Read further, as we have covered all these monitors in detail.

What to expect from a monitor under 20000?

The design is phenomenal on all monitors under 20k. The super thin bezels add to the beauty further.

The display quality is impressive on these monitors. You will get up to 2K resolution on office monitors and 165Hz refresh rate on gaming ones.

While working, you will realize how sharp, color accurate, and immersive these monitors are.

The good thing is that you can use an office monitor for gaming and vice versa.

So overall, if you are willing to pay around Rs 20000 for a monitor, you will get a nearly perfect experience.

Now you might wonder, can we get a 4K monitor under 20000?

Unfortunately, No. To get a 4K monitor, you have to spend around 30k.

If you are looking for such high-resolution monitor, then you can check these 4K monitors under 30000.

Best Monitor under 20000

1. LG-27QN600

LG-27QN600, Best Monitor under 20000 for office work

Main Highlights

⦿ 27 inch QHD 2K, HDR 10, Color Calibrated, 350 nits, 99% sRGB
⦿ 75Hz at FHD, 60Hz at 2K, 5ms Response Time
⦿ Flicker Safe, Reader Mode, Blue Light Filter
⦿ AMD Free Sync, Black Stabilizer
⦿ 2 HDMI, Display Port 1.4, 3.5mm Audio Port
⦿ Height Adjustable, Wall Mountable, 3 Years Warranty, 5.72 kg
⦿ Check Best Price

LG has left the Smartphone market, but it is still one of the best electronics companies in the world.

The LG smartphones and TVs were popularly known for their display quality. They used to offer the most immersive visual experience.

It seems like the company wants you to experience the same on their monitors.

The LG-27QN600 is one of the best monitors under 20k that offer a visual treat.

The first thing you will notice is how tiny the bezels are. The screen goes all the way to the edges and offers a nearly bezel-less experience.

However, the bottom bezel is slightly bigger, but it’s not an issue because it’s already thin enough.

The build quality is solid, and the monitor doesn’t feel cheap or anything. You get a plastic build here, but its quality is good, and you get no monitor with the metal build.

Coming to the display quality, this is one of the sharpest monitors under 20k, all thanks to the 2K or QHD resolution. Be it text, images, or videos, everything looks sharp.

It’s a color-calibrated monitor, which means the image you see on your monitor is exactly the same as you see on other monitors. Generally, every image looks different on different monitors, and the color-calibration prevents that. 

The colors you see on this monitor are amazing. They look mostly natural, with a slight uplift in saturation. Once you turn the HDR ON, you will get more contrasty images with better details in the dark.

All of these make the visual experience a treat to the eyes.

However, you should know that it’s an 8-bit panel, not a 10-bit.

Overall, the display is impressive for the price.

Although it’s an office monitor, you can use it for gaming. But it’s obvious that you won’t get high-end gaming features as it’s not a dedicated gaming monitor.

You will get a 75Hz refresh rate, which is enough for casual gaming. The monitor also has gaming features like AMD Free Sync 2 and black stabilizer.

Ports like HDMI, DP 1.4, and an Audio jack are present, so there is nothing to worry about.

Verdict: If you are a programmer or office user, then the LG-27QN600 is the best option under 20k. Along with that, you can use it for casual gaming.

Pros and Cons

  • Eye catchy design
  • Excellent display quality
  • Super sharp display
  • Natural and vivid colors
  • Eye protection features
  • Great viewing angles
  • Good for normal gaming
  • Not ideal for heavy gaming
  • Some units have screen bleeding issues

These best monitors under 15000 are also amazing.

2. Philips 276E9

Philips 276E9

Main Highlights

⦿ 27 inch FHD, Anti-Glare, 250 nits, 124% sRGB, 93% NTSC
⦿ 60Hz Refresh Rate, 5ms Response Time
⦿ Flicker Free, Eye Care Features
⦿ AMD Free Sync
⦿ HDMI, Display Port 1.4, VGA Port, Audio In/Out
⦿ Tilt Adjustable, 3 Years Warranty, 3.33 kg
⦿ Check Best Price

On paper, the Philips 276E9Q doesn’t look anything special.

It has standard FHD resolution with a 60Hz refresh rate. The company hasn’t used any fancy term to advertise the monitor. There is no special feature that makes this monitor stand out.

Then why did we include this monitor on this list?

Well, it’s for the display quality. Although the display doesn’t have special features, its quality is impressive.

It’s an IPS display but feels more than that. The colors are vibrant, punchy, and have depth. The saturation is slightly boosted and looks amazing in real life.

Because of the slightly saturated colors, it looks like an OLED monitor.

Furthermore, the monitor has Smart Image technology that analyzes the content displayed on your screen and gives you optimized display performance.

The sharpness slightly lacks behind the LG’s 2K monitor. But as a standalone monitor, you will find it sharp enough for daily usage.

Doing office work or watching content is a joyful experience on this display.

Talking about entertainment, you get dual 3W speakers, which get loud enough to fill a small room. These speakers are serviceable, and you shouldn’t expect much from them.

It’s not a gaming monitor, but you still get features like AMD Free Sync and 5ms response time.

You can play all games with ease. However, if you are a heavy gamer, you will surely miss the high refresh rate and other gaming-centric features.

It won’t be wrong to say this monitor is for casual gaming only.

HDMI and VGA ports are present for connectivity.

Verdict: The Philips 276E9Q produces excellent colors, thanks to the 93% NTSC and 124% sRGB. It’s an excellent option for office use, coding, and watching content.

Pros and Cons

  • Eye catchy design with slim bezels
  • Impressive display quality
  • Natural and eye-pleasing colors
  • Excellent 124% sRGB and 93% NTSC
  • Eye protection features
  • Great viewing angles
  • Good for normal gaming
  • Decent quality dual speakers
  • Not ideal for heavy gaming

3. Lenovo L24Q-35

Lenovo L24Q-35

Main Highlights

⦿ 23.8 inch QHD 2K, 99% sRGB, 300 nits
⦿ 75Hz Refresh Rate, 4ms Response Time
⦿ Flicker Free, Eye Care Features
⦿ AMD Free Sync
⦿ HDMI, Display Port 1.2, Audio In/Out
⦿ Tilt Adjustable, 3 Years Warranty, 3.9 kg
⦿ Check Best Price

Lenovo is another trustworthy electronics brand that has launched some great products in the Indian market.

The Lenovo L24Q-35 is an excellent choice for professional office users.

You will be impressed by its design. The three-sided narrow bezels give this monitor a premium touch. But note that the monitor is not entirely bezel-less.

It’s a QHD monitor that produces sharp images and text. While doing writing-related stuff, you will notice how sharp the text is. The same applies to images, too.

This monitor produces great colors. They have the right blend of natural and vivid tones. You get slightly boosted colors, but they are not overly saturated. They just look great.

It’s an 8-bit panel, so the color variations are slightly lacking, but it’s not a big issue for most users.

You can do all your professional work on this display, be it coding or editing.

The monitor has eye care features like TUV EyeSafe, and they protect eyes from harmful rays.

It’s a great monitor for work, but can you play games on it?

Yes, you can. Features like 75Hz refresh rate, 4ms response time, and AMD Free Sync enhance the gaming experience.

However, this monitor is not for heavy gaming. So if you are looking for a proper gaming monitor, the next monitor on this list is a much better option.

The overall build quality of the Lenovo L24Q-35 is great, and the monitor isn’t that thick. It weighs only 3.9 kg, which is not heavy to move from one place to another.

Connectivity features like HDMI, DP, and Audio jack are present.

Verdict: The Lenovo L24Q-35 is an excellent monitor for office work. You can also game on it, but you have to deal with some limitations. For office use, it’s one of the best options.

Pros and Cons

  • Premium looking design
  • Impressive display quality with great colors
  • High PPI
  • Everything looks sharp
  • Slightly vivid colors
  • Eye protection features work well
  • Solid viewing angles
  • Ideal for normal gaming
  • Not ideal for heavy gaming
  • No speakers

Are you tight on budget? Then check these Monitors under 7000 & 8000.

4. LG Ultragear 69

LG Ultragear 69, Best Gaming monitor under 20000

Main Highlights

⦿ 27 inch FHD, 99% sRGB, HDR 10, 400 nits
⦿ 144Hz Refresh Rate, 1ms Response Time
⦿ Flicker Free, Eye Care Features
⦿ AMD Free Sync, Black Stabilizer, Dynamic Action Sync, Cross Hair
⦿ Two HDMI Ports, Display Port, Audio In/Out
⦿ Tilt and Height Adjustable, 3 Years Warranty, 6.4 kg
⦿ Check Best Price

The above laptops are not for heavy gaming, so let’s put some light on high-performance gaming laptops.

The LG Ultrgear 69 is an excellent option for heavy gamers.

Moreover, this monitor can also fulfill the requirements of an office user. More on that in a moment, but first, let’s have a look at the gaming features.

The LG Ultragear is a 27-inch monitor, which is on the higher side of the gaming category. On such a big monitor, gaming becomes a treat to the eyes.

Complimenting such a big display are HDR 10, 99% sRGB, and 144Hz refresh rate.

How do all these enhance gaming?

HDR 10 ensures the pictures look realistic, 99% sRGB makes sure that colors look mostly accurate, and 144Hz adds smoothness to everything you do.

All these combined deliver an immersive gaming experience. The games look realistic, and the high refresh rate makes every frame super smooth.

We know 144Hz is not the highest, but for most users, it’s enough.

Gaming features like Black Stabilizer, Dynamic Action Sync, Cross Hair, and AMD Freesync are super convenient.

As said earlier, this monitor can also meet the requirements of office users.

Because of the 99% sRGB and HDR 10, the colors don’t look washed out, which is the case with many gaming monitors. It means you can do all of your professional work, including designing.

Although this monitor is gaming-centric, we don’t suggest you do color grading work on it.

Overall, it’s an impressive monitor for gaming and a good one for office work.

You can tilt and adjust the height according to your sitting position.

Ports like HDMI, DP, and Audio In/Out are present.

Verdict: The LG Ultrgear 69 delivers a smooth and immersive gaming experience. It can be used for office work, too. So it’s perfect for those who do a lot of gaming and some office work.

Pros and Cons

  • Attractive design with slim bezels
  • Impressive display quality for gaming
  • Smooth 144Hz display
  • All the gaming features are present
  • Mostly Natural colors
  • Eye protection features
  • Good viewing angles
  • Great for heavy gaming
  • No speakers


BenQ MOBIUZ, Best gaming monitor under 20000

Main Highlights

⦿ 27 inch FHD, 99% sRGB, HDR 10, 280 nits
⦿ 165Hz Refresh Rate, 1ms Response Time
⦿ Flicker Free, Eye Care Features
⦿ AMD Free Sync, Motion Blur Reduction, HDRi, Light Tuner, Color Vibrance, Black eQualizer
⦿ Two HDMI, Display Port 1.2, Audio In/Out, Dual speakers
⦿ Tilt and Height Adjustable, 39 Months Warranty, 6.2 kg
⦿ Check Best Price

The LG Ultragear is a great monitor, but the BenQ MOBIUZ EX27 is even better.

It has a few extra features that make it even better than an already good LG monitor.

First, the BenQ EX27 has a 165Hz refresh rate display, which is even smoother than the 144Hz.

Everything feels buttery smooth on this display, be it gaming, web browsing, or any other task.

It’s an HDR 10 display with HDRi technology. HDRi enhances the image’s darker region and keeps the brighter parts maintained.

In simple words, HDRi technology makes images brighter and more appealing to the eyes.

The colors have a slightly saturated tone and look great on this display. You will love the overall colors and display quality.

For gaming, it’s a perfect monitor, but it’s also a great option for office users.

The BenQ MOBIUZ EX27 has a customized color profile, which allows you to tweak colors according to your requirements.

You can set these color profiles for different tasks. For instance, you can set one profile for gaming and the other for work. That way, you can do both gaming and office work on this monitor.

You can do high-end gaming, office work, coding, or even designing on this display.

It won’t be wrong to say that it is the most versatile monitor under 20000.

The BenQ MOBIUZ EX27 has dual speakers, but their sound output is pretty average. It’s serviceable, but for a better audio experience, you will need external speakers or earphones.

The monitor is tilt and height adjustable, and you can even mount it on the wall.

You get all the ports like dual HDMI, DP, and Audio I/O.

Verdict: The BenQ MOBIUZ EX27 is a versatile monitor. It’s an excellent option for high-end gaming and great for office work. It’s easily the best gaming monitor under 20000.

Pros and Cons

  • Great design with slim bezels
  • Impressive display quality
  • Great looking colors
  • Good for office use
  • 165Hz high refresh rate
  • All gaming features are present
  • Eye protection features
  • Great viewing angles
  • Dual speakers
  • The speaker’s output could have been better

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6. Acer Nitro VG270S

Acer Nitro VG270 S

Main Highlights

⦿ 27 inch FHD, 98% sRGB, HDR 10
⦿ 165Hz Refresh Rate, 0.5ms Response Time
⦿ Flicker Free, Bluelight Shield, Low Dimming
⦿ AMD Free Sync, Motion Blur Reduction
⦿ Two HDMI, Display Port 1.2a, Audio In/Out, Dual 2W speakers
⦿ Tilt and Height Adjustable, 3 Years Warranty, 5.6 kg
⦿ Check Best Price

Acer Nitro VG270 S is another excellent gaming monitor that you can buy.

No, it doesn’t have anything extra, but what it has is already impressive.

The display quality is great, and the colors look natural. There is a slightly vivid tone, but that goes in favor and makes the display eye pleasing.

You won’t have any complaints regarding the display quality.

As it’s a gaming monitor, you get a 165Hz refresh rate and 0.5ms response time, which is the best at this price.

The smoothness and quick response make gaming an immersive experience.

Note that the response time is 0.5ms on the FHD variant and 1ms on the QHD variant. The sharper QHD variant costs around Rs 1000 more, which is an incredible deal.

If you are fine with a 1ms response time, then we suggest you get the QHD variant, as you will get more sharpness.

You can also use this gaming monitor for office use, but we don’t suggest using it for color grading work.

If you are a coder or office-going, then it’s an ideal monitor.

You don’t get fancy features here, but it’s also true that most users won’t ever need them.

Eye care features like Bluelight Shield, Flickerless, and Low Dimming work well and protect your eyes from harmful rays.

This monitor has dual 2W speakers, which are not the best but serviceable. They are good enough to fill a small room.

Like all other monitors, ports like HDMI, DP, and Audio I/O are present here, too.

Verdict: If you want the best gaming experience with the smoothest display and the least possible response time, then the Acer Nitro VG270 S is an excellent option. It won’t disappoint you in any regard.

Pros and Cons

  • Super slim three-sided bezels
  • Impressive display quality
  • Excellent looking colors
  • Smooth 165Hz refresh rate
  • Best 0.5ms response time on FHD variant
  • Eye protection features
  • Good viewing angles
  • Dual speakers
  • Audio output could have been louder

Final Verdict

These are the top options available in the market, but which one is the best monitor under 20000 that you should buy?

All the aforementioned monitors are just great. You can go for any of them, depending on your needs.

Still, if we had to recommend the best, then it would be the LG-27QN600. It’s the best monitor for office work and medium gaming.

If you want a dedicated gaming monitor under 20k, then the BenQ MOBIUZ is the best. It delivers the best gaming experience and can be used for office work, too.

These are the best options, but as said earlier, the remaining monitors are also just impressive.

Depending on your budget and needs, you can pick anyone you want.

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So, which is the best monitor under 20000 for gaming or office? We are sure you know the answer now.

If you still have any doubts, feel free to ask us in the comment section.

Do you agree or disagree with this list? Do share your thoughts.

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