best tower speakers under 10000

Tower speakers not only give an immersive audio experience but also look appealing.

No matter what claims companies make, a TV’s inbuilt speaker can’t offer an ear-pleasing music listening experience, especially if you are an audiophile.

TV speakers are usually good for watching movies, but when it comes to music, they lack bass and clarity.

Fortunately, this problem can be solved by adding tower speakers.

But, as there are so many options available, it might get confusing to pick the best tower speaker. Right?

Well, not for you, because we have listed the best tower speakers under 10000 indeed for you.

Our Top Recommendations

RankingBest SpeakersTop Features
1.OBAGE DT-2605100 Watt Output, 4 Speakers, 2 Subwoofer, Excellent sound with heavy bass
2.F&D T200X70 Watt Output, 4 Speakers, 1 Subwoofer, Heavy bass sound
3.OBAGE DT-51100 Watt Output, 2 Tweeters, 2 Subwoofer, Wooden design, Excellent sound
4.Philips Audio SPA907070 Watt Output, 2 Tweeters, 2 Subwoofer, Wireless Speaker
5.Bencley Thunderbird150 Watt Output, 2 Speakers, 2 Subwoofer, 2 Tweeters, Great sound quality

These are our top recommended tower speakers under 10k. But how do these speakers perform in real life? Read on, as we have covered all these speakers in detail.

Why should you buy a tower speaker instead of a bookshelf speaker?

There is no doubt that the regular or bookshelf speakers are great. They are usually small in size and can be placed on a small table or even on the bed.

But, when it comes to tower speakers, they have their advantages.

  • When placed beside a TV, the tower speakers look eye-catchy and leave good vibes.
  • These speakers sound amazing and can be used as party speakers to some extent.
  • Tower speakers may include 2-3 drivers on each channel (tower), which help in producing various frequencies. It results in better sound quality.
  • A study has shown that tower speakers can produce 30% extra bass than bookshelf speakers.

So if you want more of a futuristic look and great sound quality, then tower speakers are the best for you.

Best Tower Speakers under 10000

1. OBAGE DT-2605

Best Tower Speakers under 10000 in India, OBAGE DT-2605

 Main Highlights

⦿ 100 Watt Output
⦿ 40Hz – 17kHz Frequency Range
⦿ Four 3 inch Speakers, Two 6.5 inch Subwoofers
⦿ Bluetooth 5.0 with 10 meter range
⦿ Memory Card Slot, USB Port, FM Radio
⦿ Compatible with TV, Phone, Laptop, PC, DTH, DVD players
⦿ 19 kg weight
⦿ 6 Months Warranty
⦿ Check Best Price

Let’s be honest. If you want to feel the thump of the bass, then there is no better option than the OBAGE DT-2605 in this price range.

If you are a bass head, then you will start loving the sound immediately after listening to the first song on it.

OBAGE is a popular Indian brand that is dominating the audio industry. Click here to know more about OBAGE.

Because this 100-watt tower speaker is heavy in bass, it doesn’t mean that it’s inferior at vocals and treble.

Yes, the treble could have been improved for better high tons, but still, it’s way better than other brands.

It’s perfect for a 200-210 sq. ft area which means it can easily fill the room with bass.

Bluetooth 5.0 makes the connection and data transfer seamless. If you haven’t your phone to connect with, then you can use a pen drive or a full-size SD card for playing songs.

Even the FM radio is also available to make sure that there is no shortage of entertainment for you. 

The manual buttons are there to adjust volume, bass, and treble.

One suggestion for OBAGE is to improve the display quality. The letters on this low-quality display aren’t much visible which is the only cheap thing on these speakers.

Verdict: The OBAGE DT-2605 is an excellent tower speaker that can beat the other speakers from big brands. It’s one of the best tower speaker under 10000 and a great cost-effective Indian product.

Pros and Cons

  • Excellent speakers for bass lovers
  • Decent vocals and treble
  • Good sound signatures
  • All connectivity options, including Aux, USB, and SD card
  • FM radio
  • Good pricing
  • Great for listening to music at night at low volumes
  • Subpar digital display

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2. F&D T200X

F&D T200X

 Main Highlights

⦿ 70 Watt Output
⦿ 135Hz – 17kHz Frequency Range
⦿ Four 2 inch Speakers, One 8 inch Subwoofer
⦿ Bluetooth 4.0 with 10 meter range
⦿ USB Port, FM Radio
⦿ Compatible with TV, Phone, Laptop, PC, DTH, DVD players
⦿ 6.6 kg weight
⦿ 1 Year Warranty
⦿ Check Best Price

F&D is a popular brand in the audio industry. They are mainly known for the audio quality they deliver in their products like woofers, wireless speakers, etc.

F&D T200X is an excellent tower speaker that not only sounds great but has a lot of other features too.

Allows us to tell you that it has 3 units out of which two are tower speakers, and one is subwoofer driver

Because of this dedicated 8-inch subwoofer driver, it produces clear surround sound and heart-thumping bass.

The best part is, you can use these tower speakers as soundbars.

The 70 Watts output isn’t the highest on this list, but you will never need the 100 Watts here because this tower speaker already sounds so great.

The digital display is placed on the subwoofer driver to make it easily readable.

Also, the FM radio is here. You can turn over to your favorite radio station and listen to your favorite songs.

Bluetooth 4.0 makes sure that the connection never gets interrupted. But in real-life testing, we have faced some issues with the connection.

It would have been great if they had given at least Bluetooth 5.0 instead of 4.0.

Verdict: F&D T200X is an excellent tower speaker with some amazing sound quality. The only problem is Bluetooth disconnection. It happens often which is a bit irritating. Other than that, it’s a worth buying product.

Pros and Cons

  • Excellent speakers for heavy bass lovers
  • Decent vocals and treble
  • Good sound signatures
  • Clear surround sound
  • Good connectivity options including Aux, USB, BT
  • FM radio
  • White LED light in the subwoofer (You can turn it off)
  • Attractive pricing
  • Bluetooth gets disconnected at times

3. OBAGE DT-51

Tower Speakers under 10000, OBAGE DT-51

Main Highlights

⦿ 100 Watt Output
⦿ 50Hz – 15kHz Frequency Range
⦿ Two 2.5 inch Tweeters, Two 5.25 inch Subwoofers
⦿ Bluetooth 5.0 with 10 meter range
⦿ Memory Card Slot, USB Port, FM Radio
⦿ Compatible with TV, Phone, Laptop, PC, DTH, DVD players
⦿ 16 kg weight
⦿ 6 Months Warranty
⦿ Check Best Price

We aren’t sponsored by OBAGE for suggesting their products. We are just delivering what you are here for.

In the list of best tower speakers under 10000, it’s the second product from the company OBAGE.

For some reason, if you aren’t able to buy the OBAGE DT-2605, here is the OBAGE DT-51 as an alternative.

This tower speaker is as good as the number one product on this list. It’s so similar in sound, features, and even looks that it can easily replace the DT-2605.

Now the question is, if DT-2605 and DT-51 are almost the same, then why should you buy the DT-51?  

Although both these sound good, the difference comes in speaker units. The DT-51 has only 2 speakers instead of 4, a slightly smaller 5.25-inch subwoofer, and slightly less variation in frequency.

So the DT-2605 sounds slightly better, but most people won’t notice much difference.

Listening to music on DT-51 is also a treat to the ears.

Most of the tower speakers in this price range lack bass, but the OBAGE DT-51 isn’t. Even it’s specially made for bass lovers.

The heavy bass with good vocals and sufficient treble makes the whole listening experience much better.

Verdict: There is no doubt that OBAGE DT-51 is a great tower speaker. It’s a bass-heavy product that delivers an enjoyable music experience. It’s an easy recommendation for music lovers.

Pros and Cons

  • Made for bass lovers
  • Decent vocals and treble
  • Good sound signatures
  • All connectivity options including Aux, USB, and SD card
  • FM radio
  • Great for listening to music even at lower volume
  • Treble could have been improved

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4. Philips Audio SPA9070

Philips Audio SPA9070

Main Highlights

⦿ 70 Watt Output
⦿ 40Hz – 20kHz Frequency Range
⦿ 8 inch Woofers, Two 35W Driver
⦿ Bluetooth 5.0 with 10 meter range
⦿ USB Port, Optical Input, Mic Port for Karaoke
⦿ Compatible with TV, Phone, Laptop, PC, DTH, DVD players
⦿ 16.6 kg weight
⦿ 1 Year Warranty
⦿ Check Best Price

Philips is a well-known brand, and people tend to invest in such a brand.

If you also want a set of tower speakers from a well-established brand, the Philips Audio SPA9070 could be a great choice.

Before everything, you must know that its price keeps fluctuating. You can get it for under Rs 10000, but at times, you might see its price going above Rs 10k mark.

If you get it for under Rs 10000, then it’s a very good deal.

The design is simple and minimal and goes smoothly with your clean setup.

If you don’t like RGB lights and prefer clean-looking speakers, these speakers are the best choice.

The build quality is decent, as the material of the cabinet and buttons could have been improved.

Still, the overall build doesn’t feel that cheap, either.

Note that both tower speakers weigh 16.6 Kg, which means these are not easily portable. You have to handle them carefully while moving from one place to another.

Coming to the audio, the Philips Audio SPA9070 delivers a very satisfying audio experience.

It delivers the right blend of trebles, vocals, and bass.

The trebles feel crisp and soothing to the ears. The vocals retain clarity, and you will enjoy movies and vocal songs on these speakers.

Many people only care about bass, and these speakers won’t disappoint them. The bass is deep and rich, and you will love listening to bass-heavy songs.

Mind that the bass doesn’t go too deep, which some bass-lovers might not like.

But overall, you get a very satisfying audio experience on Philips Audio SPA9070.

The speakers get pretty loud to fill a mid-size hall. So, the loudness is not an issue.

Mind that these are Bluetooth speakers, so they connect wirelessly with your TV and other devices.

The speakers also come with Optical-IN. So, if you want to connect them using wires, you have the option.

These tower speakers are ideal for Karaoke lovers, as you get a wireless mic in the box.

If you want to use a wired mic separately, then you can also do so, as the mic port is present.

Verdict: The Philips Audio SPA9070 delivers an immersive audio experience. It’s loaded with many good features, making it a worth-buying option.

Pros and Cons

  • Simple design
  • Loud and clear sound
  • Clear vocals and crisp trebles
  • Rich and deep bass
  • Karaoke ready
  • Bluetooth convenience
  • Not for extreme bass lovers
  • Your TV must have Bluetooth to connect to these speakers
  • The wire that connects both speakers feel cheap

For the best audio experience, you can check these Bluetooth speakers under 20000.

5. Bencley Thunderbird

Bencley Thunderbird

Main Highlights

⦿ 150 Watt Output
⦿ 50Hz – 15kHz Frequency Range
⦿ Two 2 inch Speakers, Two 3 inch Tweeters, Two 6 inch Woofers
⦿ Bluetooth 5.0 with 10 meter range
⦿ USB Port, AUX, Mic input, FM Radio
⦿ Compatible with TV, Phone, Laptop, PC, DTH, DVD players
⦿ 16 kg weight
⦿ 6 Months Warranty
⦿ Check Best Price

Bencley Thunderbird is another pair of tower speakers that sound amazing for the price.

This tower speaker costs under Rs 7000, and for that price, it delivers impressive sound quality.

We love how clear the sound remains, even if you listen at full volume. The vocals and treble remain absolutely clear.

The dual 6-inch woofers deliver a deep and punchy bass. So if you are a fan of bass-heavy songs, this tower speaker won’t disappoint you.

You can further customize the bass and treble using the knob.

Just below the control knob, two mic ports are given for karaoke. You can use two mics together to sing songs with your partner.

It’s a great feature, but you have to buy the mic separately.

The wooden finish gives this audio system a unique look. If you have a wooden table, then these speakers will look great.

The Bluetooth connectivity is excellent, and you won’t encounter any disconnection problems if you stay within the range.

Like other speakers, this one is also compatible with all devices.

Verdict: If you have a tight budget but still want a great tower speaker, the Bencley Thunderbird is a great option for sure. It won’t disappoint you with the sound quality.

Pros and Cons

  • Excellent sound quality
  • Clear vocals and treble
  • Deep and punchy bass
  • Great design
  • Karaoke ready
  • FM radio
  • No connection problems
  • No SD card slot
  • At low volume, the bass isn’t that evident

Final Verdict on Best Tower Speakers under 10000

Are you still confused about picking the best tower speaker for you?

Allow us to make it simple for you.

All the tower speakers mentioned in this list are the best. You can pick any of the above depending on your budget and use.

Still, if we had to recommend the best out of these, then we would recommend the OBAGE DT-2605. It’s currently the best tower speaker that offers an immersive audio experience. 

The second recommendation is again from OBAGE, which is OBAGE DT-51. It offers nearly the same music experience as the DT-2605. 

But as said earlier, the remaining tower speakers are also great and worth buying.

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Are tower speakers worth it?

Tower speakers not only give a techie feel to the TV but also sound great.

They create a better surround sound that anyone will love to listen to. These are best not only for home, but also for Caffe, restaurants, and halls. 

Looking at all the aspects, the floor-standing tower speakers are worth it for sure.

Can you use tower speakers as surround sound?

A pair of tower speakers can easily create a surround sound. Make sure to place them at a right distance.

For a better surround sound, it is advised to place these towers at a distance of 8-10 feet from each other.

Are tower speakers better than bookshelf?

As the name suggests, bookshelf speakers are small enough to fit on a bookshelf. While tower speakers are tall in size.

Tower speakers usually cost more than the bookshelf. A study has shown that the floor-standing (a.k.a. Tower speakers) can produce 30% more bass.

If you have enough space in your room for tower speakers, and if you have the budget, then tower speakers are better than bookshelf speakers.

So this is the list of best tower speakers under 10000. Do you agree or disagree with this list? Do let us know.

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If you still have any doubt, then feel free to ask in the comment section.

We hope you have got what you have been looking for.

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