Best Wireless Mouse under 1000

Your search for the best wireless mouse under 1000 is going to end here because we have listed the most popular and best wireless mouse in the market.

If you are using a laptop or desktop, then using a wireless mouse can make the overall experience much more comfortable than using a trackpad.

Rs 1000 is the right amount to spend on a wireless mouse. By spending this amount, you can expect a good quality wireless mouse.

Choosing the best wireless mouse can get confusing at times. But don’t worry, we have selected the best wireless mouse under 1000 in India.

We keep updating this list regularly to let you know about the latest and best wireless mouse under 1000.

Benefits of using a wireless mouse

Using a wireless mouse can be very useful in many situations. It has many benefits.

  • You can control your laptop or desktop from a far distance.
  • You can work in any comfortable position.
  • You don’t need to mess with the wires.
  • It’s easy to carry a wireless mouse rather than a wired one.

Important things to know before buying a wireless mouse

You need to know a few things to make your experience better with a wireless mouse.


In many cases like editing and scrolling, we have to use the mouse for a longer period.

If the design of a mouse is not comfortable, then long hours usage may hurt your hands. So, the design of a mouse plays an important role.

If you feel wrist strain or pain while using a mouse for a longer duration, then you should buy a vertical mouse within budget.


In simple words, DPI means sensitivity. A mouse with more DPI will be more sensitive.

This sensitivity matters in day to day tasks, playing games, or do some photo editing.

A mouse with a higher DPI setting detects and reacts better to smaller movements.

An ideal DPI of a mouse ranges from 800 to 3400. The Bluetooth mouse under 1000 usually have 800-1600 DPI. If you want to know in detail, then read this article on mouse DPI.

Wireless Range

What’s the point of using a wireless mouse, if you can’t use it from a far distance.

The ideal range of a wireless mouse should be 8-10 meters. It’s enough range to control a laptop/desktop from anywhere in the room.

Best Wireless Mouse Under 1000 in India

Now let’s move to the list of best wireless mice under 1000 in India.

1. Logitech M187

Logitech M187

Best For

  • Small hands
  • Long session usage
  • Precision work

Main Highlights

ModelLogitech M187
Wireless Connection2.4 GHz
Supported OSWindows and Mac
Wireless Rangeup to 10 m
Battery Life1 year (Expect it to be 6-8 months)
Weight51 g (Including battery)
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User Experience:

A perfect combination of stylish design and looks is the Logitech M187. 

There is no denying that it’s the most eye-catching wireless mouse under 1000.

Logitech is a leading brand that offers some of the most reliable products, and Logitech M187 is no different.

This little wireless mouse hits all the bells and whistles that most of the good mice do.

Other than having an eye-catching look, it has a 2.4 GHz wireless connection with a USB receiver, 10 meters wireless range, and 1000 DPI.

It’s compatible with both Windows and Mac.

The single AA battery can last for 8-10 months before needing to be replaced, which is impressive.

Using the mouse has been a great experience. It detects and reacts to all the movements nicely.

The clicks of the mouse are satisfactory. They give a clicky feel instead of a mushy feel.

The 1000 DPI works just right, but it would have been great to see at least 1200 DPI.

The quality of the mouse is good. It’s entirely made of plastic, but the quality feels good.

Overall, the Logitech M187 is a great mouse that is made for small and medium size hands.

The only problem with this mouse is its size. If you have big hands and you are used to a big size mouse, then it might take some time to get used to this mouse.

Pros and Cons

  • Comfortable fit in small hands
  • Attractive design
  • Reliable build quality
  • Very lightweight
  • Both Windows and Mac supported
  • Not that comfortable for big hands

2. HP 6CR71AA (Dual Mode)


Best For

  • Using two devices at the same time
  • Long session usage
  • Precision work
  • Moderate gaming

Main Highlights

ModelHP 6CR71AA
Wireless Connection2.4 GHz and Bluetooth
Supported OSWindows, Mac, Smart TV
Wireless Rangeup to 10 m
Battery Life6-8 months
Weight70 g (Including battery)
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User Experience:

HP 6CR71AA is an excellent wireless mouse that only works seamlessly but also packs more features compared to the competitors.

What features are we talking about?

It’s the dual pairing mode.

You can connect this mouse to two devices at the same time. For example, if you have two laptops, you can connect this mouse to both of them at the same time.

How does this feature work?

The HP 6CR71AA comes with Bluetooth and 2.4 GHz wireless connectivity, which allows this mouse to connect with two devices.

Insert the wireless receiver in one laptop, and turn ON the Bluetooth to connect it to another laptop.

Switching between them is as simple as a click of a button. The mode switch button is located at the bottom.

Using Bluetooth, you can connect this mouse to your mobile or smart TV, which is a nice bonus.

Bluetooth connectivity is great, and there is no latency. The core experience of using this mouse has been great.

The design of the mouse is also comfortable. It’s on the bigger side, making it suitable for both small and big hands.

Another good thing is that you can switch between 1200 to 3600 DPI.

On pressing buttons, it creates a clicky sound, which means it’s not a silent mouse.

This mouse has two back and forward buttons placed on the right side.

Lastly, this mouse is powered by a single AA battery, which can be accessible after removing the top shell of the mouse.

Because of dual connectivity, you can expect around 6-8 months of battery life, which is great for this mouse.

Pros and Cons

  • Comfortable fit for small and big hands
  • Simple design
  • Reliable build quality
  • Lightweight
  • No latency in Bluetooth mode
  • The dual pairing feature comes in handy
  • Good battery life
  • Customizable DPI
  • The side back and forward buttons might lead to accidental presses

3. Logitech M235

Logitech M235, Best Wireless Mouse Under 1000 in India

Best For

  • Precision work
  • Long session usage

Main Highlights

ModelLogitech M235
Wireless Connection2.4 GHz
Supported OSWindows and Mac
Wireless Rangeup to 10 m
Battery Life1 year (Expect it to be 6-8 months)
Weight84 g (Including battery)
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User Experience:

You may see multiple mice from Logitech in the list because Logitech offers multiple great options in this price range.

The Logitech M235 is a great wireless mouse for Windows and Mac. 

It comes with 2.4 GHz wireless connection, approx 10m wireless range, and 1000 DPI.

M235 will require a 1 AA battery to work, which is included in the box. According to the company, it will give 1 year of battery life. But in real-life usage, you will get 6-8 months of battery life.

The size of the mouse is a bit smaller. For large hands, it may be a little uncomfortable sometimes. However, this mouse fits perfectly for medium to small size hands.

Using the Logitech M235 has been a satisfactory experience because it has good build quality and offers the right amount of feedback from the buttons.

Pros and Cons

  • Comfortable design
  • Multiple colors look beautiful
  • Good build quality
  • On-Off button to saves battery
  • Very lightweight
  • Slightly uncomfortable for big hands

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4. HP Z3700

HP Z3700, Best Wireless Mouse Under 1000 in India

Best For

  • Precision work
  • Professional use

Main Highlights

ModelHP Z3700
Wireless Connection2.4 GHz
Supported OSWindows
Wireless Rangeup to 10 m
Battery Life16 months (Expect it to be 12 months)
Weight150 g (Including battery)
PriceCheck Latest Price

User Experience:

Do you have a clean laptop or PC setup for work and want to compliment it with a similar professional-looking mouse? The HP Z3700 could be an excellent option for you.

When it comes to the best wireless mouse that offers a unique but simple design, there is no better option than the HP Z3700.

This wireless mouse is very sleek and simple but looks completely different from a traditional mouse. It’s the main highlight of this wireless mouse.

It also offers great tactile feedback from the keys that enhance the overall experience.

It comes with a 2.4GHz wireless connection, approx 10m wireless range, and 1200 DPI.

A single AA battery can give up to 16 months of battery life, which is just great. 

Unfortunately, this mouse is only compatible with Windows. So if you are into MAC OS, then this mouse isn’t for you.

Pros and Cons

  • Clean and Sleek design
  • Speed and accuracy
  • Great battery life
  • Clicks are almost silent
  • Due to sleek design, it may not fit properly in the palm

5. Offbeat – DASH

Offbeat Dash, Best Bluetooth mouse under 1000

Best For

  • Features
  • Day to day use
  • Long term usage
  • Work and light gaming

Main Highlights

ModelOffbeat – DASH
Wireless Connection2.4 GHz
Supported OSWindows, MAC, Android
Wireless Rangeup to 10 m
DPI800 – 1600
Battery Life1 week (Rechargeable battery)
Weight105 g
PriceCheck Latest Price

User Experience:

The Offbeat Dash is the most featured-packed and advanced Bluetooth mouse under 1000.

Yes, it may be priced around RS 1100, but that extra money is worth paying in return for those attractive features.

The attraction starts with its design and looks. Like the HP Z3700, it’s a slim mouse that looks attention-grabbing.

This design is complemented by the LED lights that surround the mouse and gives a visual appeal. This light is subtle and not too bright.

Coming to the features now, this mouse comes with dual-mode. It means you can use it with the given nano receiver or with Bluetooth only.

The Bluetooth mode comes in handy when your laptop doesn’t have many USB ports.

You can switch between these modes by using the button placed at the bottom.

You can also connect this mouse with two devices at the same time.

While using the mouse, we noticed that the buttons are soft. They don’t offer excellent feedback, but it’s more than satisfactory.

So using the mouse in daily life was never an issue.

Furthermore, you can change DPI from 800-1200-1600, depending on your use.

Note that this mouse doesn’t come with a removable battery. Instead, it has an in-built battery that you need to charge in a week using the included micro USB cable.

Pros and Cons

  • Sleek design
  • LED lights
  • Dual Mode
  • Multiple DPI settings
  • Can be used for casual gaming
  • Rechargeable battery
  • The battery life could have been better

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6. Logitech M331

Logitech M331, Best wireless mouse in India

Best For

  • Working in silent environment
  • Long session use
  • Casual gaming

Main Highlights

ModelLogitech M331
Wireless Connection2.4 GHz
Supported OSWindows and Mac
Wireless Rangeup to 10 m
Battery Life2 year (Expect it to be 16-18 months)
Weight91 g (Without battery)
PriceCheck Latest Price

User Experience:

The Logitech M331 is another excellent mouse under Rs 1000 from Logitech.

The main highlighting feature of this wireless mouse is the Silent Plus feature. It means when you click, you will hear no sound. It’s a completely silent mouse.

Because of this feature, this mouse becomes the best option to work in a silent environment like a Library.

Surrounding people get annoyed with the clicky sound of a mouse. This silent mouse could be the best replacement for those noisy mice.

Other features include a 2.4GHz wireless connection, 1000 DPI, and 24 months of battery life.

The specs are on point, and so is the look. This wireless mouse comes with a stylish look like a gaming mouse.

This mouse is compatible with both Windows and Mac.

Pros and Cons

  • Silent feature works great
  • Comfortable design
  • Nice texture and feel
  • Stylish look
  • Designed only for right-handed users

7. Lenovo 530

Lenovo 520

Best For

  • Professional work
  • Large hands

Main Highlights

ModelLenovo 530
Wireless Connection2.4 GHz
Supported OSWindows and Mac
Wireless Rangeup to 10 m
Battery Life1 year (Expect it to be 6 months)
Weight90.7 g (Without battery)
PriceCheck Latest Price

User Experience:

The Lenovo 530 is an upgraded version of the already popular Lenovo 520. 

The older 520 has some sharp edges, but the 530 has slightly curved and smooth edges. This design makes it comfortable to use the mouse for longer durations.

This wireless mouse has a unique and professional design. It will match perfectly with your professional laptop.

It comes with a 2.4 GHz wireless connection, 10 m of wireless connection, and 1200 DPI.

Because of the slightly better DPI, the mouse becomes smoother and responds quickly to the movements. Once you start using this mouse, you will love using it.

Moreover, it is designed for both right and left-hand usage.

But, keep in mind that this mouse is a bit larger. If you have slightly bigger hands, then it will fit perfectly.

Pros and Cons

  • Ergonomic design
  • Made for both left and right-handed use
  • Separate On/Off button to save battery
  • Clean and minimal look
  • Multiple colors
  • Slightly uncomfortable for small hands

8. Dell WM126

Best wireless mouse in India

Best For

  • Day to day work
  • Long sessions

Main Highlights

ModelDell WM126
Wireless Connection2.4 GHz
Supported OSWindows and Mac
Wireless Rangeup to 10 m
Battery LifeExpect it to be 4-6 months
Weight59 g (without battery)
PriceCheck Latest Price

User Experience:

Dell is a well-known brand, and you can trust it.

When it comes to accessories, then Dell WM126 is a great wireless mouse.

It comes with a traditional and comfortable design. You can choose the multiple colors of this mouse.

It offers 2.4 GHz wireless connection, 1000 DPI, and 10 m of wireless range.

This wireless mouse is compatible with Windows and Mac.

You can invest your money on this wireless mouse without any doubt.  

Pros and Cons

  • Simple and professional look
  • Comfortable to use
  • Small compact design
  • Battery drainage issue on some units

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Final Verdict on best wireless mouse under 1000

Which wireless mouse should you buy?

Every mouse listed here is worth buying. You can’t go wrong with any of them. 

But still, if we had to recommend, then we would recommend Logitech mouse because Logitech offers the best in class mice.

Their products are reliable and trustworthy. So go for the Logitech M187 if you want a great-looking mouse.

If the M187 isn’t what you have liked, then the Logitech M235 is also an excellent mouse.

But if you want extra functionality, then the HP 6CR71AA is the best wireless mouse under 1000 as it comes with dual connectivity and customizable DPI settings.

As said earlier, 

If you like any other mouse from a different brand, then go ahead and buy because this list only contains the best wireless mouse under 1000.

All the above-mentioned mice are worth buying under 1000. You will be having a great experience with all of these.


Does DPI in a mouse matter?

Most of the wireless mouse comes with the right DPI setting. That’s why many people don’t care about it.

But, DPI matters. While doing some precision tasks like photo editing, drawing, and gaming, DPI matters the most.

On the other hand, when you just scroll around the web, then DPI doesn’t matter the most.

Can you use a normal mouse for gaming?

Unless you are a hardcore gamer, you don’t need a gaming mouse. If you play casual games, then a normal mouse is perfect for that.

But, if you play long session games, then we strongly suggest you buy a gaming mouse.

See, a gaming mouse is made for a purpose. It offers a much more comfortable experience, stylish look, and more settings.

So if you play a lot of games, then you need a gaming mouse, but if you play casual games, then you don’t need a dedicated gaming mouse.

So this is the list of best wireless mouse under 1000 in India. Do you agree or disagree with this list? Do let us know.

If you have any doubt, then feel free to ask in comments.

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Now we hope you have got what you have been looking for. If you have found this list helpful, then share it with others.

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