boAt Airdopes 621 Review

Is Airdopes 621 really worth your money? Here is the complete boAt Airdopes 621 Review that will help you to make a better buying decision.

The boAt Airdopes 621 has been in the market for a while now.


Is it really worth your money?

A lot of attractive products from the same brand are already available in the market. 

This segment is full of earbuds by now. In the crowd of TWS, is there any chance for this product?

Is it going to be a head-turner? Or a better question is Should you buy boAt Airdopes 621

Here is the full boAt Airdopes 621 review to give you a clear idea.

boAt Airdopes 621 Specifications

Can giving some attractive specifications make this TWS worth it? Take a look at the specifications of Boat Airdopes 261 and decide for yourself.

Model NameAirdopes 621
StyleIn Ear
BluetoothV5.0 (10m Range)
PairingIWP instant Pairing
BT Range10 meters
Battery Capacity35 mAH per earbud
2600 mAH in carrying case
Battery Life3-4.5 hours on earbuds
150 hours on carrying case
Charging PortType C
Charging Time45 minutes for earbuds
3-4 hours for carrying case
Touch controls
IP RatingIPX7
No. of Mic1 per Earbud
Weight~5 g per earbud
129 g with carrying case
Compatible withAndroid & iOS
Warranty1 Year
PriceCheck Latest Price

To be honest, the on-paper specs seem good. These are neither extraordinary nor worse, except for the battery.

But the real concern is, how does Boat Airdopes 621 perform in real life? It’s time to find out.

boAt Airdopes 621 Review

Design and Build Quality

boAt Airdopes 621 Review, design

The design is as usual. It looks good in the black variant, but the white frost variant looks quite attractive, to be honest. The combination of white and black is definitely eye-catching.

The earbuds are made of plastic. It’s a hard plastic material, hence gives a premium feel to the touch. Also, the use of plastic keeps the weight under control.

The earbuds are very well designed. These get fitted in the ears without any problem. The design is also comfortable which makes these earbuds usable for longer duration.

The carrying case looks premium too. It’s a bit heavy though but that’s because of a good reason.

It’s also made of plastic but feels premium in the hands.

Overall the design and build are pretty much what you expect in this price range. There is no complaint in both these regards.

Battery Life

The battery is the strongest and main selling point of Boat Airdopes 621. It’s like a king of the battery in this price range.

The carrying case’s battery is humongous, but the earbud’s battery is not.

35 mAh of battery on the earbuds can give 5 hours of battery life, as claimed by the company. 

Boat’s claims usually don’t fall apart, but this time, it does. In real life, you will get 3-4.5 hours of battery life depending on the volume.

We mostly kept the volume at 80% and got around 3 hours of battery life, which is average, to be honest.

The biggest talking point is the battery of the carrying case. The 2600 mAh battery is so huge that it can act as a power bank.

The carrying case can charge the earbuds 20 times. Let’s do a little math here.

  • If these earbuds last for 4 hours on a single charge, and the carrying case charges these earbuds 20 times, then you can get 80 hours of battery life without even touching the charger.
  • If you listen to music for 6 hours a day, then these earbuds can last up to 14 days.
  • It means once you fully charge the case, you don’t need to see the charger for 2 weeks.

The battery life of earbuds is average, but in this carrying case, it’s phenomenal. Overall there is no need to worry about the battery life of Boat Rockerz 261.”

Call Quality

Call quality isn’t something to write home about. It’s decent at best.

It’s not the problem with these earbuds only, but it’s the problem with this whole TWS category.

Because the earbuds reside inside your ear, the mic remains away from your mouth, which results in inferior call quality.

But wait…does the call quality is really that bad?

The answer is No. The call quality is good indoors. The person on the other end can hear you properly.     

The problem starts with the outdoors. If you are in a crowded place, then the other person may face some difficulties listening to you properly.

If you mostly live indoors, then calling will not be an issue for you. But for outdoor persons, it might be an issue for sure. The overall call quality is average on Boat Airdopes 621.

Sound and Bass Quality

boAt Airdopes 621 Review, sound quality

Doesn’t matter how long an earbud can last. If it doesn’t sound good, then there is no point in having a great battery life or other features.

Sound is something that a user buys an earbud for. Luckily, Boat doesn’t disappoint when it comes to the sound signature of their products.

The 6mm driver on Boat Airdopes 621 might seem smaller, but the company has a good experience of tuning the audio in the right way.

Boat products usually tend to have higher bass, and Airdopes 621 is no different.

The thumping bass is a treat for bass lovers. But it doesn’t mean that the vocals and treble are compromised.

The vocals are clear and hearing the words isn’t an issue. The instrument separation is also well defined.

The overall music listening experience on the Boat Airdopes 621 is good, if not the best.

There is little to no complaint regarding the sound quality. It’s a good option for vocal & treble lovers, and a great option for bass lovers.”

Other Features

Airdopes 621 comes with some nifty features that enhance the user experience. Take a look at these features.

  • Fast Charging: 5 minutes of charging can give 60 minutes of music playback.
  • IPX7 Rating: Aidrdops 621 can be used during workouts and rainy days.
  • Touch Controls: Using touch controls, you can play/pause music, answer calls, and activate Google Assistant/Siri.   

Pros and Cons

Take a look at the pros and cons of Boat Airdopes 621 before buying it.

  • Eye-catching design
  • Lightweight and comfortable earbuds
  • Good sound quality
  • Recommended for bass lovers
  • Phenomenal battery life with carrying case
  • Touch controls work well
  • IPX7 water and dust resistance rating
  • Type-C charging port
  • Digital display on the carrying case
  • Average call quality
  • Average battery life on earbuds
  • They should have focused on earbuds battery life instead of the case’s battery

boAt Airdopes 621 Review: Should you buy it?

There are so many Boat Airdopes available in the market already. The question is, should you buy Boat Airdopes 621 over others?

To be honest, it was confusing to pick the 621 over the 441 Pro because both were exactly the same.

The only visible difference was the digital display on the carrying case. Paying extra just for the sake of digital display wasn’t a good idea.

But currently, both these Airdopes are priced almost similarly. So buying the boAt 621 is a better decision over the 441 Pro.

This TWS is offering more value now. So you can go with the boAt Airdopes 621 now.

So this is our honest review about Airdopes 621.


Does Boat Airdopes 621 has ANC?

No, the Boat Airdopes 621 doesn’t come with ANC.

But, because of the in-ear design, it blocks some of the outdoor noise after wearing.

Is Boat Airdopes 621 good for gym and rainy walks?

Yes, you can use this earbud for both of the scenarios.

Either it’s sweaty workouts, or walking in rain, the Airdopes 621 can be used without any worry.

How does touch controls work on Airdopes 621?

• Voice Assistant: Long touch on either earbud for 2 seconds to activate the voice assistant.

• Answer/Hang Up Call: Single tap on either earbud to answer an incoming call and once again to hang up an ongoing call. 

• Reject Call: Long touch for up to 1.5 seconds to reject incoming calls. 

• Play/Pause Music: Single tap on either earbud to play or pause music. 

 Next Track: When playing music, double-tap the right earbud to skip to the next song. 

• Previous Track: When playing music, double-tap the left earbud to return to the previous song.

Is Boat Airdopes 621 compatible with Android and iOS?

Yes, Airdopes 621 is fully compatible with Android and iOS devices.

So that is our Boat Airdopes 621 Review with FAQs.

Do you agree or disagree with this review? Do let us know your thoughts about this TWS.

If you still have any other doubts, then feel free to ask us in the comments.

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At last, we hope this Boat Airdopes 621 review helped you to decide whether you should buy this Airdopes or not.

If you have found this review helpful, consider sharing it with others.

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  1. Okey Bruh that was the best review ever.But boat has launched 641 and the difference I noticed is-IPX,Case capacity,Per bud charge,Case of 641 looks cool.I haven’t used both of them.And one of my friend said he bought 441 and it does not get properly fitted in ear and feels discomfort.And he suggest for the long type(like airpods)which is 641.But charging time & case greatly differs.So bro just wanted to know will 621 gives sound experience as of 641.So that I can go with 621.And same time earbuds should not be used for long time which can cause pain maybe in case of 621.Hope you reply fastly so I can choose.Or wait for next models

    1. We suggest you borrow Airdopes 441 from your friend and try it out for 1-2 hours. If it’s giving discomfort to your ears then Airdopes 621 will also do the same because both Airdopes follow the same design.
      On the other hand, 641 is also a good product with an eye-catching fancy design. But the sound quality of 621 is better than 641.
      So what we suggest is, try out 441, if it’s comfortable to your ear canal, then just go for it.

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