Boult vs Boat which is better

Boult vs Boat. The two big players in the audio segment. Both have a good reputation, and a stronghold in the ear wear category.

We have used earphones and earbuds from both the brands.

Based on our real-life experience, we will tell you which one is better.

We are also going to share what people think about Boult and Boat.

So, which is better Boat or Boult?

Let’s find it out in Boult vs Boat comparison.

About Boult Audio

About Boult Audio

Boult Audio is an electronics company that designs and manufactures innovative audio products. Boult has been committed to continuous improvement in delivering new value to its customers.

The company is located in Delhi, India.

In the past years, Boult Audio has tried their best to impress customers by launching some audio products.

In result, they succeeded to a great extent. Boult Audio launched some good inexpensive products at different price segments.

People started using their products and loved them.

Currently, Boult Audio is one of the top-performing audio companies in India.

Is Boult a good brand?

A product is the face of a company. If people like the product, the company touches the sky. If people don’t, the company falls down.

In the case of Boult Audio, it’s a mix of both.

Some products are really great, but some are just average at best.

The quality of Boult audio products lies between good and average.

If you really want to know about the good audio products of Boult, then just wait, we are going to share them here.

Note that most of the Boult products are good, not excellent.

So in a nutshell, if you buy the right earbuds/earphone, you will be more than happy with Boult Audio.

About Boat

Boat is one of the fastest-growing audio brands in India.

In 2019, boAt has been ranked No. 1 in the ear wear segment with a 27.3% market share.

An interesting fact about the boAt audio is that they sell an average of 8,000 to 10,000 units every day. This number is so huge that most companies never came close to it.

This brand started in 2016 that deals in an extensive catalog of headphones, earphones, airdopes, speakers, travel chargers & premium cables.

It’s been five years since the Boat came into existence.

But no one can deny the fact that in just five years, Boat understood the Indian audience a lot better than any other brand.

The boAt is legally named as Imagine Marketing Services Pvt. Ltd. It’s an Indian-based company founded by Sameer Ashok Mehta and Aman Gupta.

Note that the origin of the country of boAt’s products is China. 

Is Boat a good company?

Not every single product, but most of them has become an immense success. These products are sold like hot cake.

But why? Why are boAt products so popular?

It’s because of the trust boAt has built. It’s because of the quality they offer. Not only in the ear wears, but boAt is also well known in the portable audio speakers, and soundbars.

So now the question is, Is boAt a good brand?

We are sure you already know the answer which is Yes, boAt is definitely a good brand. 

Most of the boAt products are value for money and reliable. You can have trust in boAt quality.

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Boult vs Boat, Which is better?

Both the audio companies are good, but when we look at every aspect, then Boat is better than Boult.


There are few aspects.

Boult is a relatively small company compared to Boat. Where Boat has 200-500 employees, Boult Audio only has 10-50 employees.

Being a small company Boult still managed to impress us. We have used their earbuds and earphones, and they performed really well.

One major advantage of Boult earphones is that they have superb battery life.

So overall, Boult products are good and offer good value for the asking money.

On the other hand, Boat is a big company that has launched some impressive audio products.

Boat products are reliable and more premium. The boat has a good experience of tuning their audio, hence, they perform significantly better than Boult.

So based on our experience, both the companies are good, but Boat takes the lead.

The biggest competitor to Boat is the PTron. Check this PTron vs Boat Comparison to know which one is better.

How is the After-sales service of Boult and Boat?

Boult or Boat? Which one is better at after-sales service?

Luckily, we haven’t faced any issue with the products we have bought from both the brands.

But that doesn’t happen to everyone. Sometimes people face issues with the products and require a good after-sale service.

Based on our research, we have found that a lot of people aren’t satisfied with the Boult after-sale service.

When it comes to Boat, it’s significantly better than Boult.

We aren’t saying that Boat after-sale service is the best where you just fill a complaint, and your product gets replaced the next day.

The Boat also takes time to get your earphones/earbuds repaired or replaced. But compared to Boult, the Boat is better.

So overall, Boat offers good after-sale service compared to Boult.

If you don’t want to run for service centers, then the best thing you can do is buy a reliable earphone from either of the brands.

To make it easier for you, we have shared the best earbuds/earphones from both brands.

Boult vs Boat Earbuds

Boult vs Boat earbuds

When it comes to earbuds, both companies have some great options in the different price segments.

If you want more value for money earbuds, then check these Best Boult Earbuds in India.

As said earlier, Boat has a stronghold in this department.

So, if you want more reliable and premium earbuds that sound great, then check these Best Boat Airdopes in India.

What do we recommend?

We recommend you to take a look at the earbuds from both companies, and decide for yourself which is better as earbuds, Boult or Boat.

According to our experience, BoAt earbuds sound better than Boult.

Boult vs Boat Earphones

Boult vs Boat earphones

Talking about the Bluetooth earphones, here we feel that both the companies are very close to each other.

We have to say that Boat has nailed it by launching two great Bluetooth earphones pricing around Rs 1500.

What are those two Bluetooth earphones?

Check this list of Best Boat Rockerz. The number 4th and 5th Bluetooth earphones are going to surprise you.

On the other hand, Boult Audio managed to impress us with their wireless earphones.

The most impressive things about the Boult Bluetooth earphones are that they are inexpensive, excel in the battery department, and sound good for the price.

That’s why you must check these Best Boult Wireless Earphones.

What do we recommend?

The Boat might take a lead in TWS earbuds, but when it comes to wireless earphones, Boult is a strong contender.

So what we recommend is, if you want inexpensive earphones, then go with Boult, and if you can stretch your budget, and want more premium sound, then go with Boat.


Is Boult better than Boat?

If we talk about the earbuds costing around Rs 700, then Boult is better.


Because Boat doesn’t have such inexpensive TWS as of now.

Other than that, most of the Boult earner products are on-par or slightly inferior to Boat.

So overall, Boult is good, but it’s not better than Boat.

Is Boat better than Boult?

For 90% of the time, Boat is better than Boult.


Because the sound quality of Boat earphones/earbuds is better than Boult.

There were some cases when Boult came close to Boat, but for the most part, Boat is ahead of Boult.

Is Boult a Chinese company?

Boult is an Indian company which is located in Delhi, India.

But when we check any Boult audio product’s description, it says country of origin China.

So what does that mean?

Country of origin means the county where the goods were mined, grown, or produced.

So, Boult Audio is an Indian company, but their products are produced in China. Later they import their product to India.

Is Boat a Chinese company?

Similar to Boult Audio, the Boat is also an Indian company, but their products are also produced in China.

Boat’s earwear gadgets are produced and assembled in China and later imported to India.

So this is the Boult vs Boat comparison based on our experience.

Do you agree or disagree with the points mentioned here? Do let us know.

Also, check the PTron Tangent Evo vs Boat Rockerz 255 comparison.

If you are left with any doubt in your mind, then feel free to ask us in the comment section.

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  1. I have purchased Boult audio livebuds in Amazon at Rs.1299/- I received product in 18.6.21. After use of 5 days right ear bud dead and not worked. Amazon replaced another piece. I received on 26.6.21. After use of 18 days again right ear bud dead and not worked. I contacted the customer care of Boult. They have arranged pickup through their courier. On 17.7.21 product pickedup and sent WAREHOUSE,DELHI. The received on 23.7.21. At that time I asked customer care one customer care of Boult said you will get new product not repaired piece. But the have repaired and sent to me. That care executive told me lies. I received on 7.8.21. This process taken 22 days. That 22 days warranty to be extended by Boult company.
    After one week the product giving trouble like heavy sound, connecting and disconnecting. After repair company originality gone.

    Again I contacted the customer care and so many emails for replacement. Atlast I received a email from Boult care “We will replace your product “.

    I am asking arrange replacement first to my address and collect old product on the spot. But they are not caring my request. Very bad to Boult. I am giving very bad review. Who will send every time to Delhi for repair. Very worst.

  2. No one duffer company regarding services. If you need to services from BOULT, THEY ARE NOT RESPONDING, CUSTOMER CARE NUMBER IS ALWAYS BUSY. NO MAIL REPLY.

    I personally suggested to don’t use for same product.

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