Honor Magicbook X14 vs X15

Honor MagicBook X14 and X15 are two great laptops that are grabbing users’ attention.

A few questions might bother you if you are planning to buy any of these two laptops. Is Honor Magicbook X14 or X15 worth buying? If yes, then which one is better?

To clear your doubts, we have covered a few questions that will help you pick the right laptop.

  • Is Honor Magicbook X14 or X15 worth buying?
  • Honor Magicbook X14 vs X15 comparison.
  • Can you use these laptops for gaming or coding?
  • Is there any heating issue?
  • And more.

Before you buy the Honor MagicBook X14 or X15, you must know everything about these laptops first.

So, which is the right laptop for you? Let’s find out in this Honor Magicbook X14 vs X15 comparison.

Note: Honor has launched the newer MagicBook X14 and X16. If you are interested in newer models, then you can check the MagicBook X14 vs X16 (2023) comparison.

Honor Magicbook X14 vs X15 Specifications

Have a look at the specifications to know what these laptops have to offer.

HONOR MagicBook X14HONOR MagicBook X15
14 inch FHD
• 84% screen-to-body
• 60 Hz
• 45% NTSC
• Flicker Free Certified
• Low Blue Light Certified
15.6 inch FHD
• 84% screen-to-body
• 60 Hz
• 45% NTSC
• Flicker Free Certified
• Low Blue Light Certified
Intel Core i3 10th Gen 10110U
Intel Core i5 10th Gen 10210U
AMD Ryzen 5 5500U
Intel Core i3 10th Gen 10110U
AMD Ryzen 5 5500U
Integrated Intel UHDSame
8GB or 16GB DDR4 RAM
• Non-expandable
256GB or 512GB PCIe SSD256GB PCIe SSD
64 Bit Windows 11 HomeSame
1 x HDMI,
1 x USB 3.0,
1 x USB 2.0,
1 x Type-C,
Audio combo jack
42 Wh Li-ion Battery56 Wh Li-ion Battery
7-8 hours on normal use8.5 hours on normal use
Wifi 6,
Bluetooth 5.0,
HD Webcam
1 Year WarrantySame
Fingerprint scanner,
MS Office (Trial),
180° hinge design,
65 W AC Fast charger,
Dual Speakers
Check MagicBook X14Check MagicBook X15

Difference between Honor MagicBook X14 and X15

The only difference between Magicbook X14 and X15 is the size, processor, and battery.

Where X14 comes with a 14-inch display and three CPU options, the X15 comes with a 15.6-inch display and two CPU options.

The X14 model comes in three variants, i3 10th gen, i5 10th gen, and Ryzen 5 5500U. The Magicbook X15, on the other hand, comes with i3 10th gen and Ryzen 5 5500U CPU only.

Because the X15 has a bigger display, its battery is 56Wh compared to the 42Wh on the X14.

Other than these differences, all the specifications are the same on both MagicBook X14 and X15.

Because of the overall performance, the Honor MagicBook X14 has been featured in the list of best i5 laptops under the 50k.

Is it worth buying Honor MagicBook X14 or X15?

Is it worth buying Honor MagicBook X14 or X15, Honor Magicbook X14 vs X15

You might be wondering about the older Intel CPU choice by Honor. We have started seeing 12th gen CPUs, but Honor has gone with older 10th gen CPUs.

We were also disappointed with this decision, but the features and pricing left nothing major to complain about.

Despite having 10th gen CPU, all of the Intel variants of MagicBook X14 and X15 perform great in daily life.

Yes, the GPU performance doesn’t match up with the performance of 11th gen’s integrated GPU, but still, these laptops handle medium photo/video editing just fine.

Honor has silently launched the AMD variants of both Honor Magicbook 14 and 15.

These variants come with Ryzen 5 5500U CPU, which is a significant improvement over the i5 10th gen.

The performance difference is evident in everyday use. The Ryzen variants are faster and capable of handling heavy tasks like FHD video editing and rendering.

The PCIe SSD also plays a vital role in delivering fast performance. Booting time is less, and apps open up quickly.

So the majority of the users, especially office users and students, won’t have any complaints about the performance of the MagicBook series of laptops.

Other than the performance, here are the remaining features that we like about the MagicBook X14 and X15.

  • The build quality is one of the best in this segment. The premium aluminum build gives a feeling of an expensive laptop.
  • The design is eye-catching. Because of the tiny bezels, these laptops look modern and professional.
  • Using the laptops in the dark doesn’t result in eye fatigue, thanks to the eye care features.
  • The USB Type-C charger comes in handy in various situations. It also delivers 50% battery in 30 minutes.
  • Some useful features like a fingerprint scanner and backlit keyboard are present.
  • The battery life is good on all models, which is around 7-8.5 hours on normal use.
  • Both the laptops are easily portable, thanks to their lightweight design.

These features matter a lot in delivering a good user experience, and Honor hasn’t skimped on them. 

However, there are some areas where Honor could have done better. For example:

  • The sound from the speakers isn’t that loud. It’s enough for many users, but still, it could have been louder.
  • You can’t extend RAM if you want to in the future.
  • Only the trial version of MS Office is bundled with the laptop. You have to buy it separately.

Now coming to the main question, Is it worth buying Honor MagicBook X14 or X15?

Yes, it is. We were not that happy with the Intel i5 10th gen CPUs, but now with the Ryzen 5 5500U CPU, these laptops have become excellent options.

Most Ryzen 5 5500U laptops cost around 50k or more, but these two laptops are way cheaper than those.

So, the Ryzen variants of these two laptops are an easy recommendation. But if you prefer Intel, then those laptops are very good options.

The Honor Magicbook X14 and X15 are two great laptops for those who don’t have a high budget but want a solid all-rounder laptop.

Which one should you buy and why?

To be honest, both are value-for-money laptops.

Even with the i3 and i5 10th gen CPU, we didn’t have much problem as the laptops perform well.

The Ryzen variants perform even better

You can use these laptops for multiple tasks like:

  • Office work
  • Attend online classes
  • Making PPTs
  • FHD video editing (On Ryzen variants)
  • Light gaming (On i5 and Ryzen variants)
  • Using MS Office
  • Browsing the web or watching content

If you are fine with the 256GB SSD storage, then the Magicbook 15 or X15 is an ideal laptop.

But if you store a lot of media files, then 512GB variants of Magixbook 14 or X14 make more sense.

So you can pick any of the Magicbook X14 or X15, depending on your needs.

Can you use the Honor MagicBook X14 or X15 for Gaming and coding?

These laptops aren’t for gaming. Instead, they are for the office and student use.

However, you can play light games like Portal 2, Minecraft, and Rogue Legacy. As these games are less demanding, you can play them on the X14 or X15.

But anything more than that isn’t possible as there is no dedicated GPU. However, on the Ryzen variants, you can do slightly better gaming.

If you play a lot of games, then these laptops aren’t for you. In that case, you should check these gaming laptops that cost under 55k.

On the flip side, if you don’t play a lot games, then the X14 and X15 are one of the best laptops for you. 

Coming to the coding part, these laptops can handle it easily. Even the Android Studio runs completely fine on both.

So if you are a computer student and need a laptop for coding, you can go for any of these.

If you want more power, then check these Ryzen 5 5500U laptops under 50k.

How is the performance of MagicBook X14 and X15?

The everyday performance of both the MagicBook X14 and X15 is very good.

All the variants of these laptops perform fast for every task. The i5 variant of X14 performs even better compared to the i3 variant, and Ryzen 5 variants perform better than the i5 10th gen.

Most office users or students won’t notice any lag on these laptops. That’s because the PCIe SSD makes everything fast and responsive.

Are there any heating issues?

The laptops show no overheating issues when used normally with a few apps open. Yes, the laptops get warm, but that’s nothing to worry about.

On heavy use, the laptops get slightly hot, but not to the alarming level. You can use these laptops on your lap without worrying about the heating.

In summer, you will surely feel the laptop getting warm, but it happens with every other laptop having an aluminum body.

So make sure that the heat coming out of the laptop doesn’t get blocked by any object.

After every precaution, if your laptop still gets uncomfortably hot, then make sure to update all the drivers and apps.

These Ryzen 7 laptops under 60k are surprisingly good.

Is RAM Upgradeable on Honor MagicBook X14 and X15?

No, the RAM is not upgradeable on Honor MagicBook X14 and X15.

However, the Ryzen 5 variant of Honor MagicBook 14 comes with 16GB RAM, and that too under 45k. On this variant, you don’t need to upgrade the RAM because 16GB RAM is more than enough for office and student use.

Pros and Cons of Honor MagicBook X14 and X15

  • Excellent build quality
  • Gorgeous looking design
  • Great display quality
  • Eye-care features
  • Good and fast performance
  • Great battery life
  • Type C charging port
  • Fingerprint scanner and backlit keyboard
  • The sound from the speakers could have been louder
  • Non-expandable RAM
  • Only trail version of MS office

Final Verdict: Which one is best?

Honor might be late to the party, but they have done a good job with the MagicBook X14 and X15.

These laptops offer a lot when compared to the other laptops of the same segment.

From design to performance, every feature assures that you get the best out of it.

Both the laptops are great value for money, so everything comes down to your budget and needs.

If we had to recommend one, we would recommend the MagicBook X14 Ryzen 5 5500 variant, as it has more power and is the best value for money variant.

But if you are tight on budget and want a bigger display, then the i3 variant of Magicbook X15 is also a compelling option.

So pick the laptop based on your preference. Going for a more powerful variant means you don’t feel the lack of power even in the future.

These amazing laptops are outperforming other laptops in the Rs 50k-60k Range.

So this is our take on the Honor MagicBook X14 and X15.

If you still have any doubt, then feel free to ask us in the comment section.

Also, do share your thoughts with us.

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