Is 4GB RAM Good For a Laptop

When your budget is low, and you want a laptop, you are left with some inexpensive laptops having only 4GB RAM. But the question is, Is 4GB RAM good for a laptop?

In the present time, the software has become heavy. Running these software requires a good amount of RAM on a laptop.

But, what if you buy a laptop with 4GB RAM only.

Is a laptop with 4GB RAM good for multitasking? Is it going to lag or going to perform well in everyday life? If it’s fine, then how good is a 4GB RAM laptop?

If these questions are wandering in your mind, then don’t worry. We will help you to know if you should buy a laptop with 4GB RAM or not.

How much should you pay for a 4GB RAM laptop?

It’s important to know what’s the right amount to spend on a 4GB RAM laptop.

See, the overall cost of a laptop doesn’t depend on the RAM alone. 

There are a lot of other factors that decide the cost, for example, SSD or HDD storage, design, display, CPU, battery, and more.

As 4GB RAM comes in inexpensive laptops, you aren’t going to get premium features on these machines.

So, taking everything into account, the right amount to spend on a 4GB RAM laptop varies between Rs 20000-35000.

It might be possible that you see an 8GB RAM laptop for 30k and a 4GB RAM laptop for 35-40k.

It’s because every brand offers different specs on a laptop and prices them accordingly.

We just gave you a fair idea about pricing. If you are getting great features on a 4GB RAM laptop, then spending Rs 30-35k on it wouldn’t be a bad deal.

You can check these laptops for 30k that comes with a good set of features.

Is 4GB RAM good for laptop?

Is 4GB RAM enough for laptop

In the modern era, most things are happening online. 

Whether it’s making a presentation, doing some office work, or attending video conferences, a laptop has become a necessary thing in daily life. 

But, all these tasks put more load on the laptop. If your machine isn’t capable of handling them, then you might end up seeing a lot of lag.

Now the question is, Is 4GB RAM enough to handle all these tasks?

In short, Yes, 4GB RAM is enough for these tasks until you put a heavy load on the laptop.

What does this heavy load mean?

Opening multiple browsers with 5-10 tabs along with 5-6 apps running in the background and switching between them simultaneously is considered a heavy load for a budget laptop. 

If your usage is similar to this, then you must buy other powerful laptops with 8GB RAM.

On the other hand, if your usage is limited and you are an average user, then 4GB RAM will serve your needs well.

In such a scenario, you don’t need to worry much.

You should also know, what is single-channel RAM.

How good is a 4GB RAM laptop?

Before knowing that, you should know that the types and versions of RAM also matter.

For example, a dual-channel DDR4 RAM would perform faster than a single-channel DDR3 RAM.

DDR4 RAM also consumes less power compared to DDR3.

In the real world, the difference is significant, but not it isn’t night and day.

It means, if your laptop has DDR3 single-channel RAM, then it’s fine. Even a lot of budget laptops come with a single-channel RAM only. 

So, you shouldn’t be worried much. Check DDR3 vs DDR4 comparison here.

Now coming back to the main question, How good is a 4GB RAM laptop?

Scenario 1:

  • Task 1: Opening Chrome or any other browser with 5/6 tabs + one/two software in the background.
  • Task 2: Using Notepad + MS Office + Chrome with 1/2 tabs + any other documents all together.
  • Task 3: Watching videos or playing music in the background + doing your regular office work.

For this scenario, the 4GB RAM is enough. If you perform these tasks individually, then you won’t find any problem with 4GB RAM.

Scenario 2:

  • Task 1: Opening Chrome or any other browser with 9/10 tabs + three/four software in the background.
  • Task 2: Using Notepad + MS Office + Chrome with multiple tabs + any other documents altogether.
  • Task 3: Using video editing software + Chrome + any other software.
  • Task 4: Running 2/3 games and switching between them simultaneously

For this scenario, the 4GB RAM is simply not enough. If you perform these tasks individually, then you will end up seeing lag.

In such a case, you need to have at least an 8GB RAM laptop.

Is a laptop with 4GB ram good?

The answer varies depending on the tasks you are going to perform on a laptop.

If you come under in scenario 1, then 4GB RAM is fine for you.

If you are a heavy user and fall in scenario 2, then a laptop with 4GB RAM isn’t for you. You need to go for a laptop with higher configurations.

Have a look at these great laptops under 45000 from top brands like HP, Asus, Dell, and more.

Is 4GB RAM laptop good for students?

Students perform dozens of tasks on their laptops.

From making PPTs to coding, watching lectures to making assignments, there are many things students do.

For all these tasks, 4GB RAM is sufficient if you perform mentioned tasks individually.

Being IT students, we used to perform all these tasks on a 4GB RAM laptop.

Interestingly, we didn’t face any major issues until we ran demanding software like games simultaneously.

If you are a pupil, it’s even easier for you to perform your kind of tasks on a 4GB RAM machine.

Is 4GB RAM Good For Chromebook?

A Chromebook looks identical to a laptop, but the inside story is completely different.

Chromebook runs on Chrome OS, which is different from Windows and very similar to the Android OS.

The Chrome OS is very light compared to Windows. Due to this, the system requirements for running Chrome OS are not as much. 

So, the 4GB RAM is more than enough for a Chromebook because it basically runs Android apps in a laptop shell.

If you are confused about the Chromebook, then here is a guide on Is it worth buying a Chromebook or not.

Final Verdict

The consumption of RAM is dependent on your work and usage. 

If you are in a current stage where you don’t perform many tasks simultaneously, but you have plans to use demanding software in the future, then you should buy a laptop with a RAM up-gradation option.

Having a RAM upgradeable laptop is convenient for the future. You can upgrade the RAM from 4GB to 8GB whenever necessary.

Also check these Best Ryzen 3 Laptops under 30000.

Now we are sure you have a better idea of whether 4GB RAM is good for your work or not.

If you still have any doubt, then feel free to drop your query in the comment section. We would love to help you.

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We hope you have got what you have been looking for. If so, then share this article with others.

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