Is Avita laptop good

Two questions strike our mind when we consider buying an AVITA laptop.

  • First, Is AVITA laptop good? 
  • Second, Should I buy an AVITA laptop?

AVITA is a new laptop brand in the Indian market, and we don’t trust a new brand easily. Right?


You can’t deny the fact that the value Avita laptops are offering is way ahead of the competition. And that’s why people are getting confused.

Despite having some compelling specifications, people still think, is it a good idea to buy Avita laptop, and Are Avita laptops worth it?

If you are also confused, then don’t worry, we are here to help you.

After reading this article, you will be able to know:

  • Are Avita laptops good?
  • Which Avita laptop is worth buying?
  • How is the after-sale service of Avita?


AVITA started in the United States as a tech start-up. Later this brand was owned and operated by Hong Kong-based company Nexstgo.

The origin of AVITA laptops is Hong Kong. You can see that in the product description on e-commerce websites.

AVITA is a new in the Indian market. To attract buyers, the company has launched a few laptops in different price segments.

The company’s top offering AVITA ADMIROR has won the CES 2020 Innovation Award for its ultra-slim design.

Is AVITA laptop good?

Not every AVITA laptop is good, but the same can be said for other big brands too.

Every single product of a company can’t be sublime.

When it comes to AVITA, there are a few laptops that come with inferior processors and less storage. Avoiding these laptops is a good idea.

On the other hand, AVITA has also launched some laptops that are claimed to offer excellent value. And for the most part, they do.

These models are excellent value for the money, and offer compelling specs at a cheaper price.

Where other brands are charging 55k for the same configuration, AVITA delivers that in 40k. This price difference is huge for a regular buyer.


Things completely change when it comes to reliability and after-sale service

A lot of users have complained about the AVITA laptops facing reliability issues. And once the laptop goes to the service center, only AVITA knows when it will get repaired.

So, Should you buy AVITA laptop? 

To be honest, it’s not that easy to decide. But still, we suggest you don’t buy the Avita laptops.

Not because their laptops are crap. No, they aren’t. In fact, some AVITA laptops seem too good to be true. But this excitement comes down after seeing their after-sales service situation.

We support new companies by encouraging people to buy their products so that people would know how much potential a company has.

But companies do need to take care of their customers by offering a good service. AVITA as a new brand hasn’t reached that level yet.

If you still want to give this brand a try, then make sure to buy AVITA laptops if and only if they are priced aggressively. If they cost similar to the competition, then go for other laptops from reputed brands like HP, ASUS, or Dell.

In that case, you can have a look at these best laptops under 45000 from top brands like HP, DELL, ASUS, and Lenovo.

Which AVITA laptop is worth buying?

Note that other big brands don’t offer compelling specs like AVITA. Only for interested buyers, we have short-listed four AVITA laptops that you should consider buying.

Best AVITA Laptops

1. AVITA Essential

Best For

  • Students
  • Web browsing
  • Media consumption

Main Highlights

ModelAVITA Essential
Display14 inch Full HD
• (1920 x 1080)
• 60Hz
ProcessorIntel Celeron N4000
• 14nm
• Base frequency: 1.10 GHz
• Max frequency: 2.60 GHz
2 Cores/
2 Threads
Storage128GB SSD
OSWindows 10 Home in S Mode
(Upgradeable to Win 11)
Graphics CardIntel integrated UHD 600
Ports1 Full Size HDMI,
2 USB 3.0 Type A,
1 Micro SD Card Reader
Battery6 hours Claimed
(4-5 hours in Real-life)
AudioTwo 0.8W speakers
Bluetooth 4.2,
Weight1 kg 380 g
Box ContentLaptop, AC Adapter,
User Guide, Manuals
Warranty18+6 months onsite domestic warranty
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User Experience:

Let’s start with the entry-level laptop. 

If you are very tight on budget and want an inexpensive laptop then here is the Avita Essential for you.

This laptop comes with some specifications that no other laptop offers in this range. Hence, it has been proved to be the best laptop under Rs 20000.

The moment you open the laptop for the first time, you are greeted with an eye-catching design.

The bezels on this laptop are so slim that anyone may get mistaken by its looks. It looks way more attractive than any other laptop.

Not only the looks, but the specifications are also attention-grabbing.

This laptop comes with the Celeron N4000 processor with a variable frequency from 1.10 GHz to 2.60 GHz.

Intel UHD Graphics 600 on this laptop can handle day-to-day tasks. Keep in mind that this laptop isn’t a performer. So don’t expect ultra-high performance. 

The storage is 4GB LPDDR4 RAM and 128GB SSD. The storage might seem less, but hey, it’s an SSD. It makes a noticeable difference in speed compared to HDD.

Because of the SSD, every action will be 3-5 times faster. And if you are planning to store media files, then you can buy an external SSD or HDD.

The thing of concern is the build quality. This laptop is made out of plastic which makes creaking sound if pressed hard.

But, to be honest, most laptops in this segment have the same problem. You can’t expect everything perfect in this price range.

The laptop comes with Windows 10 Home, which can be upgraded to Windows 11 for free.

Overall, Avita Essential delivers more than expected. It’s a way better product than its competition.

If you are a beginner who needs a laptop for basic tasks like using MS-office, Notepad, browsing, etc, then you can invest in this laptop.

Pros and Cons

  • Excellent value for money
  • Eye-catching design
  • Full HD Display
  • Capable processor
  • Comes with SSD
  • Ultra Lightweight in this price segment
  • Decent battery life
  • Great overall specs
  • Build quality isn’t that great

2. AVITA LIBER V14 Ryzen 5

Avita Liber V14 Ryzen 5, Is Avita laptop good, Should I Buy Avita Laptop, Avita Laptop Review

Best For

  • Office and Business work
  • Some heavy tasks
  • Web browsing
  • Content consumption
  • Light gaming

Main Highlights

ModelAvita Liber V14 Ryzen 5
Display14 inch Full HD IPS
• (1920 x 1080)
• 60Hz
ProcessorAMD Ryzen 5 3500U
• 12nm
• Base frequency: 2.10 GHz
• Max frequency: 3.70 GHz
Cores/ Threads4 Cores/
8 Threads
Storage512GB SSD
OS64 Bit Windows 10 Home
(Upgradeable to Win 11)
Graphics CardIntegrated AMD Radeon
PortsMicro HDMI Type D,
2 USB 3.0,
1 USB 3.0 Type-C
(PD 2.0 charging, Display out),
Micro SD Card Reader
BatteryLi-ion Battery
(4 hours with medium use)
AudioDual speakers
Bluetooth 4.2,
HD Webcam
Warranty18 months warranty
OthersFingerprint scanner,
Backlit keyboard,
65 W AC Adapter
PriceCheck Latest Price

User Experience:

The Avita Liber V14 Ryzen 5 is possibly the only laptop that offers such features at a price of under 40000.

The price may get changed in the future, but as of now, this laptop is available for 40k.

Talking about the laptop, it comes with Ryzen 5 3500U CPU that has four cores and eight threads.

Getting this CPU at this price is a staller deal. It’s the best CPU in this segment that can handle every task with ease.

The combination of 8GB RAM and 512GB SSD takes care of multitasking and speed.

The speed of an SSD combined with the powerful CPU delivers serious performance. Doing daily work or office work is a breeze on this laptop.

Interacting with the 14-inch FHD display is also a joyful experience. It’s a good quality panel that produces accurate colors. There is no complaint regarding the display.

Holding the laptop in hand also gives an assuring feeling because of the aluminum chassis. It doesn’t feel cheap from any angle.

AVITA hasn’t skimped on some useful features like a fingerprint scanner and backlit keyboard. Even the Type-C port is there for added convenience.

The laptop is claimed to last for 6 hours, but in real life, it can last up to 4 hours. Putting more workload on the CPU might decrease the battery life further. The battery life is average.

Sound through the dual-speakers is adequately loud to watch videos.

The Windows 10 Home is running on the software front, and it can be upgraded to Windows 11 in the future.

Overall, If you are getting this laptop for 40k, then you can simply buy this laptop. It’s a feature-loaded laptop that outperforms the competition. 

Pros and Cons

  • Great Specs for the price
  • Good display
  • Powerful processor
  • Lightweight
  • Faster SSD storage
  • Solid build
  • Fingerprint scanner and backlit keyboard
  • Excellent value for money
  • Average battery life


Best Avita laptops

AVITA LIBER NS14, is the laptop that can stop you from buying other laptops.

If your budget is around 40000, and you want an Intel i5 laptop, then there is no better deal than this laptop. 

During some sales, you can get this laptop for even cheaper, which makes it an excellent value.

Now talking about the specs, AVITA LIBER comes with an Intel Core i5 10th Gen Processor,  8 GB DDR4 RAM, and 512 GB SSD. This combination of specs makes it one of the fastest laptops.

Note that the processor they have used is Core i5-10210U, which is a tiny bit slower than the Core i5-1035G1.

Also, the SSD is flash-based memory, not NVMe. But this SSD is also substantially fast compared to any HDD. You can feel the speed of it. 

The booting time is around 8-10 seconds, and the apps load in the blink of the eye.

It offers a 14-inch Full HD display with Backlit Keyboard. The display quality is great for content consumption and doing daily work.

In the graphics department, it comes with Integrated Intel UHD 620 Graphics. It’s not a gaming laptop, but still, you can do light gaming at lower settings.

Because of the solid aluminum build, it feels premium, and more expensive than it is.

Other features of this laptop are a fingerprint sensor, 7 hours of battery life, and Bluetooth v4.2. All the ports, including the Type-C, are available.

It weighs only 1.28 kg, which makes it one of the lightest laptops.

Despite having all these good specifications, you should consider buying it if and only if it’s available for less than Rs 40000. For that price, it’s a stellar deal.

If this laptop is available for 50000, then instead of going for it, you should go for these amazing laptops under 50k.

Best For

  • Office and Business work
  • Some heavy tasks
  • Web browsing
  • Content consumption
  • Light gaming

Main Highlights

ModelAvita Liber NS14A
Display14 inch Full HD IPS
• (1920 x 1080)
• 60Hz
ProcessorIntel Core i5 10th Gen 10210U
• 14nm
• Base frequency: 1.60 GHz
• Max frequency: 4.20 GHz
Cores/ Threads4 Cores/
8 Threads
Storage512GB SSD
OS64 Bit Windows 10 Home
Graphics CardIntegrated Intel UHD 620
PortsMicro HDMI Type D,
2 USB 3.0,
1 USB 3.0 Type-C
(PD 2.0 charging, Display out),
Micro SD Card Reader
Battery6 cell, 36.7 WHr Li-ion Battery
(7 hours with medium to heavy use)
AudioDual speakers
Bluetooth 4.2,
HD Webcam
Warranty18+6 months onsite domestic warranty
OthersFingerprint scanner,
Backlit keyboard,
65 W AC Adapter
PriceCheck Latest Price

Pros and Cons

  • Affordable price
  • Great Specs
  • Great processor
  • Lightweight
  • Good battery life
  • Solid build
  • Fingerprint scanner
  • Too many colorful options
  • Overall a great laptop for the asking price
  • The price fluctuates a lot
  • Don’t buy if it costs more than 40k 


Is AVITA laptop good

Best For

  • Office and Business work
  • Heavy tasks
  • Web browsing
  • Content consumption
  • Light gaming
  • Potability

Main Highlights

ModelAvita ADMIROR
Display14 inch Full HD IPS
• (1920 x 1080)
• 60Hz
ProcessorIntel Core i5 8th Gen 8265U
• 14nm
• Base frequency: 1.60 GHz
• Max frequency: 3.90 GHz
Cores/Threads4 Cores/
8 Threads
Storage256 GB SSD
OS64 Bit Windows 10 Home
Graphics CardIntegrated Intel UHD 620
PortsIn the Laptop: 2 Type-C Ports
In the Adapter: 1 USB Type-C,
1 3.5mm audio jack,
1 USB 3.0,
1 full size HDMI
BatteryLi-ion Battery
(4 hours with medium use)
Bluetooth 4.2,
HD Webcam
Warranty2 years onsite domestic warranty
OthersFingerprint scanner,
Backlit keyboard,
4 passive boosters with 2 full-range speakers
PriceCheck Latest Price

User Experience:

What a looker this laptop is.

AVITA ADMIROR is a laptop that is going to turn heads for sure. The absolutely sleek and stylish design is the main highlight of this laptop.

Currently, the price has been dropped to Rs 50000 from 72000, which makes it an excellent killer-looking laptop at this price.

For the price of under 50k, you will get a stunning-looking laptop. The laptop is so thin that it couldn’t fit the ports in it.

So where are the ports? There are two type-C ports on both sides at the end corner of the laptop where you need to attach the USB adapter that contains the other ports.

The laptop comes with an Intel Core i5 8th Gen processor, 8 GB DDR4 RAM, and 256GB SSD. SSD makes sure that everything responds quickly.

At this price point, a better processor and more storage could have been given, but that’s not what this laptop is aiming at.

It’s a professional laptop made for office users.

It houses a 14-inch Full HD display with an Island-Style backlit keyboard.

It’s not a gaming laptop, and thus, it comes with an Integrated Intel HD 620 Graphics card. This graphics card is capable of playing light games but not heavy ones.

The laptop comes with 10 hours of battery life, but in reality, it last for 4 hours only. It’s a portable laptop that weighs only 1.32 kg.

Other features include a fingerprint scanner, Bluetooth v4.2, WiFi, and 4 passive boosters with 2 full-range speakers.

This laptop has won the CES 2020 Innovation Award. So if you want a laptop that stands out from the crowd because of its looks, then this is the right laptop for you.

Note: If this laptop costs more than 50k, then don’t buy it. In that case, check these amazing laptops between 50-60000.

Pros and Cons

  • Sleek and stylish design
  • Overall good specs
  • Capable processor
  • Good sound quality
  • Fingerprint scanner
  • Light weight
  • Multiple color options
  • You always need to carry the USB adapter separately
  • Less storage
  • The inclusion of a newer gen processor would have been great
  • Poor battery life

AVITA Laptops you shouldn’t buy

On the official AVITA-India website, there are many other laptops listed. But these laptops aren’t available to buy yet.

On e-commerce websites, some other AVITA laptops are available, but that’s aren’t worth buying.

The AVITA laptops in India that you should not buy are:

  • Avita Magus Lite

Reason: Despite being the only 2-in-1 laptop under 20000, its reliability is a major concern. A lot of users have complained about the faulty display that has a white tint on it.


Reason: The specifications this laptop offers is far behind the competition. The processor and RAM don’t match up with other laptops in the same price bracket. 

  • There are some models with the same name but different specifications. You can check if there is any laptop that is worth buying or not.

Final verdict on AVITA laptops

Let’s make it simple, if you can trust the AVITA brand, then the laptops listed above are just great for the price.

In our honest opinion, before buying any AVITA laptop, make sure if there is any service center in your area or not.

How is the after-sale service of Avita?

Avita’s service is not as good as other big players like Dell, Asus, HP, Acer, etc.

Because the brand is new and establishing service centers across the country, the after-sale service you are going to get is unsatisfactory as of now.

It’s not just us, but a lot of users have complained the same.

So overall, you may need to struggle a lot to get your laptop repaired.

Is Avita laptop good for gaming?

No, Avita laptops aren’t meant for gaming, so don’t expect gaming out of these laptops.

Casual light games will play just fine, but if you are buying these for hardcore gaming, then look for some dedicated gaming laptops.

No matter how good and expensive a laptop is. If it’s a non-gaming laptop, then it’s simply made for daily use, not for playing games. The same can be said about Avita laptops.

Is Avita laptop good for coding and programming?

Did you know? A dedicated graphics card isn’t very important for coding and programming purposes. Coding doesn’t require the power of a dedicated GPU.

The integrated GPU combined with the CPU can easily perform the coding.

So, the Avita laptops are good for coding. You can do all types of coding on these laptops without any error, lag, or stutter.

Is Avita laptop good for students?

Yes, Avita laptops are good for students.

If your budget is less than Rs 20000, then Avita Essential is a good option.

Increase your budget a little, and the above-mentioned laptops are some good options.

Do check these best laptops with 1TB SSD and 8GB RAM.

Is Avita a Chinese company?

No, Avita is not a Chinese company. It’s a Hong Kong based company. In the product description, you can clearly see the County of origin as Hong Kong.

For those who don’t know, Hong Kong is one of China’s semi-autonomous regions, operating under the “one country, two systems” principle.

Avita is from which country?

Avita is a Hong Kong based company.

Is Avita a Sony brand?

Avita is not a Sony brand. A lot of people have this misconception.

But yes, there is a connection between these two.

Nexstgo, the owner company of Avita, has announced in 2018 that they have been licensed by VAIO Corporation to bring VAIO laptops back into several Asian markets.

This was just an agreement between these two companies. It doesn’t mean that one has owned another.

These two brands are made for a different audience. So if you buy an Avita laptop, it doesn’t have to do anything with Sony.

Avita service center near me?

A lot of people are concerned about the Avita service centers. So here the full list of Avita Service centers. You can check this list to find out the Avita service center near you.

So these are the best Avita laptops that deserve a look.

Now we have possibly cleared your doubts about the AVITA laptops. If you still have any doubt, feel free to ask in the comments.

Do you agree or disagree with these Avita laptop reviews? Do let us know.

Are you planning to buy an HP laptop? Have a look if HP 14 is worth buying or not.

If you have found this information helpful, then share it with others to let them know about AVITA laptops.

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  1. I bought Avita essential one year ago, its working fine, no ugly incidents yet. However mine is for school work, little office task and music. The sound system is awesome, battery life kudos and performance in terms of speed is excellent. Just a little hitch with the W button that needs a bit of thumb force to operate. But that is minor. If the laptop misbehaves I’ll come back to post.

  2. I am engineering student.Is it ok to buy avita liber v14 i7???Can this laptop be used smoothly for a long time?Thanks for your reply

  3. My Best Suggestion is Don’t Buy This Cheating AVITA Company at all. Whatever the price may be, Don’t buy this one. I & many of my friends had a very horrible experience with this company. They will sell with lower price but they won’t give any warranty & asks double amount for repair (you will get repair within 3-5months after buying). Believe me. Don’t buy it.

    1. Yes, your are saying correct, don’t buy avita laptop,because it’s fraud company, avita laptop age is around 4 to 5 month only, if you are going to service centre for repairing of avita laptop, they will not return your laptop. It’s blunder.

  4. pls dont buy avita laptops, they are the worst, i regret buying one during this pandemic, since i had to work from home. I gave my laptop to Avita for repair and its been over 4months, they have not returned my laptop. Finally my laptop was returned without charger. Its been over 10days again after calling the customer service on a daily basis, for charger. This is the kind of service you get from AVITA. Pls think before you buy.

  5. I had bought a AVITA Pura Laptop[ from shop Lappyware Shop Num G4 Kushal Bazar Nehru Place Delhi in Mar 2021. On 6 Jun 2021 the keyboard of the laptop stopped working and I was told by shop keeper to send it to AVITA service centre at Lajpat Nagar. Today is 28 of Jun and the keyboard has not been repaired.
    Worst after sale service by AVITA. They have not responded to my email or have given me satisfactory reply to repair the laptop. The product is also very flimsy and of poor quality standard.
    Based on my experience please dont buy AVITA laptops and dont buy the stuff from Lappyware Shop as they too are not very helpful when product goes BAD. I am a genuine buyer & not some rival company person. So trust my BAD experience with the AVITA laptop.

  6. Avita laptops are good but their support is horrible. I have given my laptop for service in February and I’m yet to receive it.

    They are saying that the parts have to come from Honk Kong, so they dont have any estimated date nor they can replace it.

    Stay away from this brand, if you don’t want to lose your mind.

  7. Avita laptops are good until they work fine. Once the laptop goes to service center, its gone. They don’t have in-house service team and the company they outsourced to have no sense of service for customer. They just want money. Can you believe they sent service quote of 71k for a Avita liber laptop worth 42k.

      1. I raised my complaint on 9th june. They took 9 days for service quote. I have emailed the firm on asking why the service cost is double the laptop value itself.

        No response till now. I call customer care everyday just to hear sorry every time.

      2. Any recommendations for similar notebook with SSD in some reliable brand. I use office, autocad and do basic 3d rendering.

  8. I’m an Advocate .Is Avita N4000 quite enough for me to use for my Profession as it has only 128GB SSD. And I also want to know whether it is expandable.
    Please advise me whether I shall go for it comparing to HP Pentium Gold 6405U

    1. Intel Pentium Gold 6405U on HP is more powerful than the Celeron N4000 on Avita. But Avita has SSD which makes every action blazing fast.
      If you want more storage than HP makes more sense because the storage is non-expandable on Avita.
      If storage isn’t an issue then go with Avita because the overall performance feels faster on it.
      Remember both of these are entry-level laptops, but still, you can go with Avita.

  9. I wanna to go and buy one laptop that time, I saw Avita laptop with features Ryzen 5, 8gb RAM with 256SSD is it good for office work.else we face any issue.

    1. Avita laptops are great for office use. There will not be any issues if you choose the right model.
      You didn’t specify which model you saw at that time. But make sure that a 256GB SSD is enough for you or not. If it’s enough, then go and buy the laptop.

  10. I am using a Nexstgo laptop.
    Since 18 months.
    Nexstgo laptops are for professionals hence price on the higher side.
    But quality is excellent,
    Needed after sales support once, it was also good.
    No regrets

  11. Hi I agree wirh the suggestions given above,but what to do I own 02 avita laptops and after a year both are not charging it means the quality is in suspicious mood.I had purchased because of its manufacturing country but at last I suggest that pl guys go with hp or some good brand not with avita.Yes the cost of adaptor, the costumer care says 2800rs appx.

    1. We really appreciate your suggestion. Our experience with AVITA laptops has been good so far. Based on our own experience, we are sharing the above laptops. We are sorry to know about your lackluster experience with AVITA.

    1. There are a few reasons for that:
      • Avita magus lite comes with a Celeron N3350 processor which is slightly slower than Celeron N4000 at the same price.
      • It has only a 64GB SSD which is lesser than the competition.
      • There are some display issues with the device itself.

      If you want a 2-in-1 laptop in the budget, then it’s a good device. Otherwise AVITA Essential is a better option. It’s a proper laptop with Celeron N4000 processor, 128GB SSD, and a better build.

  12. can we do high end work with ryzen 5 or 7,including i5 and i7,or these the same as other brands company laptops have,we can have havy work too,so can we do the same heavy work wih avita?

    1. The main selling point of Avita laptops is the price. To be honest, Avita laptops offer the same performance just like other laptops but at a cheaper price.
      If you keep doing heavy tasks most of the time, then go for the Avita laptops with a Ryzen processor (Ryzen 5 or Ryzen 7). These laptops are capable of handling heavy tasks. You will not be disappointed.

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