Is backlit keyboard useful

The absence of a backlit keyboard could be a deal breaker for many.

We have met some people who refuse to buy a laptop without a backlit keyboard, even though they never use it.

Now, the question is, Is a backlit keyboard useful? Is it necessary to have a backlit keyboard on your laptop?

We have used laptops with or without a backlit keyboard, and we can make you understand better.

Is Backlit Keyboard Useful?

Is backlit keyboard useful in Laptops

Absolutely yes. A backlit keyboard is useful. It comes in handy in many situations.

Because a laptop is a mobile machine, you can carry it around easily. You might have to face situations where you have to work in dark or partially lit conditions. That time, a backlit keyboard becomes necessary.

So yes, a backlit keyboard is useful in many situations.

Should you buy laptop with backlit keyboard?

A backlit keyboard is useful, but does that mean you must buy laptops with a backlit keyboard?

In multiple scenarios, you would never need a backlit keyboard.

  • If you work in the daytime in well-lit conditions, you will never need a backlit keyboard.
  • If your work area has enough light, then you won’t require a backlit keyboard.
  • Many people prefer external keyboards with RGB lights for a better typing experience. So if you also own an external keyboard, it doesn’t matter whether your laptop has a backlit keyboard.

Even if you work in these conditions where you don’t require a backlit keyboard, we still recommend you get a laptop with a backlit keyboard.

Why? Because you won’t work in the same lighting conditions all the time, neither can you carry your external keyboard with you.

If your laptop has a backlit keyboard, then at least you will have peace of mind. When required, you can use the backlit keyboard.

So yes, you should buy a laptop with a backlit keyboard.

Is backlit keyboard important for coding or writing?

Is backlit keyboard important for coding

Although it’s not necessary, we would still say that a backlit keyboard is important, especially if you are a coder or writer.

These tasks require typing through the keyboard, and if it is backlit, you can use it in any lighting condition.

We have writers in our office who work on laptops with no backlit keyboard. They never feel the requirement for a backlit keyboard because they work in well-light conditions.

However, when it’s getting dark, and the light goes out, then we strongly think of having a backlit keyboard.

We have backups, but everyone won’t have them.

So if you are a coder or writer, make sure your next laptop has a backlit keyboard.

Does backlit keyboard affect performance?

The keyboard’s LED lights don’t have anything to do with CPU.

However, these light glows using power from the battery. So they affect battery performance, not CPU performance.

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How much power does keyboard backlit use?

Some videos claim that turning ON backlit consumes 16% more power than turning them OFF. They are right, at least in the videos, but it depends.

If your laptop has a big 90 Wh battery, then turning backlit ON will consume 1 to 2% battery. If you lower the backlighting level, then the battery consumption will be even lesser.

If your laptop has a smaller 50 Wh battery, then you might see 3 to 5% battery consumption.

It’s not a huge percentage, but still, a backlit keyboard consumes more battery.

So we advise you to turn ON the backlight when required. Keep the backlight OFF otherwise.

Are backlit keyboards distracting?

Although backlit keyboards are useful, they are distracting for sure.

In dark situations, the light bleeding from the corners is more distracting, as it gets too bright and hits the eyes directly.

When you are typing in the dark, your focus is divided between the screen and the keyboard. So you won’t notice much distraction.

However, when you watch movies in the dark, all your focus is on the screen. At that time, the lights coming from the keyboard may distract you more.

So, it is advised to turn OFF the backlit keyboard when you are not typing.

Can you change the color of a backlit keyboard?

If your laptop has a multi-color LED keyboard, then sure, you can change the color of a backlit keyboard.

However, most business laptops come with single-color LED keyboards. So there is no chance of changing the color of a backlit keyboard on these laptops.

Not all, but a few gaming laptops have multi-color LED keyboards, and you can change the color by pressing the Function + C keys on the keyboard.

This key combination may vary from brand to brand.

Pros and Cons of a backlit keyboard

  • Best to work in a dark environment
  • Looks appealing to the eyes
  • Gives a premium touch to the laptop
  • You don’t have to worry if you work in various lighting conditions
  • It can hurt if you have sensitive eyes
  • Sometimes, it feels distracting
  • It consumes more power

Final Verdict

A backlit keyboard is not necessary, but it is useful in many situations.

Even if you never use a backlit keyboard, we still suggest you get one. At any given point in time, you might realize the need for a backlit keyboard on your laptop.

So, to be future-proof, make sure your laptop has a backlit keyboard.

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Is a backlit keyboard useful and necessary? We are sure you know the answer now.

If you still have any doubts, feel free to ask us in the comment section.

Do you agree or disagree with the points mentioned above? Feel free to share your thoughts.

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