Is boAt Data Cable Good

As our data cables went bad, we decided to go for boAt data cables because they are significantly cheaper and claim to last longer.

So, Is boAt data cable good? How long does the boAt cable last? Here is our experience with boAt data cables.

Is boAt Data Cable Good?

boAt Data Cable

We got the boAt Type C A325 for the price of Rs 149.

For the price, the packaging was excellent. The box had a good build, and the data cable was well-packed.

We bought the data cable for our older Poco F1, and to our surprise, this cable was faster than the original one.

We were getting around 2000 mA max power output, which is faster than the original data cable.

Later, we tested other fast-charging data cables with other smartphones, but this time, boAt data cables were not as fast as the original ones. Here, we are talking about VOOC-supported data cables, which boAt’s cables failed to compete with.

So what does all it mean?

If you are talking about 3 Ampere data cables, then yes, boAt cables are good. But if you are looking for fast-charging data cables for 60 or 65W output, then boAt cables aren’t that good.

Overall, boAt data cables are good at what price they come at.

But here comes a twist, which is longevity. Let’s talk about it.

How long does boAt cable last?

How long does boAt cable last

We bought the rugged data cables, which were supposed to last longer than the normal cables.

Exactly after 6 months, the data cable stopped working. It was not entirely dead, however. The cable was transferring the data and charging the phone from the laptop.

However, it was not working with the wall charger.

Although the cable was under warranty, we bought another rugged cable from boAt.

It worked fine for around 5 months, but then it went bad. It also had the same problem.

So as per our experience, boAt data cables are not very long-lasting. They work for 5-6 months without any problem, then may stop working.

Generally, the data cables that come in the box of smartphones are long-lasting and last 3-4 years. Compared to them, boAt cables lack longevity.

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Can we use boAt cable for iPhone?

boAt has launched several data cables for iPhones.

boAt LTG 500, 550V3, and 650 are MFI (Made for iPhone/iPad) certified cables that work well with all iPhones.

So yes, you can use boAt data cables for iPhones.

Should you buy boAt data cables?

If a Rs 100 or 150 data cable lasts for around six months, it’s not a bad deal. But we can’t keep buying new data cables very often.

Our experience was decent with boAt cables, although they went bad after a few months.

Considering the price, yes, boAt data cables are worth buying.

However, we advise you to add more money and go for original data cables from the smartphone brand you have.

Final Verdict

boAt cables are good, as long as they work.

It would be great if you go for original data cables from the smartphone manufacturers themselves.

If you have a tight budget and can’t spend more, then you can go for boAt data cables.

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So, are boAt data cables good? We are sure you know the answer now.

If you still have any doubts, then feel free to ask us in the comment section.

Do you agree or disagree with the points mentioned above? Do share your thoughts.

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