Is Coconics Laptop Good

Two questions will stop you from buying a Coconis laptop. Is Coconics Laptop Good? Should I Buy Coconics Laptop?

Generally, we don’t trust a new brand easily. A lot of questions come into our mind before purchasing a product from a new company.

That’s the same case with Coconics. This brand is so new that the majority of people don’t even know if it exists.

But, if you are here to know if Coconics laptops are good, then possibly you have heard or read about this brand already.

Either you know or don’t, the questions remain the same. Is Coconics Laptop Good, and Should You Buy Coconics Laptop

To answer these questions, we have researched a lot. We will tell you if Coconics laptops are good or not. If yes, then which are the best Coconics laptops.

About Coconics

Is Coconics Laptop Good, About Coconics

A public-private company, Coconics, was launched back in the starting of 2019. 

It’s an Indian company that is backed by the government of Kerala.

The four constituents (UST Global, KELTRON, KSIDC, Acceleron) of this Joint Venture company got together with the guidance and support of Intel to manufacture IT products in India under the Make in India initiative

The company is two years old and manufactures laptops in Monvilla, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala.

Coconics laptops are completely made in India and are promised to follow the global standards in the world of laptops.

Is Coconics Laptop Good?

Coconics isn’t trying to get in every segment of laptops. The initial range of products from Coconics was aimed at Government, Enterprise, and Education markets.

Because they are aimed at the education market, their laptops are considered as one of the best budget laptops for students


Because they offer a good value for the asking price. They have even launched a budget-friendly laptop that costs under Rs 18000.

We will talk about the laptops later, but first, you should know, Are Coconics Laptops Good?

The answer is Yes, but to some extent. The Coconics laptops are good. Not because these are made in India laptops, but because these laptops come with good specs.

But you simply can’t compare these laptops to top brands like HP, Asus, or Dell.

So yes, these laptops are good, but not as good as other popular brands.

Should You Buy Coconics Laptops?

Now you know these laptops are good, but should you really buy them?

See, these laptops aren’t as value-for-money as AVITA laptops, but these aren’t very far behind.

Some of the Coconis laptops are great value for money, and you will love using them.

But wait, as said earlier, these laptops are aimed at the budget segment. In this segment, you can expect a laptop for daily tasks like web browsing, writing, attending lectures, making presentations, and doing small projects. It doesn’t include heavy gaming or video editing, and Coconics doesn’t aim for that.

You literally need a high-end laptop for gaming or video editing kind of stuff.

But, look at your needs first. For a daily laptop user, Coconics laptops are good, and you can buy them.

On the other hand, they also offer mid-premium laptops with top of the line specs like Intel i7 processor, wifi 6, etc. You can also opt for those laptops if you want to.

In our personal opinion, if you are looking for an expensive laptop, then go for other popular brands like HP, Asus, Acer, etc. 

But, if your budget is limited, and you want an inexpensive laptop, then going for Coconics laptops won’t be wrong.

But remember, as of now, Coconics has partnered with Intel only. This means there are no Ryzen laptops from Coconics.

But here comes the biggest concerning question.

How is the after-sale service of Coconics?

Let’s come straight to the point, the after-sale service of Coconics is terrible as of now.

Some of their laptops are good, but in case their S/W or H/W get damaged, then you might face a lot of troubles.

If you live in Kerala, then you are in luck. But if you don’t, then you will hardly find any service center in your area.

So in case, if your laptop needs some repair, then you will end up visiting laptop repair shops instead of the Coconics service centers because these are very limited in numbers.

Best Coconics laptops

On the official Coconics laptops page, there are eight laptops listed to buy. 

But, only two of them are available to purchase, and the rest of them are available for pre-order.

It means you have to place an order for a laptop before it is available for purchase.

Not everybody is comfortable with pre-order because the majority of people don’t prefer it.

That’s why there are a few laptops available on Amazon that you can buy right now without any pre-order.

But wait, not every laptop is good. There are good as well as bad laptops.

So which is the best Coconics laptop?

Here is the list of the Best Coconics laptops in India. We strongly suggest you go through this list before buying any Coconics laptop.

You can buy these Coconics laptop without hesitation. The specs-wise, these laptops are worth buying, but another important thing is these laptops are make in India.

If you support the make in India initiative, then these laptops are the best.

So what do you think about Coconics laptops? Are you going to buy Coconics laptops? Share your thoughts with us.

We hope you got what you were looking for. If you found this information useful, then you can share it with others.

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  1. This is the worst notebook brand ever in India since 1995! Worst products sourced from china , assembled here in Kerala , and saying made in India. 100% of parts are imported from Chineese3rd tier ODMs and fooling all people !!!

    This is another scam initiated by the CMs, Ex-IT secretary and his team, just to loot peoples money from Goverment and poor people.

    Its customer care is worst like we are living in B.C.

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