Is Galaxy M42 Worth Buying in India

Wouldn’t it be great if we help you to know that Is Galaxy M42 worth buying or not? It will help you to make a better buying decision, right?

Samsung has launched the Galaxy M42 with some good as well as boring specifications.

The good specifications make it a worthy phone, but the boring specs stop it to do so.

What Samsung has done wrong with this phone? Is Samsung Galaxy M42 worth buying?

Let’s find it out here.

Samsung Galaxy M42 Specifications

Maybe the specifications give you an utter idea about how good or bad is the Samsung Galaxy M42. Take a look at the specifications.

Screen6.6 inch HD+ AMOLED Display
• 720 x 1600
• 265 PPI
Refresh Rate60Hz
ProcessorSnapdragon 750G Octa-core (8 nm)
• 2×2.2 GHz Cortex A77
• 6×1.8 GHz Cortex A55
Rear Camera48MP Main Camera,
8MP Ultrawide,
5MP Macro,
5MP Depth
Front Camera20MP
Expandable MemoryUp to 1TB
• Hybrid Slot
Battery5000 mAh
OSAndroid 11 with OneUI 3.1
Connectivity5G, 4G VoLTE,
Bluetooth 5.1, WiFi
Other FeaturesDual Sim hybrid slot,
In Display Fingerprint scanner,
Face unlock,
Widevine L1
ColorsPrism Dot Grey,
Prism Dot Black
Weight193 gram
Warranty1 year for device
6 months for box content
PriceCheck Latest Price

The specifications seem decent, but did you noticed something that shouldn’t be there at this price?

Let’s talk about it.

What Samsung has done wrong with Galaxy M42?

1. Display

Is Galaxy M42 Worth Buying in India

One major mistake Samsung made is by giving an HD+ display.

Seriously Samsung?

HD+ display for a Rs 22000 smartphone?

We don’t know what Samsung was thinking. Even the cheap smartphones from the same brands offer an FHD+ display.

To defend Samsung, you might want us to tell you that it’s an AMOLED display.

Yes, it is, but in reality, you will clearly see the lack of pixels on this phone. The lack of sharpness is evident.

No matter if it’s Samsung or not, if the same brand can give a better display for less price, then why couldn’t they do this with this phone.

They have even removed the sturdiness of Corning gorilla glass. Means it’s just a piece of glass with no protection.

It’s a total disappointment from Samsung. And please, forget about the 120Hz refresh rate.

2. Build Quality

Is Galaxy M42 Worth Buying in India

It’s Samsung, and what can we expect rather than the plastic build? Nothing.

Being a Rs 22k smartphone, the Galaxy M42 5G comes with a plastic build. The back panel is completely made of plastic.

Now, this might not be an issue for those who use a back cover.

But hey,

Not everyone uses the back cover. Even if you use one, you might need to use the phone without cover at some point of point. 

Then the cheap plastic feel might give you the thought that you could have bought a better phone with a solid build.

If other brands can easily give a glass back to the smartphone, then why not Samsung? 

The funny thing is that Samsung doesn’t even have included a back cover in the box. Really?

3. Pricing

Believe it or not, but Samsung has priced this smartphone incorrectly.

Even Samsung also knows this. That’s why they are giving a Rs 1000 coupon for everyone.

How to claim this coupon?

Check the “Coupon” option before adding the phone to the cart. And your discount coupon will be applied at checkout automatically.

Now the question is, if this pricing is wrong, then what should be the right pricing?

To be honest, if this smartphone comes with an FHD+ display, and priced at Rs 17000, then it would have been a great option.

But hey, it’s Samsung. They do whatever they want to loot people.

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What’s good in the Samsung Galaxy M42?

Not everything is wrong about the Samsung Galaxy M42.

There are a few features that make it one of the best smartphones in their respective feature category.

Take a look.

1. Processor

The processor Samsung has used in this phone is quite powerful though.

It’s an octa-core processor that has two 2.2 GHz Cortex A77 cores and six 1.8 GHz Cortex A55 cores.

What does it mean?

It means simple tasks like browsing, using Whatsapp, etc can easily be handled by cortex A55 cores.

On the other hand, the Cortex A77 cores will come into play when you throw some high demanding tasks like gaming.

Let’s be clear. The Snapdragon 750G is one of the most powerful processors in this price range.

It can handle every task without giving a sweat.

It’s good to know that Samsung has not compromised on the processor at least. Otherwise, it would have been a garbage phone.

2. Camera

Is Galaxy M42 Worth Buying in India

The camera is something that we can call decent. It’s not amazing for the price, but it’s above average.

The 48MP (F 1.8) main camera is the only capable camera, and the rest are just for the sake of giving the name quad cameras.

The 8MP (F2.2) ultra-wide camera is somewhat usable in daylight, but when the light dims, it starts to show the age. 

The same can be said for the 5MP (F2.4) depth camera and 5MP (2.4) macro camera.

The 20MP (F2.2) front camera is decent though. It’s not going to give you the best selfie, but it’s fine, to be honest.

So who are these cameras for?

If you have already used a phone with some amazing cameras then this phone will not make you excited.

On the other hand, if you are coming from a phone with average cameras, then this phone will be an upgrade for you.  

3. Battery

Is Galaxy M42 Worth Buying in India

Battery life is great on Galaxy M42 5G. That’s because of a few reasons.

  • The display is only HD+ which consumes very little power compared to the FHD+ display.
  • The refresh rate is only 60Hz which helps in better battery life.
  • The chipset used is 8nm which is considered a power efficient chip.

These three reasons help in better battery life.


Do you think that giving a 5000mAH battery is really a great decision?

Actually no, it’s not. Samsung has given 6000mAH batteries in cheaper phones.

So giving a 5000mAh battery on M42 isn’t that much impressive. It’s even a downgrade, to be honest.

Is Galaxy M42 worth buying?

Now you might have an idea of the Galaxy M42. Still, the question is, Is Galaxy M42 worth buying?


If you are a Samsung fanboy, then we suggest you go for other Samsung phones and save some money.

You will be excited to know that Samsung has just launched the latest and greatest Galaxy M32 under 15000.

It’s way better than the M42, and also offers a lot of features. It’s a perfect Samsung smartphone under 15k. (Check Galaxy M32 on Amazon)

The Samsung Galaxy M42 is just an average phone with nothing excited in it. 

So in our opinion, you can skip this smartphone

Pros and Cons of Samsung Galaxy M42 5G

  • The AMOLED display has punchy colors
  • Sufficient RAM and Storage
  • Powerful processor
  • Great battery life
  • Decent cameras
  • Only HD+ display
  • Plastic build
  • No display protection
  • Expensive

Which smartphone is the right alternative to Galaxy M42?

If the Samsung Galaxy M42 isn’t the right smartphone, then which one is?

You can check the Mi 10i 5G. It’s an excellent smartphone with attention-grabbing specifications.

Click here to know if Mi 10i 5G is worth buying or not.

On the other hand, if you want only Samsung, then we strongly suggest you take a look at these best non Chinese smartphones under 15000.

The first smartphone on this list is from Samsung, and you can buy that instead of Galaxy M42.

Now we are sure you have a good idea about the Galaxy M42.

Do you agree or disagree with the points mentioned here? Please share your thoughts.

If you still have any doubts about this smartphone, then feel free to ask us.

In case you are looking for laptops, then do check these best cheap gaming laptops in India.

One last thing, if you have liked this article, consider sharing it with others to let them know about the reality of this smartphone.

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    1. We may or may not publish a full review of Galaxy A52 4G, but we can give you a clear idea about this smartphone.
      The Galaxy A52 4G is a complete package. There is hardly any feature that is missing here. Its design, display, camera, sound, battery, everything is on point. It’s easily one of the best smartphones under 30k. You can surely go for it.

  1. Bhai can you suggest me a good smartphone? Requirements:- minimum 732g processor or equivalent dimensity processor, price should be less than 24k, since I use phone’s for 2-3 years I prefer 5g with 4g carrier aggregation(since I am currently working from my village), a good camera quality. It would be better if phone is AMOLED (it is not necessary) . Please suggest me any mobiles

    1. After looking at your requirements, we think that Realme X7 5G or IQOO Z3 5G would be great options for you. Both of these smartphones are great in most regards.
      If brand name matters to you, then Samsung Galaxy F62 is also a great option, but you have to compromise on 5G. Also, the processor is Exynos, not snapdragon or Dimensity.

  2. You are telling that this phone is not good in its price range.
    So, can you help me with suggesting other samsung phones in the same price range with specifications like Alt Z, Knox Security, Single Take, Super Amoled FHD+, 6000 or more mAH battery, with good camera.
    If you can, then please help me..

    1. The Samsung Galaxy M32 is going to suit your needs perfectly. It has an FHD+ sAMOLED display (90Hz), Alt Z, Knox Security, 6000 mAH battery, 64MP quad cameras, and more.
      The best part is, the starting price of the Galaxy M32 is Rs 15000.

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