Is i3 10th Generation Good

One confusion that has been revolving around, Is i3 10th Generation Good?

The Intel i3 10th Gen is an entry-level processor, but it’s a significant improvement over the i3 8th gen.

The 10th i3 processor has become good over time.

But the question is, how good has it become?

Is i3 10th Generation Good? And, Is i3 10th Gen Better than i5 8th Gen?

Let’s find it out.

Note that the CPUs we are comparing are laptop CPUs, not desktop ones. Desktops i3 CPU has a different story, and we have covered that also.

How powerful is Intel i3 10th Gen?

Let’s put it against the previous gen to get a clear idea of how powerful the 10th gen has become.

i3 8145Ui3 1005G1
• Cores: 2• Cores: 2
• Threads: 4• Threads: 4
• Base freq: 2.1GHz• Base freq: 1.2GHz
• Max Freq: 3.9GHz• Max Freq: 3.4GHz
• Tech: 14nm• Tech: 10nm
• Cache: 4MB• Cache: 4MB
• TDP: 15W• TDP: 15W

Due to the base frequency of 1.2GHz, the 10th gen processor throws less power on light tasks.

For example, if the laptop is in the ideal state, or if you are using light apps like notepad, then the CPU doesn’t have to use a lot of power.

Because of the base freq 1.2GHz, the CPU will use less freq (power) for such light tasks, which means the CPU doesn’t have to work hard on light apps.

In the case of 8th Gen, the base frequency is 2.1GHz. It means, for the lightest tasks, the CPU has to work on 2.1GHz frequency all the time. It will make the CPU work hard for no reason.

Because of the 10nm technology, the 10th Gen i3 will consume less power compared to the 14nm on the 8th gen.

Both have a 4MB L3 cache. (Know more about L1, L2, L3 cache in laptops)

So concluding this section, the i3 10th gen is a significant improvement over the 8th gen.

Is i3 10th Generation Good?

How good is i3 10th Gen, Is i3 10th Generation Good?

In short, Yes, it is good, but it also depends on the tasks you are going to perform.

The Intel i3 10th gen laptops are great for:

  • Using any MS Office apps like MS Word, Excel, or PowerPoint.
  • Making presentations.
  • Writing content if you are a content writer.
  • Web browsing.
  • Using software like Android Studio.
  • Light gaming (2D).
  • Editing FHD videos in S/W like Filmora (Rendering might take some time).

Except for these tasks, the i3 10th Gen laptop can also perform a lot more.

You will be surprised to know that one of our laptops in the office has an Intel i3 3rd Gen processor, and it still performs most of the above tasks easily.

What i3 10th Gen can’t do is:

  • Heavy gaming.
  • Editing 4K videos.
  • Using heavy software like AutoCAD.
  • 3D Animation.

But, here is the surprise.

The mentioned tasks are super easy for a desktop variant i3 CPU like Intel 10th gen i3-10100F combined with a dedicated GPU like GTX 1650.

To give you a fair idea, here are some highlighted specs of the desktop variant Intel i3 10th gen CPU.

CPUIntel i3 10100F
(Desktop CPU)
• Cores4
• Threads8
• Base freq3.60 GHz
• Max Freq4.30 GHz
• Tech 14 nm
• Cache6MB
• TDP65 W

From the specs, it’s clear that the desktop i3 10th gen is way more capable than the laptop i3 10th gen.

So, if you are planning to buy a desktop i3 10th gen CPU with a dedicated GPU, then don’t worry. It can handle everything with ease.

Should you buy an Intel i3 laptop?

We are sure you already know what your usage is.

If your usage includes the tasks that i3 can do (above described tasks), then you should buy Intel i3 laptops.

These laptops are capable of performing most of the tasks easily, and the good thing is, you will save some money also.

But wait,

Here is another main question.

How much should you pay for an Intel i3 laptop?

Now you know that the Intel i3 is a good processor, but it doesn’t mean you pay unnecessarily high for it.

What should be the right price of a laptop with an i3 processor?

Imagine a laptop that is priced around 30-35000, and has features like:

  • i3 10th Gen processor.
  • At least 4GB RAM (upgradeable).
  • 1TB HDD.
  • FHD display.
  • Solid build.
  • Decent battery life
  • A Fingerprint scanner and Type-C port.
  • And much more.

If this kind of laptop is available for around 30-33k, then it’s one of the best deals. Go for such a laptop without any doubt.

But where can you find such a laptop?

We have made it easy for you. Check these best Intel i3 laptops. The second laptop on this list is what you are going to be impressed with.

Depending on the specifications, the right amount for Intel i3 10th gen laptop is around 30-35k.

This price may increase if a laptop has other features like 8GB RAM, SSD storage, and so on.  

Note that this price is for the 10th gen i3 CPU. For the latest 11th Gen 13 CPU, you have to pay anywhere around 40-45000.

This segment of 45k laptops is already stiff. For your ease, we have selected the best laptops under 45000 from different brands like HP, Dell, Asus, and Lenovo. Don’t forget to check these laptops.

Intel i3 10th Gen vs i5 8th Gen

Intel i3 10th Gen vs i5 8th Gen,

Is i3 10th Gen Better than i5 8th Gen?

i3 10th Gen 1005G1i5 8th Gen 8265U
• Cores: 2• Cores: 4
• Threads: 4• Threads: 8
• Base freq: 1.2GHz• Base freq: 1.6GHz
• Max Freq: 3.4GHz• Max Freq: 3.9GHz
• Tech: 10nm• Tech: 14nm
• Cache: 4MB• Cache: 6MB
• TDP: 15W• TDP: 15W

You must have got an idea after looking at the above specifications.

Allow us to share if you don’t.

In simple words, the i3 10th gen is not as powerful as the i5 8th gen.

The i5 8th gen has double the cores and threads that make it way more powerful than the i3.

The Core i5 is two times faster than the Core i3, and it’s evident in day-to-day life. i5 performs faster and has low latency while performing daily tasks. 

Because of the lower base frequency, one advantage i3 has is that it can handle light tasks more efficiently without forcing the CPU to use more power.

The overall performance of i5 8th is better than i3 10th gen. Because of it, the i5 laptops cost more.

Now, if you are thinking of buying an Intel i5 laptop, then do check these i5 laptops with 8GB RAM and SSD. This list has both i5 10th gen and 11th gen laptops.

Now there are some other things that you should know about Core i3 10th gen.

Is i3 10th gen good for programming?

Sometimes programming requires more CPU power. So it all depends on what you are programming, how big is it, and where does the code compile, test, and run.

Most programmers compile, debug, test, and run their code on the CPU itself, and that’s why your CPU should be capable of handling it.

For large software projects that are very resource-hungry, the Intel i3 might struggle.

But if you’re just starting with the programming, then you don’t need any high-performance laptop, and the i3 10th gen will serve you just well.

In a real-world scenario, 70% of the time, the Intel i3 10th can handle the programming just well.

Is i3 10th gen good for video editing?

Video editing also requires a lot of CPU and GPU power. Now there are two scenarios.

Scenario 1:

If you are a beginner in video editing, and you want to edit Full HD videos for YouTube, Facebook, or any other project, then i3 10th gen is capable of doing so.

The video rendering might take more time, but in the end, it is possible to edit video on a laptop with an i3 processor.

Scenario 2:

If you are a professional who keeps editing 4k, 8k video all the time, then the Intel i3 is not for you. It simply can’t process such a heavy video file.


You might need a powerful laptop for video editing in the future, even if you are a beginner today. Ryzen CPUs are way more capable of handling such heavy video files.

We suggest you take a look at these best Ryzen 7 laptops under 60k. These laptops are some of the most powerful laptops in this segment. 

Is i3 10th gen good for students?

Is i3 10th Generation Good for students

Student life is a learning phase, and for learning purposes, the Intel i3 10th gen is a great option.

If you are a student, and your usage includes:

  • Attending online classes.
  • Making PPTs.
  • Doing coding.
  • Web browsing.
  • MS Word, Excel, Powerpoint.
  • Watching videos.
  • A little bit of photo/video editing.

Intel i3 10th generation is good for these tasks. It can handle all of the above tasks easily.

As an alternative, you can also look at these Best Ryzen 3 Laptops under 30000.

Is i3 10th gen good for gaming?

Gaming requires multiple cores and threads of a CPU along with the power of a dedicated GPU.

The Intel i3 has only two cores and four threads which are not sufficient for gaming.

There is hardly any laptop in the market with an Intel i3 CPU and a dedicated GPU. 

So, the 2D games will run just fine, but the moment you throw any 3D game on this CPU, you will start to see so many glitches and lag.

Lowering down the settings might help in slightly better gaming, but the overall gaming experience will not be good enough.

To have a great gaming experience, you will have to invest extra, and these best and cheap gaming laptops will be the perfect gaming machine for you.

But hey,

If you are thinking about building a PC and using an i3 10th CPU along with a dedicated GPU, then it can handle any game with ease.

So basically, to have an immersive gaming experience, your machine should have a dedicated GPU because games mainly rely on GPU more than a CPU.


Is i3 10th generation good? We are sure you already know the answer now.

It’s an entry-level CPU that is made by keeping the basic users in mind.

You can perform a lot of things on a laptop with an i3 processor. If you need a laptop for daily use, then go for Intel i3 and save some money.

On the other hand, if you are planning to buy an Intel i3 10th CPU for desktop or PC, then make sure to use a powerful dedicated GPU. This combo can handle heavy tasks with ease.

AVITA laptops are changing the game in the Indian market, but are they really worth buying? Click here to know.

So, Is i3 10th generation good or not? We are sure you know the answer now.

If you still have any doubts, then feel free to ask us in the comments. We would love to help you.

Do you agree or disagree with the points mentioned above? Do let us know.

If you have found what you have been looking for, then consider sharing this article.

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  1. Strictly talking 10th gen i3 mobile CPU’s. You will be better off finding a discounted core i5 in most cases. Otherwise, save yourself some money and buy a laptop with a Pentium Gold. These laptops benchmark very close to an i3 and are cheaper.

  2. Sir!
    i am using Autocad and 3d max
    so suggest best laptop with core i and generation for me with proce details due to Arabic coutry or Pakistan proce…….tnx sir

    1. Having more cores and threads is always beneficial for AutoCAD and 3D Max. So you should go with the Intel i5 12th gen 1240P CPU laptop.
      Acer Aspire 5 Gaming 12th Gen Intel Core i5-(12 cores) is an inexpensive, yet powerful laptop that can handle all these apps.

    1. Yes, Intel i3 10th Gen can handle statistical software like SPSS. Here are the minimum requirements for statistical software:
      • Operating system: Windows 7 (SP 1), Windows 8, Windows 10 (32-Bit-or 64-Bit-Version)
      • Processor with 2GHz or higher.
      • 4 GB RAM or more, for 64-bit clients at least 8 GB.
      • 4 GB free hard disk space.
      • Display: 1024*768 or higher

    1. Intel i3 is capable of handling music production software like FL studio. Going for i5 would be the best practice, but still, if you have budget problems, then going for i3 wouldn’t be a bad deal. Just make sure to have enough RAM and storage.

  3. I’m using i3 generation 10th i3-10100f with gtx-1650, I can playing heavy games (Sekiro with MAX setting) even with that settings CPU only using 60% of capacity. so to say i3 gen 10 not good for gaming is false, its all depends on GPU

  4. Such a great article for those who don’t have much technical knowledge about computer… It will definitely provide a good guidance in buying a laptop…

      1. Building a gaming PC what is the right order of prioritising CPU parts- Processor, GPU, Motherboard, RAM, Storage (I mean in which part I would pay more)?

  5. Thank you very much.Being a beginner i was looking to buy i5 10th gen laptop but after looking at what you said i will go for i3 10th gen laptop because i am still learning MS office.So i3 10th gen will be more than enough for me.Once again a huge thanx to you…

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