Is Intel Core i7 Good

Are you planning to get a new laptop or build a PC with Intel Core i7 CPU?

If so, then a few questions might bother you.

  • Is Intel Core i7 good for everyday use?
  • Is Intel Core i7 good for gaming?
  • What If I use it for music production?
  • Can it handle video editing?
  • And more.

Don’t worry. We have tried our best to answer all these questions in the simplest possible way.

Is Intel Core i7 Good for Everyday Use?

⦿ On Laptop

If we talk about the Intel Core i7 on laptops, then we have to say that it’s one of the best CPUs for everyday use.

In fact, it’s slightly overkill for normal everyday tasks.

Allow us to explain.

When you look for the Intel i7 laptops, you will get at least an i7-1065G7 10th gen CPU. We know it’s now aged, but for everyday use, it’s still a good CPU.

However, we don’t recommend this CPU now because you can comfortably get an i7-11th gen CPU on a laptop that costs around Rs 65000. (Here are a few i7 laptops)

The 11th gen is a significant improvement over the 10th gen, so we advise you to go with at least i7 11th Gen G series CPUs.

If you can spend more, the 12th gen is even better than the 11th gen.

All we are trying to say is that if you are looking for an Intel i7 laptop for everyday use, then go with the i7-1165G7 of the G series, at least.

This CPU can easily handle all the everyday tasks without showing any lag or stutter. If you go for the higher variants, you will have an even better experience.

⦿ On PC

The performance of PC or desktop CPUs is completely different from what you see on a laptop or mobile CPUs.

The desktop CPUs are so powerful that even if you buy a three years old CPU today, it will perform just amazing.

For instance, the Intel i7-10700F and 10700K are around three years old, but they still deliver impressive performance.

Yes, the newer CPUs perform even better, but for everyday usage, even the 10th gen desktop CPU is overkill.

Verdict: The newer generations of i7 CPUs are more than powerful enough for basic use. You don’t have to worry about performance on this CPU. Just make sure to don’t go below the 11th gen G series on laptops and 10th gen on desktops.

Is Intel Core i7 Good for Gaming?

Is Intel Core i7 Good for gaming

⦿ On Laptop

First thing first, if you are planning to get a laptop for gaming, make sure it has an H series of Intel CPUs.

The H series of Intel CPUs are specially made for High-performance tasks like gaming. This series has a significant performance boost over the G and U series.

But as we all know, gaming is a GPU-intensive task, so you have to make sure that your laptop has a good GPU that can handle games seamlessly.

Good GPUs are available in every price segment except for those under 50k. So you can pick depending on your budget.

Coming to Intel i7 CPU, we have played some games on Intel Core i7-10750H with a 4GB GTX 1650 graphics card.

We have to say that the gaming performance was seamless. Yes, the 4K games were not playable, but the FHD gameplay was smooth.

That was our experience with the i7 10th gen CPU. The newer 11th and 12th gen CPUs are even more powerful. So you can expect even better and smoother gaming performance.

If benchmark numbers confuse you, then we will make it simple for you.

Yes, Intel i7 is good for gaming on a laptop, provided the laptop also has a capable GPU.

The experience with the newer 11th and 12th gen CPUs will be even better and smoother, but you have to pay extra.

If you don’t have a budget problem, it’s always better to go with the newer generation of CPUs. But if you can’t spend a hefty amount, then even an i7 10th gen H series CPU is still good for gaming.

For an immersive gaming experience, you can check these gaming laptops for under 75k that come with Intel i7 11th Gen and Ryzen CPUs.

⦿ On PC

As said earlier, the performance of a desktop version of a CPU is significantly better than the mobile version of the same CPU.

There is no doubt that the Intel Core i7 is not only good but one of the best CPUs for gaming on a PC.

But the question is, which generation of i7 CPU is the best?

Although the Intel Core i7 9th gen 9700 is still good, we don’t suggest it anymore.

We highly recommend you get at least 10th gen i7 CPU and combine it with a good GPU to get the best gaming experience.

For 4K gaming, go with newer 12th or 13th gen CPUs.

So overall, for FHD gaming, Intel i7 10th gen and 11th gen are good. For 4K gaming, get the 12th or 13th gen variants of i7.

Verdict: Intel i7 is a good CPU for gaming, but one should go with the right generation, as per his needs. The right combination of Intel i7 and powerful GPU will deliver an immersive gaming performance.

Is a 4GB Graphics card enough for FHD and 4K gaming? Click here to know.

Is Intel Core i7 Good for Music Production?

Have a look at the minimum PC requirements for music production.

  • A minimum of 2.4 GHz quad-core CPU
  • At least 4GB of RAM
  • A 64-bit operating system
  • A minimum of 500GB of internal storage (HDD or SSD)
  • A 13″ screen

For music production, you don’t need high-end configurations. However, to be on the safer side, we recommend you go for better specifications.

Here is what we recommend for music production.

  • A 2.4 Ghz Quad-core or Hexa-core CPU
  • 16GB of RAM (If you use a lot of plugins and virtual instruments, then 32GB of RAM is recommended)
  • A 64-bit operating system
  • 500GB to 1TB NVMe SSD 
  • A 14″ or 15.6″ screen

Although an Intel i5 would run music production software comfortably, you should get an Intel i7 for more flexibility.

For up to 20-track levels, the Intel i5 is best suited. It can handle this much stress easily.

However, if you edit music with more than 20 tack levels, you should go with the Intel i7.

We suggest you go with at least i7-1165G7 because it has a max frequency of 4.70 GHz, which is more than enough to run music production tasks.

As music production is a CPU-intensive task, you should choose the CPU carefully.

An Intel i7-1165G7 or above will handle all the music production tasks with ease.

These budget gaming laptops can also be used for music production.

Is Intel Core i7 Good for Video Editing?

Is Intel Core i7 Good for video editing

Video editing needs power from both CPU and GPU. Earlier, it used to be a CPU-intensive process, but now, software like Premiere Pro offers you the option to choose GPU to handle all the stress.

Still, the CPU is very important for video editing.

For PC, even a 10th gen i7 processor can handle FHD to 4K video editing, provided a similarly powerful GPU is attached to it.

On laptops, you should go with the H series of Intel i7 processors.

To be future-proof, buy a laptop with an i7 11th or 12th gen H series CPU and a dedicated GPU.

This combination can handle professional video editing with ease. The latest i7 CPU and a powerful RTX CPU can even handle 4K video editing without giving any sweat.

So yes, an Intel i7 is a good processor for video editing. Just make sure that your laptop or PC also has a good dedicated GPU.

Do you really need a dedicated GPU for video editing? You can read our detailed guide here.

Is i7 better than i9?

Intel i9 CPU powers high-end laptops. So it’s obvious that the same generations of Intel i7 and Intel i9 can’t be matched in performance. The i9 will always have an upper hand.

However, things completely changed when we compared the Intel i7 12700H with Intel i9 11900H.

The above data is rendered from nanoreview, and you can see that in every benchmark test, the i7 12th gen is ahead of the i9 11th gen.

But remember, it’s not always the case. Only a particular variant of the i7 12th gen can outperform the i9 11th gen. The high-end i9 11th-gen CPU will perform better than the mid-range variant of the i7 12th-gen CPU.

However, If an i7 12th gen and i9 11th gen are available for a similar price, and we have to pick one, then we would go for the i7 12th gen because it has more power than the i9 11th gen.

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Which is best for students i5 or i7?

If you are a student, then we don’t think you need a high-end i7 CPU. As the i5 12th gen has become so powerful, it can easily handle most student-related work.

Even if you are learning coding, the i5 12th gen is more than enough.

The i5 11th gen can also handle all these tasks without showing any slowdown, but still, to be on the safer side and future-proof, you should go with the i5 12th gen CPU.

What can a student do on an i5 12th-gen CPU?

  • Coding
  • Editing
  • Designing
  • Writing
  • And all basic tasks, including using MS Office, Creating PPTs, attending online classes, and much more.

But remember, if you are on a professional level, then you should go with an i5 12th gen H series CPU with a dedicated GPU.

We agree that the i7 is more powerful than the i5, but students mostly don’t need this much power.

So we advise you to go with the i5 over the i7 and save some money if you are a student.

These Intel i5 laptops under 50000 are best suited for students’ needs.

Final Verdict

The newer generation of i7 CPUs has become significantly powerful in handling intensive tasks.

Yes, mobile CPUs can’t match up the performance of a desktop CPU, but still, your i7 laptop will have enough power to handle most tasks with ease.

For PC, even the i7 10th gen is more than enough.

All in all, the Intel i7 is a solid performer. Just make sure to choose the right variant of this CPU, depending on your needs and budget.

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So, Is Intel Core i7 good? We are sure you know the answer now.

If you still have any doubts, then feel free to ask us in the comment section. We would love to help you.

Do you agree or disagree with the points mentioned above? Do share your thoughts.

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