Is Obage a Good Brand

One question might bother you if you are considering buying an Obage speaker. Is Obage a good brand, and should you buy Obage speakers over other brands?

If this question is in your mind, then don’t worry, we will help you to know everything about Obage.

You might have seen a lot of good reviews about Obage speakers? But are these speakers really that good? Let’s find it out.

About Obage

Is Obage a Good audio Brand, about Obage

Obage was launched in 2018 by Ankur and Ankit Oberai. The brand manufactures and sells home audio speakers priced between Rs 2,500 – Rs 8,000. (Source)

Between 2016 and 2017, Ankit and Ankur were manufacturing electronic items mainly, set-top boxes, for local players, but they didn’t get expected success.

Around the same time, Ankur and Ankit were looking for a music system for their home. They realised that while there were several big and good brands in the market, they cost a lot of money.

This is when the brothers decided to enter into the audio speakers segment and started making them in-house.

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Is Obage a Good Brand?

Obage wants everyone to fall in love with music using their speaker systems. And for the most part, they succeeded.

Where there are already big players in the market, Obage still manages to get its way to reach people.

In fact, thousands of people are loving what Obage is delivering.


Because the sound quality of Obage speakers is pleasing.

No matter which Obage speaker you choose, you will be offered an immersive sound experience. And that’s the reason why people are loving this brand.

So, Is Obage a Good Brand?

Yes, Obage is definitely a good brand.

Should You Buy Obage Speakers?

Should You Buy Obage Speakers

As Obage is offering eleven categories of speakers, most of them are worth buying.

One thing is to note that Obage speakers aren’t the loudest in the segment.

For example, if your budget is 3000, then you can get a 60W speaker from other brands, where Obage will offer you only 25W to 40W speakers in this range.

So, Is it bad to compromise on loudness?

Well…no, it isn’t. Because the sound quality Obage 25W speaker may beat the overall sound of a 60W speaker from other brands.

Yes, Obage speakers don’t get too loud compared to the competition, but they sound way better.

So, you should definitely buy Obage speakers because they are ahead of the competition in terms of sound quality.

Which Obage Speakers Should You Buy?

As there are eleven different categories of Obage speakers, you can buy any speaker according to your budget.

We don’t want to stretch this article for no reason. That’s why we have created a list to make it easier for you.

If your budget is around Rs 3000, then check this list of best tower speakers under 3000. Obage tower speaker is our recommendation on this list.

If your budget is around Rs 7-10000, then check this list of best tower speakers under 10000. This list also has Obage tower speakers.

Now coming to bookshelf speakers, you can buy the below-listed speakers:

  • Obage HT-144 100W 2.1 Home Theatre Speaker (Under Rs 6000)
  • OBAGE HT-101 65 Watt 4.1 Home Theatre System (Under Rs 5000)
  • OBAGE DT-21 50W 2.0 Home Theaters Tower (Under Rs 4000)
  • OBAGE Soundbase SB-001 40 Watt (Under Rs 3000)

As of now, these are the best Obage speakers in different price segments.

Is Obage an Indian company?

Yes, Obage is an Indian-based company located in New Delhi. The company was launched by Ankur and Ankit Oberai in 2018.

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Now we hope you have a better idea about the audio company Obage.

If you still have any questions in your mind, then feel free to ask us in the comment section. We would love to help you.

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  1. Obage and Zebronics are two popular Indian sound based Brands which reflects recognized quality expected by “quality rich” sound experts in the competitive present scenario.
    Thanks for Indian base rich sound quality to be compared w😂Japanese Sony, etc. In the near future. No doubt.
    Sincere thanks for maintaining superior qual😘.
    Continuous user.

  2. Helo man. Rajasthan Ajmer district kishangarh se bol raha hu mujhe home theatre ka requirement hai top quality me lena hai

  3. I am owning Obage speakers 2605 since 3 years. The speakers are rich in bass and sound quality is far superior. The bass is minblowing. I am able get good bass even at low volume. The speakers does not distort at high volumes. The sound is rich vibrant and clear. This is what I wanted in my search for a good audio/home theatre system. and finally I got what i was looking for. Obage should come out with a more superior sound quality speakers compared to F & D T88x and these speakers cost nearly Rs.27000 to Rs.30,000. I am sure that obage will prove its superiority compared to F& D T88X. The second thing is that the speakers should be very huge and this will give a sturdy look. The bass should be much higher than F& D T88x.

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