Mivi vs boAt

boAt is one of the most popular audio brands in India, but that doesn’t mean Mivi doesn’t stand a chance.

Although both brands are almost similarly aged, boAt gained so much popularity in such a short period, whereas Mivi didn’t.

Mivi had its reasons for that, but now, the brand is trying to make a comeback by launching some good products.

So should you go with Mivi or a more established and popular brand, boAt? Let’s find it out in this Mivi vs boAt comparison.

About Mivi

Mivi was established in 2016 by Midhula Devabhaktuni and Viswanadh Kandula. The brand’s name came from the name of the founders themselves. (Mi)dhula Devabhaktuni and (Vi)swanadh Kandula.

It is a Hyderabad-based electronics brand that offers products like speakers, soundbars, Bluetooth earphones, wireless earbuds, cables, chargers, etc. They have recently added smartwatches to the lineup.

Is it an Indian brand?

Like every other brand, Mivi used to import its products from other countries, basically China.

But now, they have set up their manufacturing plant, Avishkaran Industries, in Hyderabad, India.

It means their products are entirely made from scratch in India, which is a commendable move as it gives employment to over 1500 people in the factory.

The number of employees in the company is anywhere between 41 to 60. Know more about Mivi.

About boAt

boAt, legally named Imagine Limited, was established in 2016 by Aman Gupta and Sameer Mehta, the same year Mivi came into existence.

It’s a Delhi-based company that is well known for making good quality TWS earbuds, wired and Bluetooth earphones, headphones, portable speakers, soundbars, smartwatches, chargers, and data cables.

Is boAt an Indian brand?

Yes, boAt is an Indian brand, but their products are made in China. It means boAt imports all of the products from China, as they don’t have any manufacturing plant in India.

boAt has anywhere between 151 to 250 employees in the company.

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Mivi vs boAt Earphones

Mivi vs boAt Earphones

If we talk about wired earphones, then there is no competition.

Mivi has launched only a few wired earphones, for instance, the Mivi Rock and Roll E5, whereas boAt has launched dozens of wired earphones like boAt Bassheads 242, 225, 152, 100, and so on.

So it won’t be a fair comparison if we put Mivi’s one earphone against a whole team of boAt Bassheads.

The sound quality on most boAt Bassheads wired earphones is surprisingly good, too.

So, if you are planning to buy a wired earphone, boAt is a better brand than Mivi.

When it comes to Bluetooth earphones or neckbands, the story is almost similar. Mivi has launched only a few neckbands, so we don’t have many options to put against boAt neckbands.

The Mivi Collar Flash and Collar Classic Pro are good neckbands. They sound good and have a decent amount of bass. The sound is overall clear and enjoyable.

boAt neckbands, on the other hand, offer much better sound with deep bass. The battery life on boAt neckbands is also impressive.

If we had to pick one, then we would go for the boAt neckbands.

Verdict: Because Mivi hasn’t launched many earphones, we have to give the round to boAt in this category. Mivi neckbands are good, but boAt neckbands are even better. So you should go with boAt earphones.

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Mivi vs boAt Earbuds

Mivi vs boAt Earbuds

The TWS market is the primary focus of all audio brands, as more and more people are preferring TWS earbuds over wired or neckband earphones.

Mivi has launched multiple earbuds in the budget segment, whereas boAt has already launched too many earbuds and still launching more earbuds every other week.

The problem with this approach is that the buyers get stuck in a dilemma. Having more options gives flexibility to buyers, but it creates a lot of confusion because there are excessive boAt earbuds in the market already.

Let’s put this aside and talk about the actual experience.

Both Mivi and boAt have launched good quality earbuds. As these brands target the budget segment, you should have expectations according to budget, and both these won’t disappoint you.

The sound signatures vary from model to model, but in general, we have seen that the Mivi earbuds deliver balanced, clear, and open sound, whereas most boAt earbuds are focused on the bass part.

But some boAt earbuds, like boAt Airdopes 170, deliver clear and open sound with balanced bass. So it’s not like boAt is only focused on bass and doesn’t care about other sound frequencies.

Some Mivi earbuds also go off the route and deliver pretty average sound quality.

Other features like call quality, battery life, and comfort are somewhat similar in both brands.

Which one should you pick?

Although Mivi earbuds are promising, we still think boAt earbuds have a slight upper hand.

So we advise you to put boAt Airdopes high on your priority list. If you don’t like any boAt earbuds, then you can go for Mivi.

Verdict: The earbuds from both brands are really good, but boAt earbuds are more value for money. You get better sound, battery, and features on boAt earbuds.

Mivi vs boAt Bluetooth Speakers

Mivi vs boAt Bluetooth Speakers

boAt has launched many Bluetooth speakers till now, whereas Mivi has three Bluetooth speakers in their portfolio as of the writing of this comparison.

So let’s make it short and simple.

Mivi has offered Mivi Play, Roam 2, and Octave 3. Out of these, the Mivi Roam 2 is by far the best Bluetooth speaker. It’s priced around Rs 1100 to 1300. During sales, you can get it for even Rs 999.

The Roam 2 is so good that it can easily compete with more expensive speakers. It just shines in every department, be it build, design, or sound quality.

So, if your budget is around Rs 1000 to 1300, go for Mivi Roam 2. It’s the best product of the company.

On the other hand, if you want to spend Rs 1500 or more, speakers like the boAt Stone 620, 1200, and 1208 are the best options.

You get more options from boAt if you are willing to pay extra, but Mivi offers limited options, at least as of now.

boAt Bluetooth speakers are impressive. They sound loud, clear, and rich. In fact, the boAt Stone 170, which costs under Rs 800, sounds amazing for the price.

So no doubt boAt Bluetooth speakers are also impressive.

If we have to pick a winner, we would pick boAt because it offers more options. However, Mivi speakers are not inferior by any means. They also offer great value.

Verdict: The Bluetooth speakers from both companies are good. The Roam 2 is the best offering from the company. You can get it if your budget is around Rs 1100 to 1300. Otherwise, boAt offers many more options in different price segments.

Mivi vs boAt Soundbars

Mivi has launched a few soundbars starting from Rs 1499 to Rs 9499.

We have to say Mivi soundbars are impressive.

Their budget soundbars, the Mivi Fort S16, S24, and S60, are one of the best soundbars at their respective price.

They deliver clear and detailed sounds with enough loudness and punchy bass.

The mid-premium to premium soundbars, the Fort S100 and S200, will also impress you with the sound.

Mivi has launched only a few soundbars, but to be honest, we don’t have any complaints about any of them.

Moving to boAt soundbars, they are also impressive.

boAt soundbars are well known for their bass and loudness, and you get the same on most boAt soundbars.

The only problem is the excessive number of soundbars. Like earbuds, boAt has launched so many soundbars that everyone can get confused to pick one. So we advise you to pick one wisely if you want to go with boAt.

Verdict: We can’t declare a clear winner because both brands have launched great soundbars. You can go with either brand, as you will get an immersive audio experience on both.

What about headphones?

Because Mivi hasn’t launched any headphones yet, boAt is a clear winner in this category.

boAt headphones are mostly good and offer good sound quality. You don’t have to spend much because most headphones are budget-friendly.

We have to admit that boAt genuinely has made some worth buying headphones.

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How’s the after-sale service?

In the detailed article about Mivi, we mentioned that their after-sales service is good, but you need to be patient.

You have to register a complaint by sending them an email. They will reply to you within 2 to 4 days and guide you to follow some steps to solve the issue.

If nothing helps, then they will schedule a pickup, and a pickup guy will come to your address to take your defective product.

Now, your product will be sent to Mivi’s plant, Avishkaran Industries, Hyderabad. Your product will get repaired and sent to you within one or two weeks. 

The whole process may take 15 to 30 days.

boAt also follow the same process where they pick up your product and send it back once it is repaired.

But one thing we notice is that boAt takes less time to repair your product.

Where Mivi takes 15 to 30 days, boAt takes 10 to 20 days.

Yes, exceptions are always there, and this period may vary. But in general, boAt offers slightly better after-sales service.

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Which is Best Overall?

We appreciate the efforts Mivi is making to bring make-in-India products. Their products are genuinely good, especially the soundbars and portable speakers.

But we can’t deny that boAt has more experience with the Indian market.

Yes, they launch too many products and confuse the buyers, but by the end of the day, they offer you what you want, and that too, at a reasonable price.

Both brands are good, but at the current state, we have to say boAt is overall better than Mivi.

Final Verdict

Mivi and boAt offer great products at an affordable price to Indian customers.

They are competing with each other, which benefits the end user as it brings down the price.

If you are planning to buy any audio product from either of these brands, then make sure to choose the right product because it’s the product you are paying for.

Choose the right product wisely so that you don’t end up wasting your money.

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So this is our honest Mivi vs boAt comparison.

Do you agree or disagree with this comparison? Do share your thoughts.

If you still have any doubts, then feel free to ask us in the comment section.

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