RedGear Blaze 7 Review

This RedGear Blaze 7 review has been written using the Redgear Blaze 7 itself.

When RedGear Blaze 3 launched around three years ago, it heated up the market.

Back then, the Blaze 3 was the best keyboard under 1000 because of its semi-mechanical design and features.

After looking at the popularity, RedGear launched Blaze 3’s revised version, which is the RedGear Blaze 7.

Note that the only difference between Blaze 3 and Blaze 7 is the LED. Blaze 3 has three LED lights, and Blaze 7 has seven.

The review applies to both Blaze 3 and Blaze 7 because both are nearly the same, and we have tested both.

So, does the RedGear Blaze still have the potential to earn the name of best keyboard around 1000?

Or should you buy the Blaze 3 over Blaze 7 and save some money? Let’s find it out in this RedGear Blaze 7 or Blaze 3 Review.

RedGear Blaze 7 Main Highlights

Before heading to the RedGear Blaze 7 Review, have a look at the main highlights of this keyboard.

⦿ Full Size Keyboard with numeric pad (104 Keys)
⦿ Semi-mechanical, Plug & Play (No software required)
⦿ 7 RGB Lights (3 Lights on Blaze 3), Breathing mode
⦿ Compatible with Windows & Mac
⦿ Aluminum body, Windows key lock, 19 keys anti ghost, Braided USB cable
⦿ Floating keys Architecture
⦿ 1000 Hz Polling Rate, 10 Million+ key strokes, Adjustable tilt keyboard, Windows key lock, Braided USB cable, 45g trigger pressure
⦿ 895 gram, 1 year warranty
⦿ Check Best Price

Looking at the specs, the Blaze 7 seems a promising keyboard with a lot of features.

But the specs don’t define the real-life experience.

So here is our Blaze 7 review to give you a clear idea about this keyboard. You can also see it as a RedGear Blaze 3 review.

RedGear Blaze 7 review

Unboxing Experience & Box Content

Generally, we don’t cover the unboxing experience because it’s almost the same for all accessories. But this time around, we are forced to do so.

Our unboxing experience was pretty bad.


Because the box was already opened and was not in good condition. Even the RedGear sticker was missing.

We could have passed it easily, but when we connected this keyboard to the laptop, we couldn’t.

We ordered the Blaze 7, but the keyboard we received was the Blaze 3. However, the box was Balze 7’s. This unit also had some wobble issues, which were downgrading the typing experience significantly.

We immediately asked for a replacement, but the seller didn’t reply.

Then we did contact Amazon, and they immediately began the replacement process.

After two days, we received the keyboard, thanks to Amazon. This time around, the box was in good condition and sealed.

Finally, we received the RedGear Blaze 7.

It could be a seller mistake, but if you get the Blaze 3 instead of Blaze 7, then replace it. If the seller doesn’t reply, then contact Amazon.

Now, talking about the box content, it’s nothing special. In the box, you will get:

  • Keyboard
  • RedGear sticker

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Build and Design

RedGear Blaze 7 Build and Design

The moment you take the keyboard out of the box, you simply can’t stop praising the build quality.

The keyboard is made of aluminum which gives it a sturdy feel. Because of this solid build, there is no flex or creaking sound.

It’s one of the most sturdy keyboards in this segment.

However, the keys are made of plastic, but they don’t feel cheap. A good quality plastic has been used in these keys. 

The bottom panel of the keyboard is also made of hard plastic.

The design is a mixture of both gaming and professional keyboard. It’s not too gaming-centric, but more of a simple-looking design.

Because of the raised keys, it assembles a gaming look. But the lack of funky cutouts gives it a professional appearance.

If you like the round edges with aggressive cutouts, then this design isn’t for you.

On the other hand, if you prefer a simple look with thin bezels, then it’s the right design for you.

The majority of people will love the design of Blaze 7.

Typing & Gaming Experience

RedGear Blaze 7 Typing Experience

It’s the most important factor for choosing an external keyboard.

First, let’s talk about the typing experience.

If you are used to your laptop keyboard and switching to an external one for the first time, then you will love typing on this keyboard.

The keys don’t require you to press hard. Just apply a little more pressure compared to your laptop keyboard.

The feedback from the keys is surprisingly satisfactory. It gives the feeling of a mechanical keyboard. 

Yes, you can’t compare it to expensive mechanical keyboards, but you are getting an identical taste here.

If you type a lot of pages every day, you will still love this keyboard. 

Note that there are metal springs used under the space, shift (left), and enter keys. Pressing these keys gives a slightly different springy feel from the rest of the keys.

Spring below space key
Spring below the Space key

All the keys of the keyboard make a slight noise when pressed. This noise has depth and a different sound. So it doesn’t feel like noise, instead, it feels satisfying. 

Getting used to this keyboard may take one or two days if you are coming from a laptop keyboard.

Talking about gaming, it’s also as good as typing experience. 

We haven’t played so many games, to be honest, but we have played a few.

Because of the semi-mechanical mechanism, 19 Anti-ghost keys, and a 1000 Hz polling rate, the gaming experience has been fantastic, considering the price.

You can raise the keyboard using the clips to enhance the experience further.

So overall, the typing and gaming experience on RedGear Blaze 7 is one of the best for the price you are paying.

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RGB Lights

RGB lights in Blaze 7

The main reason for buying an RGB keyboard is obviously the RGB lights.

On the Blaze 7, the RGB treatment is applied differently.

Where other gaming keyboards light up in different color, the Blaze 7 light up only in a single color.

The different RGB colors are Blue, Red, Green, Purple, Yellow, Skyblue, and White on the Blaze 7, and Red, Blue, and Purple on the Blaze 3.

Looking at these RGB lights is a great experience. The whole keyboard lights up along with keys, and everything looks eye-pleasing.

From the top, the keys feel like floating on the keyboard. The light intensity is just perfect. It doesn’t get too bright to hurt eyes, nor too dim to make it difficult to see.

You can increase or decrease the brightness by pressing the Fn+Page UP and Fn+Page Down keys.

The overall experience with these RGB lights has been great, but there are also some flaws.

The Num Lock, Caps Lock, and Win Lock indicator lights only glow in Blue color. 

Even the intensity of these three LEDs is too hard to hurt eyes in the pitch dark. In the daytime, it’s not an issue.

Another issue with these lights is that they are uneven. On the bottom size, the backlit is bright, and on the top side, it’s slightly dimmer.

It’s not that noticeable, but if you look carefully, you will notice it.   

But we want to clear that these small issues don’t affect the overall experience of this keyboard.

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RedGear Blaz 3 vs Blaze 7

A lot of buyers are confused about whether they should buy the Blaze 3 or blaze 7.

In our frank opinion, you should go for the RedGear Blaze 7.


Because the green and yellow LED looks pleasing, which are missing on the Blaze 3.

The Blaze 7 cost only Rs 100-200 extra. For that extra money, you are going to get four extra lights.

These lights really help to change the mood and overall typing experience.

But, if you don’t care much about the LED lights, and you are fine with three lights, then go for the Blaze 3.

Pros and Cons of RedGear Blaze 7

Every single keyboard in this segment has some pros and cons. The Blaze 7 is no different. So here are some pros and cons that you should know.

  • Excellent build quality
  • Attractive design with raised keys
  • Great tactile feedback from the keys
  • Excellent for typing and gaming
  • RGB lights look eye-pleasing in both day and night
  • Seven LED lights with breathing mode
  • Sturdy braided cable
  • The keyboard light up only in one color at a time
  • The Num, Capslock, and Windows lock indicator LEDs feel too bright in the dark
  • Shift, space, and enter keys have a slightly springy feel
  • Keys are not that visible when RGB lights are OFF

Final Verdict: Should you buy RedGear Blaze 7?

Just like any other keyboard in this segment, the RedGear Blaze 7 has some flaws.

But still, this keyboard manages to impress in a lot of regards like build, LEDs, and typing or gaming experience.

These are the core features that enhance the overall experience significantly. The Blaze 7 delivers that experience, and hence, you can definitely buy this keyboard.

So this is our honest RedGear Blaze 7 review.


Are keys visible when RGB is off?

Because the keys are transparent, these are not visible when the RGB lights are off.

But the keys are transparent for a good reason. If they weren’t transparent, then they wouldn’t have lit up.

These key letters are not fully invisible. You can see them, but only if you look carefully.

How to change RGB modes on RedGear Blaze 7?

Press the Screen Lock key to change the RGB lights. To enter into breathing mode, press the Fn+Screen Lock key.

How to increase or decrease the brightness on RedGear Blaze 7?

There are three levels of brightness.

To increase brightness, press the Fn + Page up key. To decrease brightness, press the Fn + Page down key.

If we left any corner to cover in this RedGear Blaze 7 review, then do let us know.

Now we hope you have a better idea whether you should buy the Blaze 7 or not.

You can also have a look at these best RGB keyboards under 1000.

If you still have any doubt, then feel free to ask us.

We hope you have found some useful information here or got what you have been looking for.

If so, then consider sharing this article with others.

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