Should You Buy 4G or 5G Phone in 2021

5G is now launched, but the biggest question of last year is still bothering people. Should you buy a 4G or 5G phone in 2024 in India?

Smartphone brands are launching 5G phones every other day in India. 

It seems like the end of the world without a 5G phone, thanks to the companies who created such hype around 5G.

But, Do you really need to buy a phone just for 5G?

  • What if you buy a 4G phone in 2024?
  • What if your budget is limited, and you can’t spend much to buy a proper 5G phone?
  • Is it still worth buying a 4G phone in 2024?

Don’t worry. We got you covered. We have tried our best to clear all of your doubts.

So, should you buy a 4G or 5G phone in 2024 in India? Here is everything you need to know.

Is it worth buying a 5G phone now in India?

Is It worth Buying a 5G Phone

It’s 2024, and the 5G phones are launching every few days. But the actual question is, Is it worth buying a 5G phone now in India?

The answer is Yes and No. Even though the 5G is available, it will take at least one year to work properly all across the country.

So if you buy a phone now, especially for 5G, you are paying for a feature that you can’t use for at least a year if you live in non-selected cities.

Reason to buy a 5G phone:

There is only one reason to buy a phone, especially for 5G. The reason is time duration. If you are planning to use your phone for more than two-three years, then you can buy a 5G phone.

If you are a person who doesn’t change smartphones frequently and keeps using one phone for 2-3 years, then it’s worth buying a 5G phone now.

But here is a fun fact.

4G was launched in 2008, but major telecom companies like Airtel launched their 4G network in 2012. 

Until 2016, most people had never used 4G. It took eight years for people to use this network, and that’s because of Jio.

So, 5G is going to take a few years to work properly all across the country.

Suppose you buy a phone just because of 5G and plan to use it for more than two years.

Now what?

If 5G starts to work in your location after a year, then you still can’t use the feature for which you have bought the phone for at least a year.

One year has passed, and then? Are 5G plans going to be cheaper? Absolutely not.

It is said that 5G will cost 15-25% more than 4G, but we can’t trust blindly.

5G plans might be inexpensive at the beginning, but the prices will increase with time, just like 4G.

If 5G plans are going to be expensive, then most people won’t even use it even if they have a 5G phone. Then what’s the point of buying a 5G phone? Just think for a moment.

Note: It is our speculation. Depending on an individual, the usage of 5G may vary. Some may use 5G, and some may not.

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Is it worth buying a 4G phone now in India?

Is It worth Buying a 4G Phone

Yes, it’s absolutely worth buying a 4G phone in India in 2024. If you buy a 4G phone, then you will use all the features of a phone.

The older 4G processors are still powerful enough to run any application.

The best thing about buying a 4G phone is that you aren’t compromising on features.

Many companies have launched good 4G phones, but their 5G variants are just garbage.

Just for the sake of 5G, companies are skimping on many features, especially in the budget segment.

In the flagship territory, things are working fine. You will get 5G as well as all the features without any compromise.

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Should You Buy 4G or 5G Phone in 2024?

See, we aren’t saying you should never buy a 5G phone now in 2024. All we are saying is, don’t put 5G as your main priority.

Instead of 5G, other useful features should be your main priority. Other features like camera, processor, display, battery life should be on the top of your priority list.

No matter a 4G or 5G phone offers these features. If these features are what you need, then buy that smartphone and live happily with it.

If you are looking for a premium phone, then you can simply go with a 5G phone because flagship phones don’t have such issues.

Problems with 5G

Although every brand and most reviewers have created hype about 5G, you should know about a few problems that 5G has.

  • As 5G is in its early stage, the speed might not meet your expectations. With increasing numbers of 5G users, the data speed drops significantly. However, it’s still faster than 4G.
  • 5G consumes 5-10% more battery. Also, phones tend to get warmer while using 5G data. So if your smartphone has less battery life, it will get even less on a 5G network.
  • Data consumption is significantly higher on 5G. If you have a 1.5GB per day data plan, it won’t be enough for a day. You need to go for higher data plans which will add extra cost to you.
  • The true 5G (Standalone 5G) will take years to work in India. Currently, companies are using NSA (Non-Standalone) 5G bands.

We are not discouraging you to use 5G, but you should keep these things in mind before opting for 5G.

Will 4G stop after 5G in India? Will 4G be discontinued?

It is the biggest fear why people are forcing themselves to buy a 5G phone. But do you really need to worry if you buy a 4G phone today?

Let’s make it clear with an example.

The best real-life example is Motorola. They have launched so many phones with 10-13 5G bands. Every tech reviewer praised Motorola to offer 10-13 5G bands on their smartphones.

But, in October 2022, Moto launched the Moto G72, which is a 4G phone, and it costs Rs 19000.

Now, reviewers are defending Moto by saying that 5G doesn’t matter as it will take many years to properly work in India.

We aren’t blaming anyone, but you must have got the point.

4G will work for years, that’s why companies are still launching 4G phones.

It was just one example, but in reality, almost every company is doing the same.

What we want to say is, don’t be afraid about it. 4G isn’t going anywhere, at least for 5 years or even more.

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Will 5G phones be expensive?

Yes, 5G phones are more expensive than 4G phones. But 5G isn’t everything that affects the cost. Other features like cameras, display, battery, the design also matter when pricing a phone.

Companies are trying their best to keep the cost lower. In return for that, you would have to compromise on specs, like build quality, cameras, or processor.

There are a lot of inexpensive 5G phones in the market that have compromised the specs just for the sake of 5G.

Does 5G phones support 4G?

Yes, all the 5G phones will support 4G. It’s just similar to a 4G phone that supports 3G and 2G.

Similar to it, a 5G phone will support 4G without any doubt.

So, Should You Buy 4G or 5G Phones in 2024? We are sure you know the answer now.

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We hope you have found what you have been looking for. If you still have any doubt in your mind, then feel free to ask in the comments. We would love to help you in this regard.

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  1. Hello Sir, I am planning a phone within 10K range for my father..
    He is not frequent changer of phones, so he wants to use this phone for atleast 3-4 years.
    Also he gets phone calls, so please suggest should I go ahead with 4G or 5G and also whether Samsung M14/M13 or Moto G32 is better for him. Or if you know any better phone than this, please let me know. My priority is phone should not be heated, good RAM and storage.
    Thank you

    1. If the camera is not your priority, then you can surely go with the Moto G32. It has a very optimized Snapdragon 680 CPU, which doesn’t heat. Also, you will get an 8/128GB storage option for under Rs 10000.
      If you want a slightly better camera, then the Samsung M14 is a better option.
      However, if you can extend your budget, the Samsung F14 is a much better option.

  2. Dear Team,
    Thanks for such an informative article! I am looking for a budget smartphone under 10k for needs like checking Gmail, outlook emails, Teams calls at times, WhatsApp, PayTM etc. and basic browsing. Kindly advise. Thanks 🙏

      1. Thanks! I’d like to reduce my budget by couple of thousands. Could you please suggest a phone below 8k please. Thanks 🙏

      2. Hi my budget is around 8000, pls suggest,my opinion is redmi 12c,redmi12 and motog32 which one is better

      1. Sir I bought Oppo A58 4g for 15k
        50Mp camera
        5000mah battery
        Helio g85 processor
        6/128 variant
        Double stereo audio
        Does it a good choice

      1. Hello Ma’am/ Sir, I am a college student. Please suggest a phone within Rs. 7000 for WhatsApp calls, Zoom meetings and browsing. Thank you 😊

        1. The Poco C55 is a very good phone for your usage. However, it’s available for Rs 7500. You can get it for under 7k during sales. But if you can’t wait for a sale and need a phone urgently, then you can buy the Redmi A2.

    1. If you want a pure stock experience with excellent cameras, then the Google Pixel 6a is a great phone at 25k. Yes, it has decent battery life and heats up very often, but the software and camera experience it offers is unmatched.

      1. sir i want to buy a 4g phone i m not in the 5g hype just want good performance and decent camera i preferred moto g62 under 15000 but got a lot of comments in its camera department plz suggest me

        1. Camera is the weakest point of all Motorola phones. However, if you are fine with a decent camera, you can use GCAM on Moto G62. It will give you decent to good camera output. The rest of the phone is pretty good.

  3. Is it worth to buy poco M5 at 8500 and also want to use it for next 3-4 years and I can’t extend my budget above 9k

    1. Yess u surely can go with it.. Cuz 4g is not going anywhere just don’t compromise with features of a phone and go with 4g phone with great features

  4. Need some advice. Please suggest few smart phones under 15K with good audio clarity, good display and performance, for elderly.

  5. Sir , moto g72 4g or infinix note 30 5g
    Which is actually good for overall performance including camera.
    And one more thing thanks for your wonderful summary…

    1. If the camera is your highest priority, then the Infinix Note 30 5G is better. If you are fine with average cameras, then Moto G72 is better.
      As you have mentioned the camera as one of your priorities, the Note 30 5G makes more sense. The only drawback is the UI.

    1. We haven’t used this smartphone, but as far as we have observed, it’s a solid offering. For the price, it does a good job in every area. The only area where it disappoints is the UI. This UI feels kind of boring.

        1. There are better phones, but you have to compromise here and there. The Infinix Note 30 5G is not a perfect phone either, but it does a good job in every department. So it’s an overall good package.

  6. Hi sir, the article is good. Currently, my budget is under Rs 10000. I plan to buy Samsung Galaxy F04. May I buy this phone? Whether it is worth for money? What about its quality? Can you help me?

  7. Hi your article is very good. But can you please help me decide. I need a 5G phone with good camera (rear and front both good) and good battery with fast charging . Price under ₹20,000. I’m a student. Please help me.

    1. You can buy the IQOO Z7, as it is currently the best all-rounder phone under 20k. The battery life is not impressive, but it’s good and will get you through the day.

  8. I would like to buy a phone, I do have IQOO Z7 and Moto g72 in my mind which are entirely different. I am confused to choose among these by considering a better camera and build quality and my price range is under 20k. Can you suggest to me which one to buy by considering I am not a gamer and most of the time I use broadband for the internet?.

    If Moto g72, then buying Motorola is worth it??

    1. The IQOO Z7 has a much better camera than the G72. The Moto G72 takes decent shots in daylight, but the low-light shots are just poor. So for the camera, IQOO Z7 is a much better option. The build quality is decent and mostly similar on both.
      If we had to pick one, we would pick the IQOO Z7, but we would miss the clean stock UI of Moto.

  9. Sir, I am looking for Realme 10 which I got in flipkart sale with Sbi debit card offer only at 11500…But I will arrange money by 20 may….Till then Flipkart sale will gone and I will lose this offer and it is again of 14000 should I buy or Another….Please Suggest me another one….Budget Sharp Under 15k…..
    Priority- Super Amoled display, Average Camera, 5000 mah battery, 4g Volte and definitely not to go with infinix, motorola…
    Please suggest.

  10. Please suggest me 4G mobile to my wife under 15k with good camera and with good processor in the given preferences.
    My preferences are
    1. Realme 9 4G
    2. Redmi 12 4G
    3. Moto G32 4G
    4. Moto G52 4G
    5. Realme Narzo 50 4G.

    1. Don’t buy Motorola phones if you want good cameras.
      Realme Narzo 50 is a good phone overall. It does a good job in every department. But the screen is not AMOLED.
      If you want AMOLED, then Realme 9 4G is a better option. It has a very good primary camera, and the CPU is powerful enough. We have used smartphones with SD 680 CPU and haven’t noticed any lag or anything.
      For your requirements, the Narzo 50 is a better option for you.

  11. Hi sir I am student i want buy realme narzo 50 for all purpose it’s a 4g mobile then what is your opinion on this mobile I have only one option to buy this mobile in online is online a best way to buy a mobile? For warranty and fake etc …

    1. Realme Narzo 50 is a good phone for the price. Don’t worry about 4G or 5G on budget phones. It’s better to get a 4G phone in the budget segment.
      There is nothing wrong with buying phones online. Record a video of unboxing just to be safe.

  12. Hi, sir give me a suggestion which phone should I take in 15-17k price range.
    I want to use my phone atleast 5 years and I’m not a gamer but I like to play heavy games. I’m gonna buy it in end of this year when all the offers are going……

    1. Currently, the IQOO Z7 is the best all-rounder phone. But a lot more smartphones will launch by the end of the year, so it’s better to see what other smartphones will offer by that time.

    1. For the price, the performance is average. You can get a similar processor on a 10k or 12k phone. Also, it comes with Android 11 out of the box.
      At around 20k, you should look for better options like IQOO Z7 or OnePlus Nord CE 3 Lite.

  13. Hi, muhje ek best camera phone lena hai with super-amoled display aur in-screen fingerprint sensor, kon sa lu ? price 16k ke around. chinese phone bhi chalega but OS me ad nahi chahiye. please help.
    kya 5g lena jaruri hai ? mujhe phone 4-5 saal chalana hai.

    1. You can check the newly launched IQOO Z7 if you can spend 2-3k extra. Its camera is really good for the price, and it also has an AMOLED display.
      If you can’t extend your budget, then Vivo T1 44W is also a good option.

  14. Hi sir , main ek student hu aur ek naya phone lene ka soch rahi hu jiska camera aur display badiya ho 10k ke aas pass ke range me jo 3-4 saal chal jaye.
    Please koi phone suggest kariye. ?
    Kya 5g phone lena jaruri hai ?

    1. If your budget is 10k, don’t go for a 5G phone.
      We have used the Redmi 10, and it’s a good phone under 10k. Its camera is decent but not amazing. However, by using GCAM, you will see an improvement in photos. The display quality is also good. The battery and performance are possibly the best in the segment.
      It’s a good buy, but if you don’t like it, then you can also consider the Poco C55.

  15. Hi,
    Your articles are on point and very good writing. My old phone nokia 6 is dead and i need a new phone. I am a student and I need phone for
    a) studying (for watching online lecture videos) so a good display would be nice.
    b) camera
    c) 5G
    range between 10k to 15k max.
    Please would you suggest any phone ?


    1. If you must need 5G, then the IQOO Z6 Lite 5G and Realme 9i 5G
      are good options. The IQOO Z6 Lite 5G is a better value-for-money phone.
      If 5G is not a must-needed feature, then you can go for Vivo T1 44W or iQOO Z6 44W, as these have very good cameras and displays.

  16. Sir please ak bar help kar dijiye 16000 ke andar me ak best mobile suggest kar dijiye jo 3 se 4 sal achhe se chal jaye
    My requirement:- best
    performance (5g)
    Best camer
    Charging speed (study purpose)

        1. There is nothing wrong with a 4G phone. It will keep working for years without any problem. Yes, 5G gives more speed but consumes more battery and heats the smartphone. If 4G gives good speed in your area, and you really don’t need that extra 5G speed, then you can buy a 4G phone even in 2023.

  17. I just bought Redmi note 11 pro and it doesn’t have 5G is it really worth it?
    and what is the difference between 5G and 4G

    1. It’s a good phone even today. If it meets your needs, then there is nothing wrong with this phone. If you already get good 4G speed, then we don’t think you need 5G until you need super high speed.

  18. Under 11k best phone would be moto g32 or moto g42 they offer very good specs at this price even amoled and 18w charging quite good model than their 5g phones

  19. Should I buy IQOO Z6 44W OR IQOO Z6 5G ? I am really confused about it . I am a College student , i just need a good camera , space , that’s it . I am not into games . Please reply

  20. Is moto g52 a good buy under 15k. I am not concerned about gaming or camera. I want a hassle free experience. I also have experience of using realme ui for 3 years as you mentioned in the post realme narzo 50 pro 5g is a good choice. But right now it’s price is above. Should I wait for the next sale or should I go on to buy moto g52. Also a concern is regarding moto service centers are not available everywhere.

    1. Moto G52 is a great phone for a simple, clean, and hassle-free user experience. If you need a phone right now, then go for it. But if you can wait for a month, then you might see a price drop in the new year sale.

    1. Both phones have good cameras. But the Oppo k10 4G lacks details in pictures. The Realme 9i 4G captures sharp images comparatively. The colors are also good on both. Overall, the Realme 9i 4G is better in cameras.

    1. The Realme Narzo 50 Pro 5G is the best all-rounder phone for around 15k. Its current MRP is 17999, but there is a flat Rs 2000 coupon for everyone. It brings down the price to 16k. If you have a card, you can get it for 15k, but even for Rs 16k, it’s an excellent deal.
      It has the best processor, Dimensity 920, which is usually found in phones costing around 22-25k.
      Its camera is also very good for the price. But if you are not satisfied with its camera performance, then simply install GCam, and it will make a huge difference in camera output.

        1. The performance of the Narzo 50 Pro is far better than Poco X4 Pro. The cameras are not much, but slightly better on Narzo 50 Pro.
          You can check this GCAM mod for Narzo 50 Pro. It will work fine, but in case it doesn’t, then search it on google, and you will find many. Download the GCam 8.3 or 8.4 for better stable performance.

      1. Okk thanku sir but as per your other answers is realme 9 5g is better than narzo 50 pro
        Sir plz help
        Ya mai narzo 50 pro hi le lu

        1. Realme 9 5G has an IPS display, Dimensity 810 CPU, and 48+2+2MP cameras.
          Realme Narzo 50 Pro has an AMOLED display, Dimensity 920 CPU, and 48+8+2MP cameras.
          In daily life, the Narzo 50 Pro performs better than the Realme 9 5G. We still suggest you go with the Narzo 50 Pro 5G.

  21. I wish to buy a Samsung in <20k range. I am looking for a stable piece that will last 4-5yrs with decent camera, good quality display & storage and high battery. I narrowed down on Samsung F23 & M32 but now I see that 5G variant of M32 isn't that great. Any suggestions?

    I would prefer a 5G, since I anticipate it will soon be available where I live.

    1. If you have an eligible bank card, then we suggest the Galaxy M53 5G. It’s a good phone for the price of around 20k.
      If you don’t have a card, then go with the Galaxy M52 5G. It’s usually priced under 20k.
      Coming to F23, it’s also a very good phone, but it’s available for under 15k. So if you want to save some money, then get the F23.

    1. The Realme 9 Pro Plus is the best camera phone under 30k. It also delivers very good performance. But you should also look for iQOO Neo 6 for the best performance and very solid cameras.

  22. Suggest a good phone for my mom, Under 15K. All I need –

    6 GB RAM,
    Stock or Near Stock Android/ Samsung UI
    Should I go for 5G or not?

        1. The primary difference between the G62 and G71 is the display. G62 has a 120Hz IPS display, whereas the G71 has a 60Hz AMOLED panel.
          We prefer AMOLED over IPS, but the choice is always yours.
          Other differences are the 18W charger with G62 and the 33W with G71. Also, G62 has a hybrid sim slot, but G71 doesn’t.
          Overall, we will recommend the G71 over the G62.

  23. Hey should I buy the I Phone 11 in the bbd sale ,or some other phone is of better value in that price segment with clean UI and a decent camera? Would appreciate your help my man.

    1. iPhone 11 is a good phone, still today, but its biggest drawback is the LCD panel. It’s just a decent display that lacks the vibrancy of an AMOLED panel.
      You should look for the Pixel 6a. It’s available for under 30k using any debit or credit card. It has a clean stock UI and the best cameras in the segment.

  24. Sir ji kya 25k budget me is sale me realme 9 pro plus ke alawa koi redmi ka phone best nhi h kya realme se plz tell sir I am thankful tu u

  25. should we buy POCO smartphone under 11 k ? will it last for 4-5 years ..
    i want to buy it for long term usage , so it should be performant enough in long term also it should not hand

    1. I am going to buy poco m4 pro of 11k as it is a good deal overall and 5g is not coming in near 1.5 year as well as people will shift to 5g 4g will run more seamlessly. As well after 1 year I mean next year the price will drop too much as the customer will pay it before we invest in 5g of the company cost on 5g equipments.

  26. MY budget 10k to 18k
    1. cam
    2. storage 6/128
    3. battery
    use for at least 3 year
    confused between
    1. poco M4 pro
    2. samsung f23

    1. Since sale is going on , can you please recommend , good 4g smartphone under 11k ?
      I want to give it to my mom & she will use it for approx next 4-5 years ?

      or should i increase my budget and buy some 5g phone under 15k ? (I’m worried at 15k i will get 5g phone, but it will be of avg quality i think )

      1. The Poco X4 Pro 5G is a very good smartphone for Rs 15k. But again, parents don’t require so many features and power.
        For around Rs 11k, the Poco M4 Pro 4G is the best phone. It has everything that is required in everyday use.

  27. Sir should I buy moto g31 4g phone in September 2022.or if you have a better phone in your mind in the price range of 10k please suggest. I want a better camera quality phone..

    1. Sir, for Rs 20k, you can get a very good 5G phone. The Realme 9 Pro Plus is the best phone for 20k. It has excellent cameras, a great display, and a powerful CPU.
      The second great phone is Vivo T1 Pro. It also has great overall specs.
      If you prefer a Samsung phone, then the Galaxy M52 5G is the best phone to go with.

  28. Hello,
    I wanted to gift phone to my mother and my budget is around 15k.
    I am little dubious to invest in 4G phones but the place where ai stay we don’t even get proper 4G connectivity.
    Like you said in the article 5G was my main feature but what I feel after reading the article is absolutely correct.
    My mother can’t use 5G as it is not going to be launched in such remote areas atleast for the next two years.
    So can anyone please suggest me any decent phone under that budget for my lovely mom?
    P.S: I feel moti g52 can be a good pick.

    1. Moto G52 is a very good smartphone, but note that its camera is average. It takes decent photos in daylight and average photos in lowlight.
      If your mother doesn’t use cameras that much, then it’s a great phone to gift your mother.

      1. Can you suggest any other phone with better camera set-up.
        The usage patterns will be Call being the most important one so connectivity should be good in remote areas and consuming content, yeah she’s not much of a photographer will be taking some photos in day as well as low light when she is too exited for something 😅😅

  29. Can anyone help me as I m really confused about which phone I should take
    My budget is 15k
    I want overall performance to be good
    I m not much into games but yeah I like playing heavy games sometimes
    I m photogenic so I want camera to be good
    I m thinking I should take 4g or 5g phone as I live in small city and I want to use my phone for atleast 4 years plzz recommend

    1. The POCO X4 Pro 5G is an all-rounder phone. You can get it for Rs 15,500 without any card.
      If you can trust Infinix, then the Infinix Note 12 Pro is a great phone overall. It has a very good set of cameras, and its performance is also great.

    1. If you have a card, then you can get the Galaxy M32 and Realme Narzo 50 for around 10k. The Galaxy M32 has very solid cameras and a decent CPU, while the Narzo 50 has everything good in it. The performance is great, and the cameras are also good for the price.
      But, if you don’t have any card or can’t stretch your budget, then go with Realme Narzo 50A. Overall, it’s a very good phone for under 10k.

    2. Go for moto g32 or 42 , g42 is 1k more expensive for its amoled just otherwise design wise and decent features wise they are my fav

  30. Have decided to go for samsung note available with warranty. But I’m confused on samsung s10 lite, s10 ans s10+ models.

    Please please I appreciate if I can kindly clear my query. Thank you

  31. Don’t be so confused. If you are worried about 4G, then get a 5G phone. We suggest you go with a 5G phone if you are spending 20-25k.
    Under 20k, Galaxy M52 5G is a great phone with a good camera and battery.
    Under 25k, Realme 9 Pro Plus and Redmi K50i are great options.
    Realme 9Pro Plus has a great camera, but its battery life is slightly on the lower side.
    Redmi K50i is an all-rounder phone with a powerful CPU, but it has an IPS display.
    We have used the Nord CE 2 Lite. It’s a decent phone overall, but its camera is average. It boosts colors too much. Galaxy M52 5G is a better phone than the CE 2 Lite, but it also lacks dual speakers and a 3.5mm audio jack.

    1. Hlo sir ek last bar help kr dijiye ab sale suru ho gai h to 22k ke andar pe sbse best 5g phone kaun sa h camera aur processor main hona chahiye plz sir mere pas bank cards h to last bar ek help kr dijiye aur sbse best phone is range me bta dijiye

      1. The Realme 9 Pro Plus is the best camera phone under 25k. You can get it for around 18k using cards, and for that price, it’s a stellar deal. Its processor is also capable of handling heavy tasks, but it slightly lags while very heavy gaming.
        The Vivo T1 Pro is the second best phone in this range. It also has a great camera and excellent performance.
        You can get both these phones for under 20000.

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