WeCool Moonwalk M2 Review

Are you thinking of buying WeCool MoonWalk M2? Read the WeCool MoonWalk M2 Review carefully to know whether you should buy it or not.

WeCool has been in the Indian market since 2017, but a lot of people are unaware of it.

The company has launched several ear wear devices in different price segments.

Because WeCool’s products are cheaper and offer good specifications, many people are showing interest in them.

WeCool MoonWalk M2 is the upgraded version of WeCool MoonWalk M1.

There are some changes in the latest MoonWalk M2. 

But the question is, Are these changes really justify the increased price? Is WeCool MoonWalk M2 worth buying?

To answer all these questions, here is the WeCool MoonWalk M2 Review

WeCool Moonwalk M2 Specifications Review

Let’s take a look at the technical specifications of MoonWalk M2.

Model NameMoonwalk M2
StyleIn Ear without earcaps
BluetoothV5.0 (10m Range)
PairingAutomatic Pairing
Battery Capacity40 mAH in earbuds
400 mAH in carrying case
Battery Life4 hours on earbuds
Charging PortType C
Charging Time1.5 hour for earbuds
Touch controls
IP RatingIPX5
No. of Mic1 per Earbud
Weight3 g per earbud
50 g with carrying case
Compatible withAndroid & iOS
Warranty1 Year
PriceCheck Latest Price

After looking at the specifications, the MoonWalk M2 seems promising. The specs are pretty great, to be honest.

But wait,

On-paper specifications don’t translate to real world performance. For the end consumer, real-world experience matters than the on-paper specs.

To let you know about the actual experience with MoonWalk M2, we are sharing the WeCool MoonWalk M2 Review.

WeCool Moonwalk M2 Review

Design and Build Quality

WeCool Moonwalk M2 Review Design

The company has claimed that These True Wireless Earbuds are ergonomically designed to provide ultra comfort to your ears for all-day usage.

In real-world testing, it’s mostly true. These earbuds are well designed to fit comfortably in ears. Listening to music for longer duration won’t be a pain.

Now talking about the build quality, it’s good on earbuds, but average on the carrying case.

Earbuds are made of hard plastic. It doesn’t feel cheap while holding in hands.

The carrying case is also made of plastic, but the finishing isn’t that good. You might feel some rough edges on some units.

Design and Build Quality Rating (Out of 5★): 3.9★

Battery Life

Battery life is the main highlight of these earbuds. The earbuds themselves come with a 40mAh battery, and the company claims a battery life of 4 hours.

In real-life testing, you can get 3.5 hours of battery life at 80% volume. The lower you turn the volume, the more battery life you will get.

At 50-60% volume, you can touch the 4 hours mark, which is good if not great.

The carrying case comes with a 400mAh battery, and it should technically charge the earbuds at least 4 times.

But for some reason, it charge the earbuds only 2 times.

So if you listen to music all day long, then at the end of the day, you might need to even charge the carrying case.

Battery Life Rating: 3.9★

Call Quality

WeCool MoonWalk M2 is a budget TWS, so don’t have high expectations from it in terms of call quality.

In fact, call quality is the weakest point of MoonWalk M2. The other person will definitely have some problems hearing you during phone calls.

Indoor calls are somewhat good, but outdoor calls aren’t manageable. Other people will hear a lot of surrounding noise.

But, it’s not the case with MoonWalk M2 only. Literally, every other budget TWS sucks at call quality. 

Call Quality Rating: 3.8★

Sound and Bass Quality

WeCool Moonwalk M2 Review Sound

The most important reason to buy any earbuds is obviously the sound quality. 

Talking about the MoonWalk M2, it has a 10mm driver.

But you need to pay attention to the design. It comes with an open design, i.e. it doesn’t have any rubber ear-cap on it.

So what does it mean? 

It means that when you wear these earbuds, it doesn’t block outer noise. Due to this, the quality of the bass deteriorates. 

In simple words, MoonWalk M2 isn’t made for bass lovers. Overall bass quality is average.

On the other hand, if you listen to vocals and trebles, then these are great. The sound is loud and clear, and instrument separation is also good.

Sound and Bass Rating: 3.8★

Other Features

Here are some extra features to enhance the overall user experience.

  • The digital display on the charging case makes it easier to grasp the remaining battery in the earbuds and case itself.
  • Type C port makes it more convenient and future proof.
  • With the help of a silicon rubber strap, you can carry the case easily.
  • Bluetooth 5.0 is there for a better and stable connection.
  • Google Voice Assistant and Apple Siri are supported.
  • The automatic On/Off function is there to save the battery.
  • You can use only a single earbuds at a time if you want to.

Feature’s Rating: 3.9★

Pros and Cons

WeCool MoonWalk has some Pros and Cons that you must know about.

  • Comfortable design
  • Good build quality
  • Lightweight
  • Decent vocals and treble
  • Good battery life
  • IPX5 rating
  • Digital display on the carrying case
  • Inferior call quality
  • Below average bass

Overall Rating (Out of 5★): 3.86★

WeCool Moonwalk M2 Review: Final Verdict

WeCool is a brand that hasn’t had much experience in the audio department. It’s still an amateur brand.

Talking about the Moonwalk M2, if you love heavy bass, then these earbuds aren’t for you. You should look for some other TWS like Boat Airdopes, in that case.

On the other hand, if you like treble music with average bass, or you prefer vocals, then these earbuds are good.

They aren’t the best in this price segment, but they just serve the purpose.

Or, what you can do is, buy the Wecool MoonWalk M1 (Review). Despite being older, they sound better and offer a good value for money.

So this is the WeCool Moonwalk M2 Review. Do you agree or disagree with this review? Do let us know.

Now you may have a better idea whether you should buy it or not.

If you still have any doubt, then feel free to ask in the comments.

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We hope you have got what you were looking for. If you have found this review helpful, then share it with others.

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