Zebronics vs Boat

Zebronics vs Boat, which is better? Many audio enthusiasts are confused between these two brands.

Perhaps you’ve spotted appealing Zebronics products and thought about getting them, but then you come across impressive products from boAt, too. That’s where the confusion begins.

When both brands offer quality products, deciding on the better one can be tricky.

Don’t worry. We’re here to help clear the confusion and guide you on whether Zebronics or boAt is the right choice for you.

About Zebronics

Zebronics vs Boat

According to the official website of Zebronics, the company was founded in 1997 in Chennai, India.

Zebronics specializes in Audio, IT and gaming Peripherals, Mobile/Lifestyle Accessories, Power Solutions, and Healthcare and surveillance Solutions.

Their primary goal is to offer high-quality products at affordable prices. Zebronics, being an Indian company, has been in operation for around 27 years.

Interestingly, although it’s an Indian company, we discovered that most of their products are imported from China, as indicated in the product descriptions.

It’s good to see a company being transparent about the origin of its products and not hiding this information from its customers.

Is Zebronics a Good Company?

Zebronics offers an extensive range of products, and the majority of their offerings are quite good, especially in the peripherals category.

However, the scenario changes when we shift our focus to earwear products like earphones and headphones. In this category, the reliability isn’t as consistent.

To be clear, we’re not stating that these earphones or headphones are subpar. We’re simply pointing out that they may not match up to the quality offered by other well-known brands like boAt.

A quick look at the star ratings on Amazon reveals that only a handful of Zebronics earwear products earn high marks. Interestingly, most of these well-rated products are headphones, not earphones.

However, there are some Zebronics earphones and headphones that are worth considering.

About boAt

boAt needs no introduction in India, as it is one of the fastest-growing audio brands, particularly in the earwear category.

In 2019, boAt became the best brand in the earwear segment, boasting an impressive 27.3% market share.

It’s still a leading brand in the same category.

An intriguing fact about boAt is its remarkable sales record, with an average of 8,000 to 10,000 units sold daily. It is a significant figure compared to other brands.

Established in 2016, boAt offers an extensive range of products, including headphones, earphones, Airdopes, speakers, travel chargers, and premium cables.

Officially named Imagine Marketing Services Pvt. Ltd., boAt is an Indian company founded by Sameer Ashok Mehta and Aman Gupta.

Similar to Zebronics, it’s worth noting that boAt’s products originate from China.

One of the popular competitors of boAt is PTron. We recommend you check the PTron vs boAT comparison.

Is boAt a good Company?

boAt has consistently achieved success with nearly every product they’ve launched.

Why? The answer lies in the trust that boAt has built and the quality they consistently deliver.

This reputation extends beyond earwear to include portable audio speakers and soundbars.

The popularity of boAt products is evident from the positive response they receive from audiences.

So, Is boAt a good brand? The answer is yes.

boAt products are known for their reliability, durability, and superior sound quality, outshining many other brands.

Zebronics vs Boat: Which is Better?

Now comes the main question. If both brands are good, which one is better? Zebronics or boAt?

Let’s be clear first. We have no bias toward any brand. We aim to guide you to make a wise purchase with your hard-earned money.

Zebronics is undeniably a great company, but when it comes to ear-wear, boAt takes the lead.

If you’re in the market for affordable headphones, Zebronics could be a decent choice. However, for TWS and neckband earphones, boAt outshine Zebronics.

It means in the Zebronics vs boAt comparison, boAt is the winner. We recommend choosing boAt over Zebronics, especially in the earwear category.

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Zebronics vs boAt soundbar which is better?

Things take a turn when it comes to soundbars. Zebronics, which may have faced challenges in the earwear department, has significantly improved its game in soundbars.

However, there’s a noteworthy observation. The inexpensive soundbars from Zebronics may not deliver the best audio experience, often leaving you expecting more.

The scenario changes with Zebronics’ expensive soundbars. These models offer a satisfying sound quality, providing an enjoyable experience, especially for music enthusiasts.

On the flip side, boAt continues to hold the lead in the soundbar department, too.

Whether it’s the pricier options or the more budget-friendly ones, boAt soundbars consistently deliver excellent sound quality.

In most cases, boAt soundbars provide a premium audio experience

While considering Zebronics soundbars as an option, we recommend placing boAt at the top of your priority list when it comes to selecting soundbars.

Zebronics vs boAt: After Sales Service

Let’s be honest about after-sales services.

Both companies are putting efforts into providing the best support, but in our experience, boAt does a better job in this aspect.

Although it is not flawless, still, boAt’s after-sales service is notably better than Zebronics.

However, it’s crucial to mention that Zebronics is not the worst in this department. They also offer decent customer service and warranty support.

Yet, boAt takes the lead when it comes to handling customers and delivering warranty services.

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Is Zebronics better than boAt?

We have used both boAt and Zebronics products. Based on our experience, we can say that both brands are performing admirably.

They are dedicated to delivering their best, which is commendable.

However, considering various factors such as product quality, sound performance, and after-sales service, our experience leads us to conclude that boAt is better than Zebronics.

In terms of earphones, including TWS, neckbands, and headphones, boAt stands out as the superior choice.

However, in product categories like soundbars and speakers, the difference narrows as Zebronics manages to deliver a comparable level of quality to boAt.

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So, this is the Boat vs Zebronics comparison. Do you agree or disagree with this comparison? Do let us know.

If you still have any doubts, feel free to ask us in the comment section. We would love to help you out.

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    1. Big NO. I have zeb zoom because of battery playtime. after 15 day it broke. I ask for warranty, I was having 2 year extended warranty, they say we don’t cover physical damage. I bought another same headphone after 25 days new headphone broke from same place. plastic quality is WORST. never buy any product. I have also commented on their website but zebronics removed my comment.

    1. As mentioned in the article, Zebronics earphones are good, but they do slightly lack in terms of sound quality. Although not by a substantial margin, boAt performs better in this regard.
      On the other hand, Zebronics soundbars are significantly better compared to earphones.

  1. More than the product the customer service that speaks. Writing to Boat , after buying RUGSBY PLUS(a product which cannot be used) from Flipkart, gets customary reply of attaching FAQ
    . They don’t realize that there must be something else which is troubling the customer. The product can not be returned also.

  2. Kindly help me out which 2.1 channel soundbar is better
    Zebronics 3900 / 3901,80 watt or Boat 1200 / 1250,80 watt

    1. All the soundbars are great, but for the current price of Rs 6500, the Boat 1200 / 1250 is expensive. Although the 1200 and 1250 sound great, you have better options in that price range.
      The Zebronics 3900 / 3901 is a better value-for-money soundbar. It also sounds great for the price.
      So if you don’t have a budget problem, then go with boAt, but if you want to save some money, then go with Zebronics.

  3. Zeb sound feast 500 versus boat 1500 Bluetooth speaker- which is better in balanced natural sound and deeper bass

  4. hi, kindly suggest a dual connectivity over the ear headphone (range 900-1400), preferably for long-term use, compatible with the laptop (Acer, Windows 10) for attending meetings…

  5. Zebronics Zeb Thunder vs boAt Rockerz 370 Headphones for a Descent Sound Quality, Nice Battery Backup, Comfortable Cushions to the Ears, Value for Money, Durability of Material used, Brand + Instant Customer Service, etc.
    Want only for Online Classes, very very Rare for Music or Movies.

    1. Zeb Thunder is better in terms of comfort. It offers good sound quality with a decent build. Boat 370 is for bass lovers. Boat also offers better service. But the Zeb Thunder will suit your needs well.

  6. Kindly Suggest the Best Headphone (Preferably Wireless, with AUX Cable and 1 Year Warranty) so as to get the Maximum Battery Life also, under INR 1,000 (or Preferably Less than this), as I need to Buy tomorrow only from Amazon’s Sale. Please Do Consider some Brand + After Sales Service, too.

    I am Confused with boAt/Zebronics/Ptron and other Brands offering under the Same Value.

    1. Compared to PTron and Zebronics, boAt offers a more pleasing sound quality. The after-sales service is also good.
      Based on your requirements, boAt Rockerz 450 will suit your needs well. You can also take a look at the boAt Rockerz 370.

      1. Boat Aavante bar 2000 pro with wireless subwoofer 200 wt (Under Rs7999)
        Zebronics jukebar 1000 Dolby Atmos 150 wt (Under Rs 9999)
        Which one is better?
        Is there any boat sounbar which is provide Dolby Atmos sound (Under Rs 10000)?

        1. Although both the soundbars are good, the boAt Aavante Bar 2000 Pro is slightly better value-for-money.
          The boAt AAVANTE Bar 3150D 260W is available for under 10000 and comes with Dolby Atmos. If you have the budget, go with this one.

  7. I am confused which should I buy boat 300 or zebronics vita because boat 300 is 5watt speaker and zebronics vita is 10watt both in same price

    1. The Zebronics Vita has 10W output, but it doesn’t sound like 10W. It sounds like a 7W speaker. The sound quality is good overall. On the other hand, despite being a 5W speaker, the boAt Stone 300 offers a clear sound with bass. Also, it’s sufficiently loud.

  8. I’m confused between Boat 4000da and Zebronics 9800dws. Which on is better? Another question is I plan to buy Dolby Atmos soundbar in this range, is there other option? Please help me buy a good wireless surround sound system for my LG OLED TV. Thanks

    1. Both the Boat 4000da and Zebronics 9800dws are great. Both sound good for the price, but Boat is slightly better in delivering clear audio. If you want even better sound, then you can check the Sony HT-S20R 400 Watt or Sony HT-RT3 600 Watt.

    1. The boAt Stone 650 is substantially better than the Zebronics ZEB-VITA (10W). The Zebronics ZEB-VITA (16W), on the other hand, is an improvement over the 10W variant. But still, it’s not as good as boAt Stone 650 in the overall sound.
      If you want clear vocals and louder sound with average bass, then Zebronics ZEB-VITA (16W) is a good option. But if you want an overall great sound with more bass, then the boAt Stone 650 is the best option.
      We suggest you go with the boAt Stone 650.

    1. Portable Audio speakers of both brands are good. boAt Stone series of portable speakers still have an edge over the Zebronics BT speakers. Go for Zebronics if your budget is tight, otherwise, boAt is better.

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