Best TWS Earbuds under 3000

Rs 3000 is an amount where you get the right balance of good sound and better value.

Unfortunately, you are left with limited options in this price segment. You either need to increase the budget to 3500 or decrease it to 2500.

But what if you have a strict budget of Rs 3000? Well, don’t worry. We have listed the best options under 3000.

So, here are the best TWS earbuds under 3000 that we tried recently.

Our Top Recommendations

RankingBest TWS EarbudsTop Features
1.OnePlus Nord Buds 2Great ANC, 12.4 mm driver, BT 5.3, Excellent Bass, Best under 3k
2.JBL Wave Buds8 mm driver, BT 5.2, Balanced Audio Output, Solid Battery
3.Realme Buds Air 3s11 mm driver, BT 5.3, Dual Pairing, Heavy Bass Sound
4.Ekko Earbeats PRO T10ANC, 10 mm driver, BT 5.0, Clear and Rich Sound Quality

These are our top recommended TWS earbuds under 3000. But how do these earbuds perform in real life? Read further, as we have covered all these earbuds in detail.

The sound quality you should expect

If you are willing to pay around Rs 3000 for TWS earbuds, then you can expect pretty good sound quality. That includes deep and heavy bass, clear vocals, and punchy trebles.

Note that every earbud doesn’t offer the same audio experience. One offers deep bass, one offers clear vocals, and one offers the right mixture of both.

We will let you know which earbud is made for which type of user.

In short, you can expect great sound quality on TWS earbuds under 3000.

Will you get ANC at this price point?

Yes, you will get ANC at this price bracket, but only a few earbuds have it.

The ones that have ANC make a noticeable difference in reducing the noise. You can feel the difference once you switch to ANC mode on these earbuds.

So, not all, but some earbuds have ANC at the price of under 3000.

Best TWS Earbuds under 3000

1. OnePlus Nord Buds 2

OnePlus Nord Buds 2 TWS under 3k, Best TWS Earbuds under 3000 with ANC

Main Highlights

⦿ Half-Stem Style In Ear TWS
⦿ Bluetooth V5.3 with 10 meter range, AAC, SBC
⦿ 12.4 mm driver, 20 Hz – 20000 Hz
⦿ 4 mic in total (2 mic per earbud)
⦿ 41mAH battery per earbud, 480mAH in charging case
⦿ 5 hours of battery life (With ANC), 7 hours (Without ANC), 36 hours with the case
⦿ IP55 Rating, 5 g weight (per earbud), 48 g with case
⦿ Fast charging, Gaming mode, Touch controls, OnePlus Fast Pair, Dolby Atmos support
⦿ Check Best Price

If you want the best value TWS earbud under 3000, then OnePlus Nord Buds 2 is the way to go.

We have been using the Nord Buds 2 since its launch, and we were thoroughly impressed with its sound quality.

If you are a heavy bass lover, look no further. You get rich and deep bass on the Nord Buds 2. It’s not boomy, and you will feel the depth of it.

Usually, deep bass muffles the vocals and treble, but that’s not the case here. Even at full volume, the vocals remain clear, and the treble remains vibrant.

In our detailed Nord Buds 2 review, we covered the audio output in SBC and AAC codecs. You can have a look at the review to check the audio samples.

Overall, the Nord Buds 2 delivers impressive sound quality for the price.

What’s also impressive is the ANC.

No, it’s not mind-blowing, but for the price, it’s one of the best. The ANC blocks around 80 to 85% of noise, and you can have a noise-free experience.

Although the ANC can block up to 25 dB of noise, you will notice a significant noise drop once you enter the ANC mode.

Overall, you won’t have any complaints regarding audio quality and ANC.

The build quality is good, and the earbuds feel slightly premium.

The design is comfortable, and you can use the Nord Buds 2 for hours without fatigue. Just make sure to install the right size ear tip.

The call quality was surprisingly good. When we placed calls from noisy places, the person on the receiver’s end didn’t complain much.

Although the Buds 2 comes with a dedicated gaming mode, the gaming experience was not great, especially on non-OnePlus smartphones. If you have a OnePlus phone, the gaming experience will be much better.

The battery life is very good. On a single charge, we get around 4+ hours of music playback with ANC and approx 6 hours without ANC.

Charging the case takes 1.5 hours, and earbuds take 45 minutes.

Verdict: The OnePlus Nord Buds 2 is the best TWS under 3000. The sound quality is really good, and the ANC is not just for the name. It makes a difference, for sure.

Pros and Cons

  • Solid build and comfortable design
  • Great sound quality
  • Clear vocals and soothing treble
  • Deep and heavy bass
  • The ANC works well
  • Good for medium gaming
  • Great call quality
  • Solid battery life
  • Seamless connectivity
  • The carrying case looks odd in the jeans pocket
  • You can’t change the volume from earbuds
  • No in-ear detection feature

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2. JBL Wave Buds

JBL Wave Buds, Best TWS Earbuds under 3000

Main Highlights

⦿ Small Size In Ear TWS
⦿ Bluetooth V5.2 with 10 meter range, AAC, SBC
⦿ 8 mm driver, 20 Hz – 20000 Hz
⦿ 2 mic in total (1 mic per earbud)
⦿ 47mAH battery per earbud, 550mAH in charging case
⦿ 7 hours of battery life, 30 hours with the case
⦿ IP54 Rating, 5 g weight (per earbud), 43 g with case
⦿ Auto pairing, Smart Ambient, Touch controls, TalkThru
⦿ Check Best Price

The first thing you will notice about the JBL Wave Buds is the weird design choice of the carrying case.

There is no lid on the case, which makes the earbuds prone to dust and water very easily. It would have been great if JBL had installed a lid on the carrying case.

On the positive side, the case has a good build quality and doesn’t feel cheap. The same goes for earbuds too.

If you prefer stem-style earbuds, then this one is not for you.

Comfort is subjective. Stem-style earbuds fit perfectly in most ears, but the Wave Buds might not fit well for everyone because these are not stem-style.

You might face comfort issues if you have small ears. Otherwise, there is no such issue, and one can use these earbuds for hours.

Coming to sound quality, you get very good sound quality here.

JBL is known for its clear sound quality with rich bass. You won’t get that level of sound on JBL Wave Buds, as it’s a cheap earbud, but still, you get a very enjoyable sound.

The vocals and treble are mostly clear and remain distortion-free even at high volumes.

You can clearly listen to the vocals, and the treble goes in the soothing route. The overall sound is slightly on the warmer side, but still, it feels good.

The bass is good, but it’s surely not for bass heads. If you prefer deep and rich bass, then Nord Buds 2 is a better option, but if you want more clarity with decent bass, then JBL Wave Buds make more sense.

Overall, the sound quality is good for the price, but with less bass and more clarity.

The ANC is absent here, which could be a bummer for many. The Ambient Aware & Talk-Thru features are handy but can’t compensate for the ANC.

The call quality is decent. The indoor calling experience will be satisfactory, but the outdoor calling will be average.

If you are a gamer, then you will notice around 1 second of latency, which is way too significant. But once you enter the latency mode, which JBL calls Smart Video Mode, you will notice less latency.

Out of the box, you will notice a significant delay in sound in videos and gaming. So we advise you to keep the Smart Video Mode ON while watching content and playing games.

The Smart Audio feature has latency, but it plays audio in the best audio codec automatically.

Overall, we don’t recommend these earbuds for intense gaming but for casual sessions.

The battery life is great. The earbuds can last up to 7 hours at 60% volume and 6 hours at 75%. Using the case, you will get around 25 hours of total music playback.

Verdict: The JBL Wave Buds are not extraordinary, but for the price, they do a satisfactory job. The sound output is not for bass heads but for those who want balanced output.

Pros and Cons

  • Solid build quality
  • Lightweight
  • Good sound quality
  • Clear vocals and soothing treble
  • Decent bass
  • Good for casual gaming
  • Good call quality indoors
  • Solid battery life
  • Seamless connectivity
  • No lid on the carrying case
  • Not for heavy bass lovers
  • Average outdoor call quality

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3. Realme Buds Air 3s

Realme Buds Air 3s

Main Highlights

⦿ Half-Stem Style In Ear TWS
⦿ Bluetooth V5.3 with 10 meter range
⦿ 11 mm driver
⦿ 4 mic with ENC
⦿ 43mAH battery per earbud, 460mAH in charging case
⦿ 6 hours of battery life, 25 hours with the case
⦿ IPX5 Rating
⦿ Dual pairing mode, Dolby Atmos, Fast charging, IWP technology, Voice assistant, Touch controls, Low Latency Gaming Mode
⦿ Check Best Price

As said earlier, there are only a few good options available for under 3000. Also, it’s not necessary to spend Rs 3000. If you get good features for Rs 2500, then that’s even better.

The Realme Buds Air 3s is one of the best TWS earbuds under 2500. In fact, it turns out to be a better option compared to more expensive earbuds.

Three features that make the Realme Buds Air 3s stand out are:

  • Good sound quality with heavy and clear bass.
  • Customizable EQ settings to get the right music experience.
  • IWP technology and dual pairing mode.

Realme Buds Air 3S are bass-centric earbuds. But, despite having a bass-heavy sound, this TWS manages to take care of other frequencies like vocals and treble. Both of which don’t feel muffled.

The overall sound output is clear and loud. You can further increase the loudness using the app. These TWS are Dolby Atmos supported, but your phone should also support the same to work.

Although the Realme Link app is not mandatory, you can use it to get the best out of Air 3S. The app allows you to customize sound profiles, change touch controls, turn On/Off dual pairing mode, and more.

Note that there is no ANC on this TWS, which might be a deal-breaker for many. Still, you get a very good audio experience from the Buds Air 3s.

The design of the Realme Buds Air 3S is unique. It sits right in the middle of a regular and stem-style TWS. The buds have a small design with shark fin ear hooks, ensuring that the buds don’t fall, no matter how hard you shake your head.

The battery life is pretty good. At 70% volume, you can get around 6 hours of battery life. Using the case, you can charge the TWS 3-4 times. So the total battery life would be approx 24 hours.

The most handy feature is dual pairing. It might not seem anything special at first, but once you know how convenient it is, you will love it.

You can connect the earbuds to your laptop and phone at the same time, and the earbuds will switch seamlessly. You don’t need to manually switch between your laptop and phone.

The call quality is above average. It’s good and clear indoors, but noisy outdoors. The buds try to eliminate noise but also compress the sound clarity.

Although the company claims 69ms low latency in gaming, you should not use it for heavy gaming as the latency is more noticeable.

Verdict: For the price, the Realme Buds Air 3S turns out to be a good option. It doesn’t have an ANC, but still, it sounds really good. And the features like dual-pairing makes it stand out.

Pros and Cons

  • Solid build quality
  • Lightweight and comfortable design
  • Very good sound quality
  • Heavy bass and clear vocals
  • Customizable EQ mode
  • Good battery life
  • IPX5 water and dust resistance
  • IWP and dual pairing mode
  • No ANC
  • Not for heavy gaming

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4. Ekko Earbeats PRO T10

Ekko Earbeats PRO T10

Main Highlights

⦿ Stem Style In Ear TWS
⦿ Bluetooth V5.0 with 10 meter range
⦿ 10 mm driver
⦿ 4 mic with ENC
⦿ 44mAH battery per earbud, 400mAH in charging case
⦿ 5 hours of battery life, 40 hours with the case
⦿ ANC up to 28 dB
⦿ Twin Connect, Transparency mode
⦿ Check Best Price

You may have never heard of the brand Ekko, and that’s because it’s a new audio brand that was established in 2022.

As of now, there are only a few earbuds in their portfolio, and the Ekko Earbeats Pro T10 is the most expensive one.

You can expect good features from the Pro T10. It’s good to see that it comes with ANC and ENC.

The ANC is rated to block up to 28 dB of noise, which is slightly better than the 25 dB on the OnePlus Nord Buds 2.

The ANC works well in blocking the noise to a significant level.

It’s not the best ANC, but still, it can block 75% to 80% of noise, which is great, to be honest.

New brands struggle to deliver good sound as fine-tuning the audio takes time, but surprisingly, the Ekko Earbeats Pro T10 sounds good out of the box.

The main highlight is the clarity of the audio. The trebles are crisp and feel more enjoyable.

Bass lovers will like these earbuds, as they deliver good bass. Although the bass is not as good as Nord Buds 2, it is still great for the price, as it has depth and richness.

The vocals are decent. These are not amazing, but nothing much to complain about. The trebles are vibrant and punchy.

The heavy bass doesn’t compress other frequencies, making the overall audio experience enjoyable.

One area where these earbuds lack is Bluetooth. These have Bluetooth 5.0, which has now aged. Fortunately, there are no connectivity issues.

The ENC should work well in delivering clear call quality, but it doesn’t do anything special. The calling experience is average at best.

The design is comfortable, but the build quality could have been improved. These earbuds have average build quality.

On the positive side, the LED strips on both sides of the case look attractive.

The battery life is decent. With ANC, you can get 4 hours, and without ANC, you can get 5 hours of music playback. With the carrying case, the earbuds can last up to 40 hours at 70% volume.

There is no mention of the IP rating, so we believe that any sort of IP rating is missing.

Verdict: The Ekko Earbeats Pro T10 is a good pair of earbuds, but we wish it had more competing pricing because the earbuds from more established brands are offering more features at the same price.

Pros and Cons

  • Lightweight and comfortable design
  • Great sound quality
  • Clear vocals and crisp treble
  • Deep and heavy bass
  • The ANC works well
  • Decent call quality
  • Solid battery life
  • The build quality could have been better
  • Average call quality
  • No IP rating
  • The pricing could have been more aggressive

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Are there any other options?

There are a lot of TWS earbuds under 3000, but the aforementioned are the best earbuds under 3000.

If you want more options, then you have to increase your budget. In that case, you can check these TWS earbuds under 3500 and 4000.

We could have added more TWS earbuds just to make the list longer, but there is no need for that.

If you want the best earbuds under 3000, these are the best options, as of now.

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Final Verdict

So which is the best TWS earbud under 3000 that you should buy?

All the earbuds mentioned here are the best, but still, if we had to recommend one, then that would be the OnePlus Nord Buds 2. Considering the price, we are impressed by its sound quality and ANC.

If you don’t care much about ANC and want to save some money, then you can consider the Realme Buds Air 3s. It’s also an excellent option for the price.

But as said earlier, the remaining options are also worth buying. So depending on your budget and needs, you can pick any of them.

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So, which are the best TWS earbuds under 3000? We hope you know the answer now.

If you still have any doubts, feel free to ask us in the comment section.

Do you agree or disagree with the list? Do share your thoughts.

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