Nokia T2000 Review

This Nokia T2000 review is based on real-life testing to give you a fair idea of whether you should buy it or not.

Nokia used to be the most trusted and valuable brand a decade ago. People used to blindly trust Nokia because this brand was so good.

But later, the story changed entirely.

The company which used to rule the industry is now trying to grab a little attention.

Apart from selling smartphones, Nokia has entered the audio segment too.

The Nokia T2000 wireless neckband is one of those attempts to bring some profit to the company.

Nokia has already launched a few earbuds/earphones, but they were overpriced for no reason.

But this time, Nokia has hit the right spot by launching a compelling Bluetooth earphone.

Nokia T2000 Specifications

To be honest, we weren’t expecting such a good product at this price from Nokia.

The specifications make this earphone so appealing that it can stop anyone from buying other brand’s earphones.

Take a look at the specifications and decide for yourself.

Model NameT2000
StyleIn Ear with neckband
BT Range10 meters
Driver11 mm
ChipsetQualcomm 3034
Technology UsedQualcomm aptX,
Qualcomm aptX HD
Battery Capacity125 mAH
Battery Life14 hours claimed
(8-9 hours in real life)
Charging PortMicro USB
Charging Time1 hour
IP RatingIPX4
No. of Mic2
Noise Cancellation8th Gen cVc Noise Cancellation
Weight35 g
Compatible withAndroid & iOS
Warranty1 Year
Best Buying OptionFlipkart

The Qualcomm aptX HD Audio technology is said to deliver 24-bit HD Bluetooth audio.

Also, the device comes with a rapid charging feature that can deliver nine hours of playback in just 10 minutes of charge.

The company claims that Qualcomm cVc Echo Cancellation will minimize background noise and improve the audio experience while taking calls.

Nokia T2000 Price

All these features are available at the price of Rs 1999. The Nokia T2000 Bluetooth earphone is available in three colors, BlackGrey, and Blue.

This earphone is available to purchase on e-commerce website. You can go to Flipkart and buy NokiaT2000.

Nokia T2000 Review

The specifications are appealing for sure, but should you consider this earphone over the competition?

Let’s find it out in the Nokia T2000 Review.

Design and Build Quality

Nokia T2000 Review

Nokia has been known for its excellent build quality. It has delivered some robust products to the market.

Did Nokia continue the same build quality here?

Well, yes. This Bluetooth earphone is well built. Keep in mind that the neckband is made of skin-friendly material, and the ends are made of solid plastic.

The ear tips are made of aluminum. The quality is quite good for the price. It’s not the most premium earphone, but it’s way better than worst.

Now coming to the comfort, the ear tips are bend at 45°, which gives a solid grip.

These earphones can be wear for longer a duration without getting uncomfortable.

The ear tips are magnetic which means you can wear these earphones like a necklace when not using them.

Interestingly, these ear tips aren’t just for show, but they also offer functionality like playing music when separated and pausing music when connected. It slightly improves the overall battery life.

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Battery Life

According to the company, 125 mAh battery is said to deliver a battery life of 14 hours.

The battery size is not the largest in this segment, but Bluetooth 5.1 makes it last longer.

BT 5.1 is more power-efficient than the previous-gen which results in better battery life. Also, the chipset used is way more power efficient.

In real life, you can expect a battery life of around 7-8 hours at 70% volume. If you turn up the volume to 80% or more, 6-6.5 hours of battery life is easily achievable.

Fast charging is also convenient. Nokia T2000 comes with a rapid charging feature that can deliver nine hours of playback in just 10 minutes of charge.

So overall, there is no issue regarding the battery life.

Call Quality

Call quality is the weakest point among Bluetooth earphones. A lot of good-sounding Bluetooth earphones suck at call quality.

But luckily, Nokia has tried to improve it by providing 2 mics.

Also, the earphones come with 8th Gen Qualcomm cVc Noise Cancellation Technology.

For those who don’t know, cVc (clear voice capture) noise echo canceling technology is designed to transmit crystal clear voice quality when making calls.

Testing the call quality in real life, It seems like Nokia has done a lot of work to improve the call quality.

But, don’t have so high expectations.

We found it a significant improvement over the other similarly-priced Bluetooth earphones.

But, the person on the receiver end can still hear the background noise at times. Yes, the receiver can clearly hear your voice at silent places like rooms or indoors, but the same can’t be said for outdoors.

We aren’t entitling it as the best or worst call quality, but it’s somewhat acceptable and better than any other Bluetooth earphone at this price.

Sound and Bass Quality

Nokia T2000 Review

This is where Nokia has done something interesting. They have given the Qualcomm 3034 chipset which comes with aptX and aptxHD.

This chip is made to consume very little power and deliver great sound quality.

The Qualcomm aptX HD was designed to answer the growing demand for high-resolution audio. This enhanced codec supports 24-bit music quality over Bluetooth. It means listeners can hear even the smallest details in their music.

To have the full benefit of aptX audio, your smartphone needs to be aptX supported.

The powerful chipset combined with an 11mm driver is said to deliver excellent sound quality with deep bass and clear vocals.

In real-life testing, it delivers what was expected.

The sound is surprisingly clear with an excellent sound signature, very balanced lows, mids, and highs, good instrument separation, and an above-average sound stage.

Now, what about the bass lovers?

The bass is there, but it’s not boosted like boat earphones, instead, it is balanced.

Heavy bass lovers might get disappointed here.

If you are a bass lover, then you need to boost the bass from the EQ settings or you can go through the article on how to make an earphone sound better.

Overall, the sound is good for every kind of user except for the bass lovers. It would have been great if they had enhanced the bass a little more.

Other Amazing Features

There are some additional features that will enhance the overall user experience.

  • IPX4 makes sure that the earphone can handle water splashes, and block dirt.
  • There is a dedicated button for voice assistant. You can access Google Assistant or Siri with a single press.
  • The option of dual pairing allows you to connect this earphone with two devices like a smartphone and laptop at the same time.
  • Using dedicated Hop mode, you can switch between two devices by quickly pressing the play button 3 times. It will disconnect the currently connected device and then connect to the last device previously connected in the active status.
  • 6 months of Spotify premium is free with the Nokia T2000.
  • Low latency and fewer lags while gaming.

Overall, the Nokia T2000 comes with several features that no other brand is offering in this price range.

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Pros and Cons

Before making any decision of purchasing, take a look at the pros and cons of the Nokia T2000.

  • Light and comfortable design
  • Good build quality
  • Clear treble and vocals
  • Decent bass
  • Great battery life
  • Fast charging
  • Good call quality
  • aptX and aptX HD supported
  • IPX4 rating
  • Dedicated voice assistant button
  • Type C port could have been given instead of Micro USB.
  • Bass lovers aren’t going to love it that much

Nokia T2000 Review: Should you buy it?

Should you buy the Nokia T2000? We are sure you already know the answer.

This Bluetooth earphone is a great value for money for the price. The set of features it offers are unmatched as of now.

No other brand, like Xiaomi or Realme is offering such features at this price.

We recommend this product to everyone who is looking for good and features packed Bluetooth earphones under Rs 2000.


The bass heads are left with some desire. It could not be the best for bass. Tweaking the EQ settings might solve this problem. But in our frank opinion, bass lovers should avoid this one.

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So this was our honest Nokia T2000 review.

Do you agree or disagree with the points mentioned above? Do let us know your thoughts.

If you have any other doubts, then feel free to ask us.

If you are looking for the best Bluetooth earphones under 1000, then click here.

At last, if you have found this article helpful, then share it with others. 

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  1. T2000 delivers what is expected of Nokia.Just go for it.
    To reach peak performance select correct eartip,hd streaming service,device supports hd audio (check in developer settings) and tweak equalizer to ur ^taste^.

  2. Is it Nokia brand Neck band Bluetooth headset (Nokia T2000) ? it is launched by Nokia company or other company using nokia Logo… because it is not available in Nokia official website… so pls inform and reply soon…

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