Is Fire Boltt a Good Brand

The Indian market is flooded with smartwatches, and Fire Boltt stands out as a major brand in this category. Although the company has recently entered into the audio business, its primary focus remains on smartwatches.

For those in search of a budget to mid-range smartwatch, Fire Boltt offers numerous options that may have caught your attention.

So, is Fire Boltt a good brand? Are Fire Boltt watches good?

After using multiple Fireboltt smartwatches, here’s our honest Fire Boltt smartwatches review.

Is Fire Boltt a Good Brand?

Fire Boltt was founded in 2015 with the goal of offering affordable wearable. 

Their intention was clear to focus solely on the budget to mid-range segment. Launching premium smartwatches seemed unnecessary, given that most people prefer Samsung or Apple in this category.

With the continuous release of several smartwatches, the company gained popularity because most of their offerings were value for money.

Fire Boltt smartwatches became known for their solid build quality and great user experience.

While the software was initially a concern due to its slowness, the company has made improvements over time.

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Fire Boltt took the smartwatch market by storm, having sold more than 50 lakh smartwatches to date.

Is Fire Boltt a good brand?

Considering that most smartwatches of this company consistently receive 4+ star ratings, there’s no doubt that Fire Boltt is a good brand.

While not perfect, the products they deliver in the budget segment are undoubtedly worth buying.

As mentioned earlier, the watches are not flawless. You might encounter minor issues, but as a whole brand, Fire Boltt is undoubtedly a good choice, and you can confidently purchase their watches.

Fire Boltt Smartwatch Review

Fire Boltt Smartwatch Review

Things we liked about Fire Boltt Smartwatches:

  • Affordable pricing: Fire Boltt offers budget-friendly options without compromising on features. Their smartwatches are packed with an AMOLED display and a range of great features.
  • Solid build quality: The smartwatches are known for their durable and well-built design. Considering the price, we never had any complaints regarding the build quality.
  • Calling capabilities: Most models support Bluetooth calling, and the calling experience has been good. The other person was able to hear our voice and the same was the case on our end.
  • Variety: Fire Boltt has launched smartwatches for both men and women in different shapes like round and square.
  • Value for money: Most Fire Boltt models provide good features at a reasonable price. While the watches are not as good as premium ones, they still offer a satisfying experience for the price.

Things we didn’t like about Fire Boltt Smartwatches:

  • Software issues: While using the watches, we have encountered occasional glitches or slow performance in the software. The software doesn’t feel as smooth as one would like.
  • App support: While the Da Fit app comes with a lot of features and customization, we didn’t like the interface. It feels like an outdated Chinese app. 
  • Battery life: In certain models, the battery life is not as long-lasting as competitors. In normal use, the smartwatches last for days, but the moment you turn ON the always-ON display, the watches drain a significant amount of battery.

Our Experience with Fire Boltt Smartwatches

Our Experience with Fire Boltt Smartwatches

A few watches can give a comprehensive view of a brand, considering it’s impossible to buy every model.

First, we purchased the Fireboltt Talk 2 approximately two years ago, and the experience was generally positive.

The watch boasted an excellent metal build, providing a premium feel. It included all the features one might expect from a budget-friendly smartwatch.

However, we faced two issues:

  • While the display was AMOLED, it had fewer pixels, resulting in somewhat pixelated text.
  • The battery life was average.

Despite these concerns, the smartwatch continues to work flawlessly to this day.

Later, we bought the Fire Boltt Hulk Smartwatch, which proved to be an improvement.

It featured an excellent metal build and had great features like an AMOLED display, Bluetooth calling, and robust app support. The display quality on this watch was notably impressive.

Yet, we observed two issues:

  • The UI felt slightly sluggish, lacking the desired smoothness.
  • While the battery life was generally good, using the Always On display significantly increased battery drain.

Nevertheless, the Fire Boltt Hulk continues to function flawlessly without any problems.

We also use other smartwatches, and our overall satisfaction with Fire Boltt remains high.

Despite encountering some issues, we can confidently recommend Fire Boltt smartwatches to those seeking a budget-friendly option.

Is Firebolt a Chinese company?

No, Fire Boltt is not a Chinese company, but there’s another aspect to consider.

The smartwatches and other products sold by Fire Boltt in India are actually manufactured in China. This information is clearly stated in the product description, indicating the origin of the product as China.

Is it a cause for concern?

Not necessarily. Many brands that claim to be Indian operate in a similar manner.

Take, for instance, boAt, an Indian company whose products are also manufactured in China. These companies import the products from China and distribute them in the Indian market.

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Final Verdict

There is always a specific target audience for every product. If you are expecting premium features from a budget smartwatch, then it might not be the right choice for you.

Fire Boltt smartwatches are designed for the budget segment, and it’s fair to say they deliver on their intended purpose.

These watches serve their purpose well, and if you set the right expectations, you won’t be disappointed.

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So, Is Fire Boltt a good brand? We are sure you know the answer now. If you still have any doubts, feel free to ask us in the comment section.

Do you agree or disagree with the points mentioned above? Feel free to share your thoughts.

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