Is Wireless Mouse Worth It

I have been using a wireless mouse for two years now. Based on my personal experience, I will tell you, Is a wireless mouse worth it or not?

Are you thinking of buying a wireless mouse for your laptop or computer?


The era is going to be wireless, and everyone is moving to wireless accessories. 

Whether it’s Bluetooth earphones, headphones, keyboards, or mice, people are giving more priority to wireless accessories.

But do you know, these wireless gadgets also have some cons that you should keep in mind before making a purchase.

Here, I am particularly talking about the wireless mouse, because this article is all about the pros and cons of wireless mouse.

I will explain in simple words that Is Wireless Mouse Worth It, and should you buy a wireless mouse?

5 Advantages of wireless mouse

Is Wireless Mouse Worth It, Wireless Mouse Pros and Cons


  • The wire that holds the mouse and keeps it connected to the laptop/PC is now gone. It means you can place your laptop on the table, and operate it from your bed.
  • While taking a rest, if you want to lay down and but need to operate the laptop, you can do so using a wireless mouse because it gives the comfort of using it in any position.
  • If your PC or laptop has USB ports placed in bizarre locations which are not easily accessible, then a wireless mouse is the option to go for.


  • If you have a laptop, there is a high possibility that you carry it with you most of the time. If you don’t, then you might be doing so in the future. The wireless mouse is easy to carry around compared to a wired one.
  • With your laptop, you need to carry the long cabled charger. If you put your wired mouse, the wires keep getting tangled in the bag. A wireless mouse completely solves this problem.
  • You don’t even need to plug out the mouse dongle if you want to carry the laptop. But make sure to keep the dongle upwards to prevent it from accidental damages.


  • Do you know, the dongle comes with the wireless mouse can be connected to the keyboard also.
  • It means, if you want to connect a wireless keyboard and mouse, only one dongle is enough to do so. It will occupy only one USB port, and other ports can be used for other purposes.
  • On the other hand, the wired mouse and keyboard require two USB ports.


  • If you end up buying a cheap quality wired mouse, then the chances are it’s going to stop working after some time. Or maybe the wire gets bent and the mouse stops working.
  • But wireless mice are free from any kind of wire. So there is no chance of wires getting bent. It increases the overall life of the mouse.


  • Weight can be pros and cons at the same time. Keeping it in the context of pros, the increased weight due to AAA batteries helps in the precision work.
  • The heavyweight of the mouse avoids accident movements due to unintentional touches.

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4 Disadvantages of wireless mouse

Is Wireless Mouse Worth It, Wireless Mouse Pros and Cons


  • A wired mouse never needs a battery. Just plug it in and use it. On the other hand, a wireless mouse needs a battery to run.
  • Wireless mouse generally comes with two or three AAA batteries.
  • It might not be a deal-breaker because an average battery life of a wireless mouse is 6 months. In 6 months, anyone can buy a pair of batteries.
  • But it becomes a problem when a wireless mouse suddenly stops working and you can’t buy the batteries immediately.


  • The increased weight might be an issue for those who keep using the laptop/PC for the whole day.
  • It might feel a little uncomfortable operating a heavy mouse all day long.


  • Wireless mice mostly cost more than a wired mice.
  • Most of the time, you need to spend Rs 200-300 extra to get a basic wireless mouse.

Accidental damage

  • Being a wireless mouse means it’s free from every kind of wires. This can lead to some accidental damages.
  • For example, while using it on a table, you may hit it accidentally and it will fall because there is no wire to hold it.
  • It increases the probability of accidental damages.

These were the advantages and disadvantages of a wireless mouse. Now let’s move to the main question.

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Is Wireless Mouse Worth It?

Despite having a few disadvantages, you can’t ignore the fact that the wireless mouse is way more convenient to use.

Yes, it requires batteries to run, but you need to buy it in months which isn’t an issue.

Overall, the disadvantages of a wireless mouse can be outperformed by the advantages.

So, Is Wireless Mouse Worth It?

Yes, the wireless mouse is definitely worth it. Give it a try and you will surely love it.

But, how much should you spend on it?

How much should you spend on a wireless mouse?

Wireless mice are costly, but what’s the right amount to spend on them?

See, if you are a regular user who uses the mouse for daily stuff like scrolling, precision work, and long sessions, then Rs 1000-1200 is the right amount to spend on a wireless mouse.

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On the other hand, if you are a heavy user who keeps playing games, then you need to buy a dedicated gaming mouse.

A basic Gaming mouse costs from Rs 1000-2000. This is the right amount to spend on a gaming mouse.


If you are a pro user, and never want to compromise on a single thing, then you can check the pro gaming mouse like Razer Basilisk X, and Logitech G502 Lightspeed.

These are the top-of-the-line mice with no compromise.

Should you buy a wireless mouse over a wired one?

Looking at the overall convenience of a wireless mouse, you should buy it over a wired one.

But make sure that you know the cons of a wireless mouse. If you don’t have much of a problem with these cons, then go ahead and buy a wireless mouse.

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So these were the reasons to buy a wireless mouse with some pros and cons.

If you are still doubtful, then feel free to ask your doubt in the comment section.

I hope you have got what you were looking for. Possibly, you have a better idea about wireless mice now.

If you have found this information helpful, then share it with others to let them whether a wireless mouse is worth it or not.

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