Is Mivi a Good Brand

Mivi was established in 2016, a year after the company, boAt, had been established.

It’s strange to see how boAt gained so much popularity in a short period, and Mivi failed to do so.

But now, Mivi has made a comeback and launched multiple good audio products.

Now the question is, should you buy Mivi audio products? Is Mivi a good brand? Let’s find it out.

Are Mivi Earbuds Good?

Are Mivi Earbuds Good

Although Mivi has launched many wireless earbuds, the number is not as high as boAt.

The problem with boAt is that they launch too many earbuds, which leaves the buyers confused.

That’s not the case with Mivi. They have launched a limited number of earbuds till now.

So how are Mivi Earbuds?

To be honest, Mivi earbuds are good but not extraordinary.

We have used their popular earbuds like Mivi DuoPods A550 and A25, and they performed well.

Talking about the DuoPods A550, they have balanced sound quality with open sound stages. The bass quality is rich, but it’s not deep. The overall sound is balanced with slightly boosted bass.

The design is premium on A550, and the earbuds feel sturdy. The battery life is great, and so does the call quality.

Coming to DuoPods A25, it also delivers good sound quality. The 13mm driver delivers a clear sound with good bass and punchy trebles.

The call quality is above average, but the battery life is great here, too.

So, what we are trying to say is that Mivi earbuds are good for surebut they are not extraordinary.

Compared to boAt Airdopes, we would say boAt Airdopes offer better sound quality. They have rich bass and clear sound. Also, you have multiple boAt Airdopes to choose from.

However, not every boAt Airdopes is good. You have to pick wisely, or you can check this list of best boAt Airdopes earbuds.

Mivi earbuds are also value for money, and you can surely buy them, but they have not reached the level where we can call them the best.

Verdict: Mivi has launched a limited number of earbuds till now. In the future, we might see some good options from the company, but as of now, their earbuds are just good.

Are Mivi Earphones Good?

Are Mivi Earphones Good

The story with Mivi Earphones is also the same as earbuds.

Their wired earphone, the Mivi Rock and Roll E5, is the only earphone the company has launched in the wired earphones category. It’s a decent option for the price of Rs 300.

Mivi Bluetooth earphones or neckbands range between Rs 800 to 1400, so you should not expect much from these.

No, they are not inferior, but if you really need a neckband, then there are better options available in the market. You can check these Bluetooth neckbands under 1000 to save time.

Mivi Bluetooth earphones offer great battery, good call quality, and good features. But the primary thing is sound quality, and that’s where Mivi neckbands lack behind the competition.

Most Mivi earphones deliver balanced sound quality, which some may like and some may not. Yes, a few models deliver good sound, but most of them are just average.

So, should you buy Mivi Bluetooth earphones?

Yes, you can buy Mivi earphones, as they are good and cost-effective. But you might have to tweak the sound using EQ if you want more bass.

Verdict: Like Mivi earbuds, Mivi neckbands are also good, but nothing extraordinary. As Mivi BT earphones fall in the budget category, you should not expect much from these. But for the price, they are good.

Are Mivi Speakers Good?

Are Mivi Speakers Good

The story with Mivi speakers is different.

We were surprised by the sound quality of their Bluetooth speakers, especially the Mivi Roam 2. 

The Mivi Roam 2 is the most popular portable speaker from the company. It sounds amazing for the price of around Rs 1200. Other speakers are good at best.

The Roam 2 produces a clear and louder sound. It has punchy bass and surprisingly clear vocals. The sound gets pretty loud and remains distortion-free, even at full volume.

Because of the amazing sound quality, the Mivi Roam 2 has been featured on our list of best Bluetooth speakers under 1500.

Their other speakers, like Mivi Play and Mivi Octave 3, are also good options for the price.

Where Mivi Play is a more affordable option, the Octave 3 is slightly more expensive and costs under Rs 1800.

After spending some time with Mivi speakers, we have to say that these speakers are one of the best budget speakers.

It would have been great if Mivi delivered the same level of output in their earbuds and neckbands.

Another good thing about Mivi speakers is that they have premium build quality. Despite being budget speakers, they are rugged and don’t feel cheap from any angle.

Verdict: After coming from Mivi earbuds and neckbands, Mivi speakers were a complete surprise. These speakers offer great value, and you can buy them for sure.

Is Mivi a Good Brand Overall?

Although we had a mixed experience with Mivi earbuds and neckbands, we will still say it’s a good brand.

Some Mivi products are so good that they have forced many to trust the brand.

Products like Mivi Roam 2 are an example that this brand has a lot of potential.

The brand is in a growing phase, and we are sure it will launch many good products in the future.

That’s what we think about the brand, but more than that, we think about our readers.

We don’t want you to waste your money. So looking at the current state, we advise you to choose Mivi earphones or neckbands wisely.

Some of the Mivi products are good, but some are average. So you should check for the reviews first before buying any product.

But overall, Mivi is a good brand.

Is Mivi better than BoAt?

boAt was established in 2015, and Mivi was in 2016. So the difference in the age of these two companies is not significant.

What’s significant is their reach in the Indian market.

boAt quickly analyzed what Indian users want and launched products to meet those requirements.

What was the result?

boAt immediately gets recognized by users, and the brand received appreciation.

Mivi, on the other hand, was not well aware of the demand, so they did not get much attention.

The other reason for this vastly different result could be meeting the demand.

Because boAt’s products are made in China, the frequency of launching products was way too high than Mivi, which makes their product in India.

So the wide variety of products has reached more people, and boAt made a stronghold.

It is true even today, as boAt is a leading audio brand in India.

Mivi takes time to launch the products, and hence, many people are not aware of the brand.

But now, Mivi is doing a good job and launching more products.

So Mivi is a good brand in itself, but in its current state, it’s not as good as boAt.

We advise you to check the Mivi vs boAt comparison, where we have compared their earbuds, headphones, speakers, and soundbars in detail.

How’s Mivi After Sales Service?

Mivi’s after-sales service is goodbut you have to be patient. Here is how Mivi provides after-sales service.

If your product gets damaged, you have to write an email to with the details of the product issue. You must also include the order details.

We advise you to write an email as they sometimes don’t respond to phone calls.

Once you send an email, you will get a response within 2-4 days. They will try to solve the issue by sharing some steps if that helps.

If nothing works, then they will schedule a pickup, and the pickup guy will come to your address.

Now your product will be sent to Avishkaran Industries Hyderabad, which is Mivi’s manufacturing plant.

They will take their time, around a week or more, to repair your product. And then, your product will be sent back to you in proper working condition.

The whole process might take a month, depending on your location.

So overall, Mivi’s after-sales service is good, but they take time to repair your product.

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Is Mivi long lasting?

One thing we all should keep in mind is that these are electronic products, and they might get defective over time.

We bought two Mivi earbuds a year ago, and they are working fine. But we know some users who started to face issues within six months of daily usage.

Based on our experience, we can say that Mivi products are long-lasting. But if you ask the same question to anyone who has faced issues, then his reaction will be the opposite.

But in most cases, we have seen that Mivi products are long-lasting.

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Is Mivi a Chinese or Indian brand?

Mivi is not a Chinese brand but an Indian brand. Where other brands import their products from China, Mivi makes their products in India.

MIVI’s plant, which is named Avishkaran Industries, is located in Hyderabad. The plant has over 1500 employees, out of which 80% of the workforce is women.

So they make products from scratch, which is the reason why Mivi doesn’t launch too many products like boAt.

For more information, you can have a look at how Mivi makes their product in India.

Final Verdict

Mivi is a growing audio brand that still has a long way to go. Slowly, people are recognizing this Indian audio brand because the company is offering good products within the budget.

They don’t have too many products in their portfolio because they make products here in India, which is a good move, to be honest.

If you want to try out this Indian brand, you can surely buy their products, as they are good and mostly reliable.

But still, you should not have very high expectations from Mivi.

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So, Is Mivi a good brand? We are sure you know the answer now.

If you still have any doubts, then feel free to ask us in the comment section.

Do share your thoughts if you agree or disagree with the points mentioned above.

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