Neckband vs TWS Earbuds

There was a time when the neckband craze was at its peak. People were shifting from wired earphones to neckbands because of the stylish look and convenience.

But now, TWS earbuds are replacing neckbands, and people are leaning toward earbuds.

So, is this shift in trend good?

If you are also confused about whether you should buy a neckband or TWS earbuds, then we are here to end your confusion.

Here is the neckband vs TWS earbuds comparison that will help you decide which is the best option for you.

Which is comfortable, Neckband or Earbuds?

Neckband vs TWS Comfort

The comfort of any earphones is subjective. Depending on the size of your ears, any earphone or earbud may or may not give you a comfortable fit.

As far as we have tested, most neckbands and TWS earbuds fit perfectly in ears, but there were some instances where some TWS were uncomfortable to wear for more than half an hour.

Why did that happen?

We have observed that some, not all, Non-stem style earbuds don’t fit that well in small size ears. They feel slightly protruding out of the ears and cause discomfort.

However, there is no such issue with stem-style earbuds. They fit absolutely fine in all sizes of ears.

The story is more or less similar to neckbands. We had some selected neckbands that used to cause discomfort.

But now, most neckbands we use fit perfectly in ears without causing any discomfort.

Verdict: The company has evolved the design of neckbands and TWS earbuds. Once, they used to cause fatigue, but now, 95% of the neckbands and TWS earbuds are comfortable to wear for long music sessions.

Winner: Draw

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Which is more convenient?

Using a neckband is more convenient. You put it around your neck and start using it.

And when not in use, you can remove the buds from the ears, and they magnetically attach. You can wear them around your neck like a necklace.

You will never lose your neckband when it’s around your neck. Also, carrying a neckband is way more convenient.

TWS earbuds are also convenient, but you need the carrying case all the time. When not in use, you have to put earbuds in the case.

Some TWS earbuds have a bulky carrying case, and putting it in your jeans pocket gets uncomfortable. So either you have to carry the case in your hand or put it in your bag.

If the case is small, then there is no such issue.

Because the TWS earbuds are completely wireless, you might lose them easily. It happens to many people, and you can’t do anything then buy a new pair of earbuds.

To perform actions like receiving calls and changing songs or volume, the neckbands are more convenient because they have physical buttons.

It’s not that convenient on TWS, as you might end up mistouching the touch controls.

However, while listening to music, the TWS feel more convenient as they are completely wireless.

Verdict: Both the neckband and earbuds are convenient in everyday life, but when we look at all the aspects, the neckbands offer more convenience in daily life.

Winner: Neckband

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Which is good for calling?

Neckband vs TWS Calling

TWS earbuds have become good over time, and some of them come with ENC, which eliminates noise while on a phone call.

Premium TWS earbuds like Apple AirPods Pro, Samsung Buds 2 Pro, Yamaha TW-ES5A, and others deliver great call quality, but most users don’t buy premium earbuds.

They buy budget to mid-range TWS earbuds, which deliver average call quality.

If you spend Rs 2000 to 5000 on TWS, then you will get average call quality.

The neckbands are not extraordinary either, but compared to TWS, they deliver better call quality.

The mics on neckbands are placed near the mouth, which results in better calling. Also, you can physically move the mic near your mouth for an even better calling experience.

Verdict: Bluetooth earphones can never beat wired earphones in calling. A Rs 700 wired earphone can easily outperform a Rs 5000 TWS or a Rs 2000 neckband in calling. But still, a Bluetooth neckband delivers a better calling experience than TWS earbuds.

Winner: Neckband

Which has more battery?

If we exclude the battery of the carrying case and put earbuds against the neckband, then there is no comparison. The neckband will have more battery than the earbuds.

In the budget segment, neckbands come with 20, 30, or even 40 hours of battery life, which is amazing.

However, if we include the battery life of the carrying case, then the fight gets tougher, and both the neckband and earbuds come closer.

On average, you will get 20 hours of total music playback on earbuds, which is great.

The battery life is almost similar, but one area where earbuds are the clear winner is the charging.

While watching a movie, attending a call, or listening to music, you can use one earbud and let the other charge for some time. Then, you can use the second earbud and let the first one charge.

That way, you can keep watching movies without any interruption.

You can’t do the same on neckbands.

Verdict: Although the battery life is similar, the charging convenience is what gives TWS earbuds an edge. Also, you can fast charge earbuds, as most support fast charging.

Winner: TWS Earbuds

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Which has better sound quality TWS or neckband?

If the same question had been asked a few years ago, the neckband would have been an obvious choice, especially in the budget segment.

But now, things have changed a lot.

All the companies are focusing more on TWS earbuds and are trying to improve them.

As of today, TWS earbuds have become so good that they can compete with neckbands easily.

For instance, TWS earbuds under 2500 can easily outperform neckbands of the same price.

If you spend around 3000 or more, you will get ANC on earbuds, which enhances the audio quality further.

We don’t mean that neckbands sound inferior. No, they don’t. In fact, they sound great. But the earbuds are getting better and better.

The budget earbuds like boAt Airdopes 170 (Full review) and Realme Techlife T100 (Full review) sound so fuller and richer that they don’t feel like budget earbuds.

Verdict: Neckbands sound great, but TWS earbuds have matched the level because companies are primarily focusing on earbuds. It means the TWS earbuds will get even better in the future. All we suggest is to buy a TWS wisely.

Winner: Draw (But TWS Earbuds have a slight edge)

Which one is value for money?

To be honest, both neckband and TWS earbuds are value-for-money products.

But things won’t remain the same always.

Why? Because people are more interested in TWS earbuds, and the craze for neckbands is on downhill.

We are not saying that neckbands will completely disappear, but over time, people won’t find them interesting.

It’s safe to buy a neckband, as it has major advantages over TWS earbuds.

However, earbuds have mostly caught up with neckbands, especially in the audio department.

Both are value for money, but soon, TWS earbuds will offer more value, thanks to the stiff competition, which will benefit the end users.

Verdict: We are not biased towards earbuds, but after seeing the majority of people using earbuds, we have to say that TWS earbuds are offering more value, and the value proposition will further escalate over time.

Winner: TWS Earbuds

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Are earbuds better than neckband?

Neckbands are convenient to use and hard to lose. They do offer more battery on a single charge.

But, we have never felt any regret for buying TWS earbuds. They are also easy to use, offer good sound, and never run out of battery if you keep your case charged.

Yes, they don’t offer good call quality, but anyone buying a TWS is already aware of that.

If you buy a TWS, you will naturally get used to it and its compromises. And there is nothing wrong with that.

So, are TWS better than neckbands?

If you spend between Rs 1000 to 3000, then both neckband and earbuds are equally good.

If you spend more than Rs 3000, then TWS earbuds are better than neckbands.

Pros and Cons of Neckbands

  • Easy to carry
  • Sound really good
  • Easy to use in a busy environment
  • No chance of mistouch as physical buttons are present
  • Offer better call quality
  • Easy to use while wearing a helmet
  • Deliver great battery life
  • You won’t get that true wireless experience
  • You can’t charge them while using
  • Companies are less focused on neckbands
  • Only a limited neckbands are available in the market now

Pros and Cons of TWS Earbuds

  • Convenient to use
  • You get the truly wireless experience
  • Most earbuds are feature packed
  • They sound really good
  • Deliver impressive battery life combined
  • You can charge the case while using earbuds
  • You have a ton of options to choose from
  • Easy to lose
  • Deliver average call quality
  • If the carrying case is big, you can’t put it in your jeans pocket
  • These are not easy to use while wearing a helmet
  • These are prone to accidental touches

Final Verdict

Neckband or TWS earbuds, Which one should you buy?

Both have their pros and cons, but if you ask us, we would recommend the TWS earbuds.

There might seem a lot of compromises on paper, but in the real world, there are not many of them.

When you start using earbuds, you will get used to those compromises, and you won’t feel them annoying anymore.

Some issues like average call quality can’t be ignored, but still, the overall experience earbuds offer is way more convenient.

Also, earbuds have gotten better with time, and now, they sound really good.

So, in our honest opinion, you should buy TWS earbuds over neckbands.

However, if you really want a neckband, then you can buy one without any doubt. Neckbands are also great on their own.

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Neckband vs TWS earbuds, which is better? We hope you know the answer now.

If you still have any doubts, feel free to ask us in the comment section.

Do you agree or disagree with the points mentioned above? Do share your thoughts with us.

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  1. Someone who attends virtual meetings for work will feel cheated in using TWS because of poor call quality. Neckbands are a clear winner under 3000. Also,in terms of music experience new neckbands like Realme wireless 3 neckband,Oneplus Bullets Z2 ANC offer excellent music experience. Also TWS earbuds lose out on charge during long calls.

  2. I am using Samsung buds 2 pro . The more I use it more inconvenient I felt .

    Finally switched to neckband

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