Which Screen Size is Best for Laptop

You must have decided on a screen size for your next laptop. But then, you notice that the laptop you have chosen doesn’t have your desired screen size.

Or it might be possible that you are already confused about picking the correct screen size for a laptop because the screen size starts from 13 inches and goes up to 17 inches.

So, which screen size is best for laptops for students, gaming, and office use?

After using laptops with multiple screen sizes, here is what we think about the screen size of laptops.

Does screen size matter in laptops?

Many users think that all you have to do is just work, so it doesn’t matter how big or small the laptop screen is.

But that’s not true.

The screen is a major part of the laptop, and you will interact the most with it.

So, along with other components like CPU, GPU, RAM, and storage, the screen matters the most on a laptop.

Depending on your work, you have to choose the screen size wisely, and we will help you do the same.

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Does screen size affect quality?

The bigger screen requires high resolution to produce sharp images and text. The higher resolution will eventually increase the cost.

So technically, Yes, the screen size affects the quality. However, the average screen size of laptops is 14 to 15.6 inches.

For that size, an FHD resolution is enough to produce decently sharp images and text.

Gone are the days of HD laptops. Now most laptops have an FHD resolution, except for ultra-budget ones.

So you should not worry about screen size affecting the quality.

A higher resolution is always better, but that’s not a must-have feature until you opt for 16 to 17-inch laptops.

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Which laptop size is best for students?

Which laptop size is best for students

If you are an intermediate student, then a 14-inch laptop is perfect.

On this screen size, you can perform multiple tasks like attending lectures, reading PDFs, searching for anything on the web, and much more.

A 14-inch screen is also ideal for watching content in your free time.

If you are a college student (Non-IT), then again, a 14-inch laptop is perfect for all your needs. You can make PPTs or assignments easily on a 14-inch screen.

Also, a 14-inch laptop is easy to carry.

Lastly, If you are an IT student, then you can also look for the 15.6-inch option.

Why? Because IT students have to write codes. So a bigger screen will allow you to have a look at more lines of code at a time. It will prevent unnecessary scrolling.

There are multiple other benefits of having a larger screen.

But note that the laptop should not weigh much. Otherwise, carrying it around all the time, along with other books, will not be a comfortable experience.

So, a 14-inch laptop size is best for school-going, and a 14 to 15.6-inch laptop size is best for college students.

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What size laptop is good for gaming?

One should not buy a small laptop for gaming.

The reason is that games output a lot of graphics on the screen. Most of these might get overlooked on small-screen laptops.

The larger screens have more area, and all the graphics will get slightly enlarged and hence, easily noticeable.

That’s why larger displays are considered best for immersive gaming experiences.

So the minimum laptop size for gaming is 15.6 inches. A 16-inch laptop is even better, and you can call it a perfect screen size for gaming.

A 17-inch laptop is also good, but we have to consider the portability, too. If you don’t take your laptop here and there, a 17-inch screen is also great for gaming.

So overall, the best laptop size for gaming is 15.6 inches to 17 inches.

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Which size laptop is best for programming?

Which size laptop is best for programming

Some programmers prefer a 14-inch laptop because it has better portability, and some prefer a 15.6-inch because it has more screen area to work with.

So, it’s subjective. But if you ask us, then we would prefer a 15.6-inch laptop for programming.

What about portability? Well, today’s 15.6-inch laptops have thin bezels, which makes them easily portable.

Also, these laptops don’t weigh much.

So it’s better to have a larger screen in small form factors.

However, if portability is high on your priority list, then there is no doubt that a 14-inch laptop is a better option.

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Which screen size is best for laptop overall?

Nobody buys a laptop just to perform one task. A student also watches content in his free time.

If you are a programmer, you will surf the web or watch YouTube in your free time.

So your laptop should be able to fit in every situation.

Going by that, if you need a laptop for everything, then the 15.6 inch is the best screen size.

You can use a 15.6-inch laptop for everything, be it studying, coding, or gaming. Even these laptops are portable, too.

Yes, you can go with 14-inch for more portability and 16-inch for immersive gaming, but the 15.6-inch is great for everything.

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Is 16-inch laptop screen too big?

Yes, a 16-inch laptop screen is bigbut not to an extreme level. It offers a lot of screen area, which some may like and some may not.

It’s a manageable screen size.

If you are planning to get a 16-inch laptop, make sure it has tiny bezels all around. Otherwise, it might get difficult to carry a 16-inch laptop.

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Is 17 inches too big for a laptop?

The 16 inches is a manageable screen size, but 17 inches for a laptop is too big, for sure.

Try to check such a big laptop in person before buying. If its form factors are manageable for you, then you can surely buy one. Otherwise, 15.6 or 16 inches is more than enough for most users.

However, if your work requires a 17-inch laptop, then there is no point in having a doubt. Just go and buy one.

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Final Verdict

The right laptop size can magnify or degrade your work experience.

So it’s important to pick the right size laptop so that you can work seamlessly without any problem. That applies to other tasks like coding or gaming, too.

If you have already used a laptop with any screen size, then you can get an idea of how big or small your next laptop screen should be.

If you are still confused about picking the right laptop size for your needs, feel free to ask us in the comment section.

We would love to help you out.

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Do you agree or disagree with the points mentioned above? Do share your thoughts with us.

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